2022 Brazilian Pre World Cup - Governador Valadares

Brazil, Governador Valadares

13/03 - 19/03/2022
Brazil, Governador Valadares
PWCA Class 1 - Pre World Cup Tour


Bill Hughes

Flying Site

The Ramp

The tourist who arrives at Pico da Ibituruna perceives its presence from a distance. Majestic black stone carved where the mighty Rio Doce snakes. It is a point of reference for everyone who passes by. Its altitude is 1,123m above sea level. To the east, you can see the city cut by the Rio Doce and around it, the landscape of the great valley. The place offers extreme sports practitioners an ideal space for their adventures, hundreds of practitioners from Brazil, the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia fill the city's sky with their colorful hang gliders and paragliders. In addition to free flight, the peak also offers conditions for other thrilling or extreme sports, such as abseiling, climbing and trekking. It has small reserves of Atlantic Forest, trails, springs and small waterfalls.


Pilots must respect the demarcated areas for checking equipment without harming the space reserved for takeoff.

The General Judge has the authority to disqualify and/or penalize a pilot who insists on remaining in the take-off aisle.

It is only allowed to take off from ramps previously approved and signaled by the organization, which have adequate safety features. Pilots who decide to take off on improvised ramps other than those officially approved will be disqualified from the event. Take off is only allowed from ramps previously approved and signaled by the organization, which have adequate safety features. Pilots who decide to take off on improvised ramps other than those officially approved will be disqualified from the race.

Free Fly and Windsocks

Windsock pilots must be previously registered as Windsock with the General Judge. The flight will be allowed before the competition, with the authorization of the Judge.

The windsock pilot must use the radio on the determined frequency, obeying the landing guidance at the start or not advancing to the test.

The Free Fly modality will not be adopted, however after the end of the take-off window, non-registered pilots will be able to take off knowing that because they do not participate in the event, they will not be able to use the redemption or any other benefit provided by the organization.

General Schedule

03/12 (Saturday)
- 9 am – Climb to the Ramp - Official Training (Leaving the Peace Fair)
- 3 pm to 7 pm – Pilot Accreditation (HQ) 3 pm to 7 pm – Pilot Accreditation (HQ)
- 7:30 pm – Safety Briefing (Place to be determined)
-  20h – Opening ceremony and fraternization (Place to be defined)

03/12 (Sunday) to 03/18 (Friday)
- 9:00 am – Climb to Ramp (Leave the Peace Fair ) )
-  10:30h – Race Briefing
- 17:00h  to 19:00h – Flight Booking / Return Tracker - HQ
-  21:00h – Publication of the day's result

03/19 (Saturday)
- 9:00 am – Climb to the ramp (Leaving the Peace Fair)
- 10:30 am – Race Briefing
-  5:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Counting
-  7:00 pm – Publication of the final result
-  8:00 pm – Award and Closing Ceremony


Hotel Realminas - 33 3271-6751

Pousada da Serra - 33 3271 -4146

Panorama Center Hotel - 33 3271 -7840

Hotel Spettus - 33 3225-2308

Sandiego Apart Hotel - 33 3508-1300

GV Center Hotel - 33 2101 -8440

Hotel Serra Lima - 33 3272-2003

Benvenuto Palace Hotel - 33 3271-2023

Pousada Jeito de Minas - 33 3276-7797

Hotel Ibituruna - 33 3508-1300

Hotel Principe - 33 3276-8252

Hotel Master - 33 3021-6060


Hotel Casa Grande - 33 3271-6728

Hotel São Salvador - 33 3279-4200

Everest Hotel - 33 3202-8050

Hotel Rio Branco - 33 3271-3216

Hotel da Ilha - 33 3275-2071

Hotel Center - 33 3271-2461


Technical coordinator:
Jeferson Leal Silva. Cels.: (31) 99242-0846 / (33) 99809-6909 - jefersonlealsilva@yahoo.com.br

General Judge:
Vinícius Matuk. Cells: (35) 99912-2298


Governador Valadares has an active airport, with flight options connecting the city to Belo Horizonte and from there to several destinations in Brazil, and is at the center of a network of good quality Federal and State highways, easily connecting it to different regions of the country. parents.

By Plane – Daily flights departing and arriving in Valadares, via Azul airline. More information on the website: www.voeazul.com.br

By Bus – Traveling by bus to Valadares is certainly one of the simplest and cheapest options. Despite the great distances, the buses are comfortable, with air conditioning and reclining seats.


- From Vitória – 6 hours trip. Via Águia Branca, telephone +55 33 32715843.

- From Rio de Janeiro – 11 hours trip by Viação Rio Doce, telephone +55 33 322511808.

By Train – The train service runs on a line departing from Belo Horizonte or Vitória. It's a relatively slow trip, but at an excellent price and an interesting option to discover. The “executive” seats are the best option, in cabins with air conditioning and comfortable seats, and the price difference is small for the other ticket options. Information at the Governador Valadares Railway Station Telephone +55 33 32744471

By car

- From Belo Horizonte, via BR-262 and BR-381 – 340km

- From Rio de Janeiro, via BR-116 – 590km.

- From São Paulo, via BR-116 – 920km.

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