World Cup Roldanillo - Task 7

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Summary written by Ruth Jessop
Today started off with all the promise of another cloudy day in Colombia. So, a 107 km task, taking the pilots north to the airfield at Cartago, was set. The cloud filled sky promised to clear, but unfortunately it didn’t and instead worsened. Sadly, after two hours, the task had to be stopped. 
As the paragliding World held its breath, the three young guns leading the race this morning, had mixed luck in today’s difficult conditions. 
Baptiste was with the leaders until he landed. Meryl was ahead of Honorin but lower, so with the stopped task, lost her advantage. 
However, a stopped last task and a few drops of rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the 130 pilots who have thoroughly enjoyed this competition. What a week; what a great atmosphere! Roldanillo laid on a welcome fit for a World Cup celebrating its 30th anniversary of top-level flying competitions. 
Six out of seven days flying, and four fully valid tasks saw pilots racing over dense jungles and monster high bamboo. Thermals were pulled out of impossible low saves.

As for the quality of pilots taking to the skies, all that needs to be said is that CF letters weren’t enough to guarantee a place!

The racing was unbelievably fast. In the words of Pepe Malecki, ‘I have never used full bar so much. Even the old guys were flying fast!’ 

Our gratitude goes to the task committee who have done an amazing job setting innovative tasks tailor made to fit the weather conditions. Thanks to Yassen Savov, Ernesto Hinestroza and Pepe Malecki.

Behind every great competition there are fantastic organisers. A very big thank you to Lucho Jimenez and his extremely professional team at Airnomads, here in Colombia, for doing such an excellent job organising this competition. 
The scores have just been published and we would like to say a very well done and well-deserved congratulations to the top three pilots in Roldanillo 2022: Honorin Hamard, Meryl Delferriere and Baptiste Lambert for quite simply being such exceptional sportsmen and women.

It’s the first time that a lady has been on the podium in a fully valid World Cup. The previous highest placed woman was in Linzhou, China in 2019, that was also Meryl! 
Top 5 in task 7
 2: Ivan HAAS
 3: Maxime PINOT
 3: Simon METTETAL
 3: Honorin HAMARD
 Best newcomer in task 7: Yann LIVINEC (28th)

Top 4 ladies in task 7
3: Elisabeth EGGER

Top 4 teams in task 7
1: Ozone
2: Fly Turkey
2: Flymaster
2: Niviuk
Top 3 overall in Roldanillo 2022
1: Honorin HAMARD
3: Baptiste LAMBERT
Best newcomer overall in Roldanillo 2022: Yann LIVINEC (33rd)
Top 3 ladies overall in Roldanillo 2022
3: Elisabeth EGGER
Top 3 teams overall in Roldanillo 2022
1: Ozone
2: Fly Turkey
3: Flymaster
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