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Summary written by Ruth Jessop
Today an 82km task was pulled out of the mist, but unfortunately had to be stopped after one hour and eighteen minutes. 

Those on the mountains got flushed down by the Pacific wind on their way to the first turn point, whilst those in the plains faired better. They had a more buoyant line, which allowed them to fly along the optimum line. 

Right from the beginning the weather was on the tipping point, with rain showers all around and heavy rain in the mountains. As the pilots got to the 2nd turn point rain on the route ahead made it obvious that the task needed to be stopped.

In the words of world-famous pilot, Pal Takats, ‘The task was stopped at exactly the right time avoiding strong winds.’ 

With no pilots in goal as the task was stopped, those who won the day were the pilots with a combination of good distance points and lead out points. As nobody got to goal, there were no time points.
Top 4 distance points winners – those who flew the furthest round the course 
Erwan DIDRICHE, Ferdinand VOGEL, Stefan BERNHARD and Galen KIRKPATRICK all flew the furthest distance of 53.8 km.
Top 4 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most
11.9: Peter VYPARINA
11.3: Yann LIVINEC
11.3: Martin PETZ
11.3: Yann MARTAIL

Top 3 in the task
3: Francisco Javie REINA LAGOS

Top 3 ladies
3: Klaudia BULGAKOW

Top 4 teams
1: Niviuk
2: Parastick
3: Cross Country Magazine
3: Ozone

Best newcomer: Yann Livinec, 4th in his first ever World Cup task!

All the results are available here:
Just a reminder that you can keep up with all the action on the World Cup website, and on the PWCA Live App at (which is now a web app). It includes the live Commentary, the tracking and all the scores. For those who can’t work out one end of a paragliding competition from another, the Commentary gives a thermal-by-thermal explanation. 

From all the famous faces on launch today we have interviews with two celebrities:

Rafael Saladini interview:
Gavin McClure interview:
There is a photo gallery of all the famous pilots taking part:
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