Gleb Sukhotskiy, Galen Kirkpartick and Gin Gliders winning task 4

An day to rememmber! A task of 84 km task was flown with 4180m top climbs around volcano, that provided spectaculrar views.

Galen Kirkpatrick made her best result in her first World Cup comming in to goal in fourth place overall.

1st Gleb SUKHOTSKIY  - RUS - Ozone Enzo 3/Woody Valley XR7
2nd Jan Jares - CZE -  Ozone Enzo 3/Woody Valley XR7
3rd Martin JOVANOSKI - MKD - Gin Boomerang 12/Woody Valley XR7

Top 3 ladies
1st Galen KIRKPATRICK - USA - UP Meru/Kortel Kanibal Race 2
2nd Violeta JIMENEZ - USA - Ozone Zeno/Woody Valley XR7
3rd Daria KRASNOVA - RUS - UP Guru/Nearbirds Genezis

Top 3 teams
1st Gin Gliders
2nd Ozone
3rd Flymaster
Paragliding World Cup Association 2022
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