World Cup Switzerland 2020 ::: Disentis

Switzerland, Disentis

15/08 - 22/08/2020
Switzerland, Disentis
World Class - World Cup Tour
Registration deadline
Wednesday, 1 July, 2020 - 00:00

  • Saturday, 15 August, 2020 to Saturday, 22 August, 2020



 Dear Pilots, Partners and Friends of the Paragliding World Cup, 

 I hope that this message finds you well and healthy, standing bold in the face of the Coronavirus crisis.
 The Paragliding World Cup Association, as with all worldwide sports organizations, is following the situation very closely on a daily basis. We are confronted with new challenges in our struggle to continue our regular activities and lifestyles in the fast-changing environment that surrounds us all. We are trying to be as adaptable and ​efficient as possible to make the most of any opportunity that allows us to run a World Cup within this new reality.
 The PWCA Committee believes that finally, we have such an opportunity with the Paragliding World Cup in Disentis, Switzerland, from the 15th to the 22nd of August 2020.
 For the time being, the safety and legal aspects of the crisis are very favorable in Switzerland, and in agreement with the local organizer, an experienced veteran Martin Scheel, the PWCA committee has decided to go ahead with this competition.
 We are very aware that the virus is still present. We are preparing a series of measures and procedures to address the ever-present risk. However, we believe that the World Cup community’s behavior which has always followed a model of respecting each other, being self-responsible and responsible towards the well-being of other PWCA members, is the crucial element which will give us this opportunity.  We know that we can count on the seriousness and awareness of the PWCA and local staff, the pilots participating and everyone else involved in this event.
 Due to the travel restrictions that are still in place, we are fully aware that this event may get a Eurocentric bias. Specifically, for Disentis, this might be expected following the experiences from the previous events where the participation of the overseas pilots was minimal. These restrictions are in direct contradiction with the spirit of the World Cup, which is equality and fairness. This situation has forced us to make some tough decisions and to adapt the rules to this new reality.
 As an immediate measure, it has been decided that only the overall podium and the ladies’ winner will gain direct qualification for the next Superfinal. Although not perfect, this measure will decrease unfairness, and, we believe, it represents an acceptable compromise. The same rule change will be applied to all future World Cups that may take place while travel bans are imposed on the majority of PWCA members.
 The selection process will start on Wednesday, the 1st of July 2020. Exceptionally, pilots will have only 5 days to confirm their registration. All conditions will be specified in the message mentioning your selection.
 If we experience a radical deterioration of the safety situation in Switzerland, the event will be canceled on the 1st of August 2020. If this is the case, pilots will be entitled to a full refund of the entry fee. Apart from this timeline, all the official selection and registration rules apply.
 We would ask all pilots wishing to participate to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible given the reduced time frame for the entire process.
 With a true belief that we will be able to see you in Disentis,
 Goran Dimiskovski
 PWCA Committee​

This list shows all candidates to the Task Committee

Ferdinand Vogel
Ferdinand Vogel Confirmed
Rémi Bourdelle
Rémi Bourdelle Confirmed
Gernot Seitz
Gernot Seitz Confirmed
Michael SIGEL
Michael SIGEL Confirmed
Josef Walter Hausknecht
Josef Walter Hausknecht Confirmed
Markus Roschi
Markus Roschi Confirmed
Remo Maissen
Remo Maissen Confirmed
Davide LICINI Confirmed
Andrea Habegger
Andrea Habegger Waiting List
Fabienne Schrader
Fabienne Schrader Waiting List
Peter Hürlimann
Peter Hürlimann Waiting List
HANADA SHUN Waiting List
Kaj Witzig
Kaj Witzig Waiting List
Alexey Bystritskiy
Alexey Bystritskiy Cancelled
Richárd Gabrieli
Richárd Gabrieli Cancelled
Yoshimi HATANAKA Cancelled
Lautaro Rau
Lautaro Rau Cancelled

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