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Summary written by Ruth Jessop

Sadly, it was too windy to have a task today, so the winners of the 2022 World Cup Asian Tour are: Martin Jovanoski, Jinhee Baek and team Gin Gliders. 

Having convincingly won the World Cup in Gochang the previous week, Martin was a favourite to win here in Mungyeong and he didn’t disappoint. He came in the top ten in all three tasks. Jinhee was first lady in each task and came in the top ten overall in two out of the three tasks.

For team Gin Gliders, with three out of three task wins, there could be no other winner!

Chigwon Won was the top Asian pilot, he has already won three World Cup tasks and is definitely a maestro of the thermals here in Korea. 

This competition has, more than anything else, brought together a community of paraglider pilots from all over the World, from America to Australia, from nineteen different countries, to fly together here in Korea. It has relaunched the Asian Tour with promises of a bright future here in the land of the rising calm. 

A big thank you to Ginseok Song and Yunjo Han, their KPGA team here in Mungyeong, and all the government officials for their support.

Top 3 overall
2: Chigwon WON

Top 3 ladies overall
1: Jinhee BAEK
2: Jun YOMO

Top 3 teams overall
1: Gin Gliders
2: Flymaster
3: Mac Para

The photo gallery for the competition is available here:

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