2021, 2022 Season calendar and 11th Superfinal dates announcement

In this difficult times PWCA Committee and I are excited to finally present the calendar for PWCA’s 2021/2022 competition season.
All the venues and dates are confirmed.

It goes as follows:
  • Gemona, Italy: 19th to 26th June
  • Kopaonik: Serbia: 10th to 17th July
  • Disentis Switzerland: 8th to 18th August - 11th PWCA Superfinal
  • Aksaray, Turkey, 4th to 11th September
  • Gochang, Korea: 26th September - 3rd October
  • Traslasierra, Argentina: 20th to 27th November

The selective events for the 11th World Cup Superfinal, that will be held in Disentis (Switzerland) from 8th to 18th of August 2021 are the following:
  • 10th Superfinal held in 2019.
  • 5 World Cups held in 2019.
  • 1 World Cup that we had in 2020 - Disentis (because of Covid-travel-restrictions only 3+1 pilots are directly selected)
  • 2021 season’s events that we will be able to run (Gemona and Kopaonik, direct selection will be defined according to Covid-travel-restrictions)

The 2022 season will start in September 2021 and comprise Aksaray - Turkey, Gochang - Korea, and Traslasierra - Argentina.
The season 2022 will continue in the first half of 2022 with 2 or 3 additional events to be ended with a European Superfinal, most likely in late European summer.
We finally have a workable and very well-balanced calendar. Further information about selection rules, non - devaluation of letters, entry fees, rules changes, and detailed media presentation will follow shortly.
With hope for a successful 2021 competition season,

Dimiskovski Goran, PWCA President
Paragliding World Cup Association 2021
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