Task 3 Asian Tour Mungyeong

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Summary written by Ruth Jessop

With less wind than on previous days a 61km task was set taking the pilots on a race south via two turn points. Although late to start, the day looked promising: ‘difficult but do-able,’ in the worlds of Macedonian sky god, Martin Jovanoski.

There were a lot of cycles at the start on the mountains where the weak thermals went up higher than the peaks. However, out on the flats, there was a southwest head wind and the thermals dropped off.

In the town of Dong, the Dongers had a bird’s eye view of the pilots as they crossed the town low enough to look in through the front windows of the tall, numbered apartment blocks. Football matches were stopped as the kids stared skywards, shouting up ‘hello’.
Sadly, the day came to an end on the outskirts of Dong. The difficult decision was to know when to admit defeat and go on a glide rather than drifting backwards in very weak climbs.

For some it was disappointing not to have a do-able day, for others, like Bach LE, his hopes for the day were realised when he landed in a large, soft, dry rice field without a power line in sight.

Well done to everyone for landing safely and let’s hope we have a longer day tomorrow.
There were no pilots in goal today so those who won the day were the pilots with a combination of good distance points and lead out points. As nobody got to goal, there were no time points.

Top 3 distance point winners – the pilots who got furthest round the course
22.0 km: Tim BOLLINGER
20.9 km: Jeongmyeong SEO
20.9 km: Song HAJONG

Top 3 leading point baggers – those who were in the lead the most
13.1: Martin JOVANOSKI
12.9: Jungman CHOI

Top 3 in the task
2: Song HAJONG
2: Jeongmyeong SEO

Top 3 ladies in the task
1: Jinhee BAEK
2: Jun YOMO
3: Hyunhee KIM

Top 3 teams in the task
1: Gin Gliders
2: Flymaster
3: Mac Para

In the team competition the top two pilots in each team are scored and the second one gives the ranking. The highest placed second team pilot was Martin JOVANOSKI flying for team Gin.

Flymaster live tracking is at https://lt.flymaster.net/bs.php?grp=4793

Photo Gallery (click on the comment icon for a description of the photo and pilot's names): https://photos.app.goo.gl/LdCPQEmXue7wpoH87

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All the results are available here: https://live.pwca.org/scores
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