World Cup Roldanillo - Task 3

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Summary written by Ruth Jessop
Today’s 75.5 km task took pilots across the Cauca valley, then north and back south to a goal near Roldanillo.
After a bit of para-waiting the pilots took off to, in the words of young French pilot, Ivan Haas, ‘crazy good thermals.’ It wasn’t even necessary to turn; pilots flew full bar under the clouds, in very lifty conditions, gaining altitude all the time. The good thermals continued almost all the way round.

It was a task where it was possible for the following gaggle to catch up and overtake.
It looked as if the great conditions were going to continue all the way to goal. Unfortunately for the leaders, they didn’t. Clouds filled the sky causing shade giving a large area without thermals, which was difficult to cross, even with a tail wind. This put a lot of the leaders on the ground. 

Despite the traps and lack of thermals 28 pilots made goal. 
It was a disappointing day for those who didn’t quite make goal. At least they can console themselves that they landed in good company. However, unfortunately, as top German pilot Daniel Tyrkas observed, ‘even if you are with the VIPs, if you are short of goal, you are short of goal’. 
Very unusually, today’s task winners weren’t the fastest round the speed section, they were those who flew fast, but managed to scrape together enough height to somehow make goal. 
Top 3 fastest pilots round the course
1:47:37: Philipp HAAG flying at an average speed of 37.8 km/h
1:47:45: Honorin HAMARD
1:48:05: Gleb SUKHOTSKIY

 Top 3 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most
117.7: Honorin HAMARD
115.9: Daniel TYRKAS
114.9: Baptiste LAMBERT

Top 3 in the task
1: Baptiste LAMBERT
3: Miguel DIAZ RUIZ

Top 3 ladies
1: Elisabeth EGGER
2: Klaudia BULGAKOW
3: Emanuelle ZUFFEREY
Top 3 teams
1: Kortel Design
2: Flying Tree Environmental Management
3: Parastick
Best newcomer: Dan Girdea, 28th.
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