Task 4 La Rioja, Argentina

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Summary written by Ruth Jessop
With blue skies and stable conditions, a 101 km triangle was set taking the pilots south of La Rioja. 
Initially the conditions in the mountains were better than in the flats. So those who took the line across the mountains got to the second turn point first. 
In the mountains the climbs were +2/3m/s. The thermals were not very well organised, bumpy and a bit broken. 
Above 2500m there were great views of the snow-capped peaks of La Cordillère des Andes in the distance.
When the pilots came out into the flats the thermals were more established and better organised with +4m/s climbs. 
After the third turn point, towards the end of the task the conditions were stronger with +5/6 m/s climbs. The conditions seemed to just get better and better.  
However, around the third turn point a cross wind made getting the turn point difficult. This proved crucial as François Cormier tagged the turn point, whist the others were being blown away from it, trying to gain more height. 
With less than a minute separating the first fifteen pilots, the end of the race was fast and furious to say the least. 
Apart from a few problems getting pilots out of some far west terrain, it was a wonderful task with pilots landing as the sun was about to set, making the most of every thermal in a very long, hot day. 
In a correction to a post in the commentary today, we would like to congratulate Yassen Savov on his 15th task win, and third place overall in the World of Paragliding task wins. 
The first 49 pilots made goal, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed points and lead out points. 
Top 3 speed point winners – the fastest pilots round the course
02:55:38: François CORMIER flying at an average speed of 33.9 km/h
02:55:42: Srdjan RISTANOVIC
02:55:48: Pal TAKATS
Top 3 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most
158.1: Yassen SAVOV
154.5: Christoph DUNKEL
153.7: Federico RODRIGUEZ
Top 3 overall
1: Yassen SAVOV
2: Federico RODRIGUEZ
3: François CORMIER
Top 3 ladies
1: Junghun PARK
2: Violeta JIMENEZ
3: Evgeniya BELOVA
Top 3 teams
1: Ozone
2: Cross Country Magazine
3: Parapente Mag
Best newcomer: Simon GARTNER
All the results are available here: https://live.pwca.org/scores.php?comp=29
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