2023 Romanian Pre World Cup - Balea Lake, Fagaras

Romania, Balea Lake

13/08 - 19/08/2023
Romania, Balea Lake
PWCA Class 1 - Pre World Cup Tour

  • Sunday, 13 August, 2023 to Saturday, 19 August, 2023

Local website : https://airtribune.com/romanian-open-2023/info

Competition Results

Flying Site

Balea Lake situated at 2200m in the middle of the Fagaras Mountains.

Selection And Entry

60 places are reserved for Romanian Pilots until 1'st of March.
• Registration fee 200 Euro, 210Euro for PAYPAL transfer.
• For the Romanian pilots participating for the first time in FAI competitions entry fee value is 150€ (EUR).
• Pilot documentation required physical registration at HQ
1. ID
2. Valid online Registration Form (http://airtribune.com/)
3. Signed Release of Liability Document
4. Evidence of pilot qualification (NAC License or IPPI card)
5. Satisfactory evidence of glider airworthiness according to Section 7a.
• The Registration fee includes:
1. Transport to the take-off and retrieve on the main route for all the registered pilots during all competition days, training day not included.
2. Upload of turn-point's GPS coordinates
3. Live tracking and competition scoring
4. Competition map
5. ID badge
6. Lunch package, water
7. Competition T-shirt

*Training day not included. The transport will cost you arround 10EUR or less. The retrieval with other means of transportation can go up to 20 EUR in total.
** Reserve Day (if needed) Included

Documents required at registration
  • FAI Sporting Licence
  • FAI IPPI Card
  • National Licence
  • Signed Application form
  • Rescue/Medical Insurance
Cancellation Policy
No reason cancellation before 1st July: 50% refund
No reason cancellation before 1st August: 25% refund
Medical reasons, please contact us, special cases will be investigated one by one.

General Schedule

Saturday, 12 August 2022
Official Registration and Unofficial Training Day
16:00-20:00 Pilots registration and welcome desk
20:00-21:00 Mandatory Safety Briefing

Sunday, 13 August 2023

Late Registration: 8:00 - 9:30.
Competition day
9:30 Transport to the TakeOff

Monday, 14 May - Friday, 18 August 2023 - Competition days
9:30 Transport to the TakeOff
20:00 Price Giving Ceremony (if at least 3 valid tasks)

Saturday, 19 August, reserve day, it will be used if less than 3 valid tasks.
20:00 Price Giving Ceremony

!!!PriceGiving ceremony will take place in the evening of the last day of the competition. !!!

Daily Schedule

Daily schedule
08:00 - Headquarter opens
09:30 - Deadline for responding previous day protests
09:30 - Daily briefing and transportation to Take off
The day off is if weather is not flyable.


How to get here

1. By Car from anywhere in the Europe
2. By Plane to any airport in Romania: Bucahrest/ Cluj/ Sibiu. + Rent a car (Dacaia Logan is priced at about 120 Euro/Week)
Drum fără nume, Romania
Fagaras Romania
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