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Just a reminder, the 1st prize is a Cross Country goody bag worth over €150, containing: 

The quiz is here:
Here are some useful links for those of you still trying to work out the answers.

You might find some very valuable information in the past results and commentaries. 

The Results Archive page here:
You can find the scores going back to 1996:
Past commentaries (now in 6 different languages), where we love to reminisce about tasks gone by, are on the World Cup website:
To refresh your memory of who was in Macedonia and look as if they were born this century:
(Each competition now has its own pilot photo gallery: )

The team scoring is very simple. The second person in each team is the pilot that counts.
Team A has a pilot who was 1st and a pilot who was 6th.
Team B has a pilot who was 4th and a pilot who was 5th. 

So team B's second pilot has a higher score than the second pilot in team A.
(The top team scores 20 points and the second team scores 17 points).
So in this task, team A will score 17 points and team B will score 20 points.

So, with 7 tasks, the maximum that either team could score would be 7x20, if they win all the tasks.
The minimum they could score would be 7x17, if they lose all the tasks. 

 To enter, email your answers to the seven questions, to before midnight (CET) on 24 August.

Happy guessing!
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