World Cup Italy 2021 Task 7

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World Cup Italy 2021 Task 7
Summary written by Ruth Jessop
Mr Météo saved the best for last. Blue skies, puffy clouds and an epic 101km task over the mountains and out onto the flats.

From launch it was so clear that you could see Croatia. Racing along the most northerly ridge gave stunning views of the Dolomites in the distance.
In the words of task committee maestro Pepe MALECKI: We set a perfect task to let everyone enjoy the good weather, a decisive task which saw 107 pilots in goal.
There were lots of options, especially at the start, with a choice of several ridges to take and a 2200m base. Some very good thermals in the mountains were up to 4-5m/s.
Meantime out in the flats it didn’t work as well as the previous days. The thermals were weaker at 1-2 m/s and most got no higher than 1500m.
The race round the flats at the end shed quite a few famous faces. The task chucked all the scores up in the air except for the first two.
In the words of today’s task winner Jose REBELO: An awesome day, an awesome task, awesome pilots, an awesome week. Jose’s average speed, as the fastest pilot round the course was 32.2 km/h.
After seven days of perfect conditions for paragliding, pizzas and pasta we’d like to say a very big thank you to all  the team in Gemona, especially Luigi Seravalli, his team and all the staff at the Hotel Willy.
Top 3 in task 7
1st  Pierre REMY
2nd= Jose REBELO 
2nd= Loïs GOUTAGNY       
Best newcomer in task 7: Marco Valentini
Top 3 ladies in task 7
2nd Constance METTETAL
Top 3 teams
1st Niviuk
2nd Woody Valley
3rd Flying Tree Environmental Management
The winners of Gemona 2021
1st Jonathan MARIN
2nd Ulrich PRINZ   
3rd Simon METTETAL   
Best newcomer: Marco Valentini
Top 3 ladies
2nd Nanda WALLISER
3rd Constance METTETAL
Top 3 teams
1st Niviuk
2nd Chinese Taipei Gliding Sports Association
3rd Air'G Products 
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