World Cup Castelo, Brazil 2023

Brazil, Castelo

18/03 - 25/03/2023
Brazil, Castelo
World Class - World Cup Tour

  • Saturday, 18 March, 2023 to Saturday, 25 March, 2023

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Castelo is located in about 450 km NE from Rio de Janeiro and 145 km from the state capital Vitória. It stands at 100 meters above sea level. Castelo's borders are: Alfredo Chaves and Domingos Martins (E), Venda Nova do Imigrante and Conceição do Castelo (N), Muniz Freire and Alegre (W) and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (S).
The town is surrounded by mountains each having a suitable place for take off. The fights are made along the river valley of Rio Castelo and Rio Itapemirim. This place has hosted PWC in 2006, 2008 and 2012 and is a regular place for local national competitions.

Take off : 20°35'18" (20.5885)S; 41°9'55" (41.1655)W , 676 m ASL.
The launch ground is a natural wide grass ramp, with no restrictions, slight slope angle, easy to take-off. Best season from September to March, but its possible to fly all year round. There is S wind almost every afternoon, making the flight easy, pleasant and with a beautiful view to enjoy. To get there drive 8 miles from downtown Castelo on a good dirt road, after through Fazenda das Flores farm, go uphill heading to Apeninos, then follow the signs.
Landing : 20°36'40" (20.6113)S; 41°9'14" (41.1539)W, 98 m ASL.
Official landing site is on Fazenda das Flores farm; there are many alternative landing spots. One can easily reach downtown, landing on the soccer field.

Take off : 20°36'12" (20.6034)S; 41°5'8" (41.0856)W, 919 m ASL.
The launch ground is natural grass ramp, makes easy take-off. There are restrooms. 17.5 miles from Castelo on a good dirt road to get there.
Landing : 20°35'18" (20.5886)S; 41°6'44" (41.1125)W, 110 m ASL.
Official landing area on Fazenda da Prata. Many alternative landing areas.

Sao Vicente
Take off - 20°38'35" (20.6432)S; 41°5'16" (41.088)W , 714 m ASL.
The launch ground is an ample grassy hilltop. Start is easy.
Landing : 20°38'12" (20.6367)S; 41°7'0" (41.1169)W, 104 m ASL.

Patrimonio do Ouro
Take off : 20°34'3" (20.5677)S; 41°4'55" (41.082)W, 835 m ASL.
The launch ground is a grassy hill slope.
Landing : 20°35'27" (20.5911)S; 41°6'44" (41.1124)W, 111 m ASL.
The closest is the football field, but there are other landings following the valley in direction of Castello.

Alto Chapéu
Take off : 20°34'53" (20.5816)S; 41°15'28" (41.258)W , 816 m ASL.

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 The 2023 PWCA membership fee is due once a year on a calendar basis (Jan - Dec), and is 42€.
 The entry fee for this event is 300€.

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Until February 1st : Your paid entry fee will be fully refunded less the minimum administrative fee : 300-20 = 280€
Any cancellation from February 2nd to March 3rd will be refunded 50% (150€)
Any cancellation from March 4th won't be refunded unless special circumstances out of your control to be demonstrated.

The PWCA membership fee is not refundable.


Hotel Estrela do Sul (Av. Nossa Senhora da Penha, 1011 – Santo Agostinho) +55 (28) 3542-3709
Hotel Fort Esperança (Rodovia Fued Nemer, km 03 – Aracuí) +55 (28) 3310-2591 +55 (28) 99931-2591
Hotel Regina (Rua Lídia Machado, 230 Centro) +55 (28) 3542-1594
Hotel Plaza (Av. Nossa Senhora da Penha, 190 – Centro) +55 (28) 3542-1674
Castelo Hotel (Rodovia ES-166 km 023) +55 (28) 3542-0163
Pousada Ares de Ubá (Comunidade de Ubá) +55 (28) 99914-7906
Pousada Lua e Sol (R. Romeu Barbosa, 393 – São Miguel, Castelo – ES, 29360-000) +55 (28) 3542-0119
Alojamento Bela Vista (Barra Alegre) +55 (28) 99909-6321
Casa de Madeira (Arapoca) +55 (28) 99921-2244
Villa Farfalla Restaurante e Hotel (Limoeiro) +55 (28) 99900-3800


  • HQ

 Praça três irmãos, Castelo, Brazil
Castelo Brazil


By Plane :
The central internationa airport is Rio de Janeiro. Web:
From there you can take a connection flight to Vitoria or take a coach to Alegre.
The nearest airport is Vitoria. Eurico de Aguiar Salles.

By Bus:
It takes about 11 hours to get to Castelo from Rio by express bus. Find the schedule here.

By Car:
From Rio
It takes about 6,5 hours to get there from Rio. Take highway BR-101.

From Vitoria
It takes about 2,5 hours to get there. Take highways BR-101, BR-262 and road ES-477.
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