Task 3, Clopotiva 2022

Summary written by Ruth Jessop

With a southerly wind forecast today, it was still perfectly flyable from our north facing launch! We managed a wonderful 67 km task in the area to the northwest of Clopotiva which was protected and perfectly flyable. 

There was a true race start with everyone leaving in a procession across the sky together. 

Today’s task took the pilots on a tour of the northwest part of the plains and into the rolling hills to the north.

The weather was perfect, the thermals were great giving super-fast conditions. 

Pilots enjoyed 5m/s climbs taking them to nearly 3000m. There were lots of different height options. The choice was take time to climb high or push on low, giving totally different views of the race. It was a technical day knowing when to attack and when to stay with the gaggle, when to slow down and make the most of liftier lines. There were times when the lack of clouds made racing difficult and the power of the gaggle had it.

There were lots of different leaders and lots of leapfrogging at the front. Those who got left behind managed to catchup relatively easily. Plentiful thermals were triggered from the tapestry terrain of green and golden fields the pilots flew over. 

All in all, it was a fun day flying, excellent task setting, proper racing, more of the same tomorrow please. 

The first 96 pilots made goal, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed points and lead out points. 

Top 3 speed point winners – the fastest pilots round the course
01:53:11: Joachim OBERHAUSER flying at an average speed of 33.2 km/h
01:53:14: Loïs GOUTAGNY
01:53:24: Andy TALLIA

Top 3 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most
161.4: Andy TALLIA
156.6: Joachim OBERHAUSER
154.3: Peter SLADE

Top 3 in the task
1: Andy TALLIA

Best newcomer: Stefan BRANDLEHNER (8th)

Top 3 ladies in the task
1: Gulsah HOS
2: Constance METTETAL
3: Keiko HIRAKI

Top 3 teams in the task
1: Niviuk
2: Parastick
3: Ozone

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