2022 Iranian Pre World Cup - Veis, Kermanshah

Iran, Veis - Kermanshah

19/08 - 25/08/2022
Iran, Veis - Kermanshah
PWCA Class 1 - Pre World Cup Tour

  • Friday, 19 August, 2022 to Thursday, 25 August, 2022

CloudBase and Asu clubs, in cooperation with the Iranian Air Sports Association and the Kermanshah Air Sports Committee, will host the first-ever Pre-PWC in Iran in 2022. The competition will be held over seven days, with no rest days from Aug 19 to Aug 25, 2022.

Local Website : https://airtribune.com/iranian-pre-world-cup-2022-veis-kermanshah-iran/pilots

Competition Results


Stef Juncker

Flying Site

Kermanshah city is the capital of Kermanshah province, which is located 525 km southwest of Tehran. Kermanshah has a rich cultural and civilizational history and buildings that show the people's values of life and humanity during historic and prehistoric periods. This city is located in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains. It has a temperate climate and regular seasons, which has created excellent geographical conditions for XC pilots and cross-country flights.

Veis, The competition's main take-off spot, is located around 30 km west of the city. This site has its dedicated access road, and there is no need for any hiking.

The main launching site has a clearly defined take-off area with An altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. It has the capacity of ten canopies at a time and the ability to launch from 160 to 250 degrees. (34 ° 30'26.6 "N 46 ° 51'52.7" E)

The second launching site, which is located near the main take-off area, has the ability to take off at angles of 320 to 45 degrees and is situated at an altitude of 1830 meters above sea level.

It is noteworthy that The Asian Free distance record is 440 km long and started just 30 km south of this site.


Also, the Sport Class record is 363 km and started from this site.
Kermanshah is the hub of long cross-country flights in Iran and Asia, where several flights of +300 km are flown every year. Cloudbase is typically above 4,000 meters in this area, reaching over 6,000 meters on good days. From late May to mid-September, there generally is the big distance flying season. Usually, the open window occurs between 12 and 13 o'clock. And the thermals are active from 12 to 19 o'clock.

Selection And Entry

The total number of participants is 99 pilots.
Twenty extra places are reserved.

Participation is determined in the following order:
1. Iranian WPRS Rankings top 60,
2. Pilots who have finished at least one Cat2 open-distance comp in the first 40% in 2019/2020/2021.
4. Pilots who have flown at least one 50+ km in 2019/2020/2021.

Note: Pilots who have not been flying in any open-distance competition may not participate in this competition even if they have references from experienced pilots.

International pilots must be either top 1500 on WPRS rankings or must score on top 1/3 in overall of any FAI Cat 2 competitions in 2019/2020/2021.

5 spots are reserved for wildcards.
Wildcards' Benefits include:
The entrance fee,
A 5-star hotel stay for free
Round-trip domestic flight,
Based on the FAI CIVL table, the top 150 pilots in the world are given priority with first registration.

Payment before 10 June 2022, Entry fee is EUR 150.
Payment after 10 June 2022, Entry fee is EUR 175.

For Iranian Pilots :
Payment before 10 June 2022, Entry fee is IRR 37,000,000 .
Payment after 10 June 2022, Entry fee is IRR 47,000,000.

Pilot Requirements:
FAI Sporting License
Rescue and Medical Insurance
Signed Waiver/Release form

Equipment Requirements:
Glider Classification: EN, CCC
Certified Harness
GPS which records a 3D tracklog and cables
Smartphone installed WhatsApp

Transportation to the takeoff
Lunch pack
Retrieve from main roads and junctions
Event dinner
Trophies and Closing ceremony

60 % refund if canceled by Jun 30, 2022, before the start date of the competition. No Refund after this date.
If the competition is postponed or canceled by the organizer due to Covid 19 or force majeure, the registration fee minus 40€ will be refunded.

General Schedule

Friday, Aug 19, 2022, is the registration day and the official training day
10:00- Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
12:00- Training Task
17:30 - 20:00 - Registration
20:30 - Safety Briefing

Aug 20, Aug 25, 2022
Contest flying days
09:30 - Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
11:30 - Task and Meteorology Briefing
19:00 - Deadline for Gps Download

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022
20:30 - Event Dinner

Thursday, Aug 25, 2022 – Final Competition Day
09:30 - Departure to Take Off Deadline Time
11:30 - Task and Meteorology Briefing
18:00 - Deadline for Gps Download
19:00 - Provisional Results
20:30 - Prizegiving & Closing Ceremony

Daily Schedule

08:00 - HQ opens
09:30 - Departure to Take Off
11:30 - Task and Meteorology Briefing
17:00 - Scoring Opens
19:30 - Check-in deadline
20:00 - Provisional results


Parsian Hotel


Contact :


Parsian Hotel

Parsian Hotel is the competition headquarters.
Veis, the competition's main flying site, is near the Kermanshah, which has a domestic airport.
The best way to enter Iran is to use the capital airport (Tehran) called Imam Khomeini International Airport /IKIA. Domestic flights, buses, and taxis are available to come to Kermanshah from Tehran.

-The distance from IKIA Airport to Mehrabad THR Domestic Flight Airport is about 50 km, which is accessible by Taxi.
The approximate price of a flight from Tehran to Kermanshah is around $ 30 per person.

-The distance from IKIA Airport to the bus and taxi terminal is 55 km.
The land distance from Tehran to Kermanshah is 550 km, which will be traveled by bus in 8 hours and by Taxi in 6:30 hours.
A bus ticket on this route is about $ 7, and for a taxi $ 15.

The organizer can plan your trip at any stage and book the tickets if you want. Please get in touch with the organizing team to do this.

Parsian Hotel
Email: Info@kermanshahpih.ir
Iran Kermanshah Province, Kermanshah, Zafar, Beheshti Blvd
Kermanshah Iran.

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