World Cup Serbia 2021 Task 3

Summary written by Ruth Jessop
Blue skies and a forecast of no rain greeted the pilots on launch this morning. 
An ambitious 112 km task was set taking the competitors to the four corners of the compass, out in front of launch.
However, it turned out to be not quite as easy as expected. The thermals were broken. There was a risk of getting blown back along the course line if they stopped to climb thanks to the persistent southerly wind in the northern half of the course. 
A crafty shortcut after turn point three put Simon Mettetal in a strong position which he consolidated with a brave push out onto the plateau just before the last turn point. A breath-taking push for goal confirmed his love for his Niviuk Icepeak X-One glider. 
There were tense moments fifteen minutes later as the following lead gaggle loomed into sight of goal, low in sinky air, with a cross wind. 
It was a very hot day in all senses of the word. Even at 3000m it was roasting, and for the pilots who made it, the goal field was a veritable furnace. 
Victor Sibirtsev summed up today: A challenging task which was very interesting to fly. There were several levels of inversions with different wind directions between them. You had to work hard to find strong thermals. You really had to understand how the topography worked. Well done to the pilot committee for setting a task which fitted the day’s conditions exactly and was the longest ever completed in Serbia.
The first 41 pilots made goal, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed points and lead out points. 
Top 3 speed point winners: 
04:03:39  Simon METTETAL flying at an average speed of 26.4 km/h
04:03:55  Thomas GURY
04:04:24  Aleksandar GACEVSKI       
Top 3 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most:
147.7  Simon METTETAL
146.4  Thomas GURY
145.1  Aleksandar GACEVSKI  
Top 3 overall
1st  Simon METTETAL
2nd   Thomas GURY
3rd  Aleksandar GACEVSKI
Top 3 ladies
2nd  Constance METTETAL
3rd  Marcella UCHOA
Top 3 teams
1st  Flymaster
2nd  Niviuk
3rd  Ozone
Best new comer: Denis Pogolsha
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