Task 8, Disentis 2021

Summary written by Ruth Jessop
This morning was damp, to say the least, in Disentis. A short 52km task up and down the valley was set, with a very low cloud base and even lower expectations.
The day cleared up progressively, and much to everyone’s surprise, the task proved possible.
For Felix Rodriguez it was like flying on Reunion Island, lovely and smooth, although admittedly, the views were a bit different.
The dynamics were different to the other days - gentler and nobody reached the dizzy heights of the previous days.
We reported in the commentary that geologist Julian Robinson was taking a closer look at some geological features. In fact, he was actually low enough to see the squirrels and tree climbing marmots in the pine trees he was flying over!
It was a fast task where, if you made a mistake, you got left behind with no chance of catching up.
One quote stands out from today’s commentary, posted at 12:40: I would bet a bowl of muesli that there is more chance of Silvia Buzzi Ferraris managing to finish off knitting herself a down jacket on launch today, than anyone flying 53km from Disentis. 
Well done to the 73 pilots who made goal and to the pilot task Committee who were brave enough to set the task: Michael Sigel, Remo Maissen and Ferdinand Vogel.
The fastest pilots round the course today were:
1:27:14 Pierre REMY, flying at an average speed of 30.5km/h
1:27:15 Tim BOLLINGER
1:27:16 Honorin HAMARD
Top 3 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most:
156.8 Stephan MORGENTHALER
149.8 Honorin HAMARD
149.2 Luc ARMANT
Top 3 overall
2nd  Honorin HAMARD
3rd  Pierre REMY
Top 3 ladies
3rd  Nanda WALLISER
Top 3 teams
1st  Ozone
2nd  Niviuk
3rd  Gin Gliders

Just a reminder that you can follow the commentary, the leaderboard and tracking on the Live App (which is also now a webpage) at: https://live.pwca.org
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