2022 Spanish Pre World Cup - Tenerife

Spain, Tenerife

27/10 - 01/11/2022
Spain, Tenerife
PWCA Class 1 - Pre World Cup Tour

  • Thursday, 27 October, 2022 to Tuesday, 1 November, 2022

Local website : https://airtribune.com/tenerifexpo/info

Pre Paragliding World Cup for the first time in Tenerife.
With the arrival of autumn in the northern hemisphere, it is time to explore further south like migratory birds.
The Canary archipelago, specifically Tenerife, has fantastic conditions for flying at that time.


Philippe Broers

Flying Site

In Tenerife we ​​have different takeoffs that we use depending on the aerology of the moment, the most frequented is Taucho Adeje, in the Southwest of the island, where its geographical characteristics allow us to fly with an average ceiling of 1600 meters above sea level.
Altitude 830m.

Selection And Entry

Pre-registrations are made on the website www.airtribune.com from 10 April 2022 to 28 April 2022.

Selection and entry fee
Pre-registrations are made on the website www.airtribune.com from 10 April 2022 to 28 April 2022.

The list of confirmed pilots will be published by may 15, 2022.
Only pre-registered pilots with a valid FAI card will be accepted.
A valid third party liability insurance (RCT) is mandatory.
Documents required at registration
  • FAI Sporting Licence
  • FAI IPPI Card
  • National Licence
  • Identification documents needed
  • Liability Insurance
Cancellation Policy
The fees paid will not be returned, for any reason, or for any reason.
Only if no valid task is disputed, a part of the registration fee will be returned to each registered driver, from a minimum of € 50.00 to a maximum of € 150.00, depending on the expenses incurred by the organization.
The registration fee must be paid within 6 days. from the communication of the confirmation (email) by bank transfer.
Confirmation of payment must be sent by email to this address: info@gosportingclub.com (Please enter your bank details in the email for any refund of part of the registration fees).
If the fee is not paid within the payment terms, the pilot will lose his place and end up at the end of the ranking: if the pilot is re-selected, an increase of € 40.00 will be applied to the registration fee.

General Schedule

Oct, 27, 2022.
19:00 - 22:00 Registration.

Oct., 28- Nov. 01, 2022.
Competitions Flying days.

Nov., 01, 2022.
20:00 Awards.

Daily Schedule

08:00 HQ opens
09:00 Transport to take off
11:00 - 17:00 Task
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