Cancellation of the World Cup in Argentina, 5th – 12th December 2020

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Dear Pilots and Partners, 

Following the extremely successful World Cup in Disentis last month, it is with great sadness that I am, once again, writing to you all to announce the cancellation of our next scheduled event, due to be held in Argentina in December. 

One of the biggest problems we are facing when organising such large events is the unpredictable number of pilots who will be able to attend. The situation at the moment in Argentina is unpredictable. Argentina is at a critical stage of the pandemic, with the economy in a bad situation and limited chance of the local organisers being adequately funded by the local authorities.

A scenario where COVID causes the situation to deteriorate in Argentina just before the event, leading to a massive number of cancellations, leaving the local organizer facing a significantly lower income than expected, which would undoubtedly compromise the quality of the event, and is not acceptable to us as an association. 

Therefore, following meetings with the Argentinian Sports and Tourism departments, the local organisers and World Cup Committee believe that the best option, giving us the best chance to have a successful competition there in the future, is to move the event to autumn 2021. 

We would like to express our enormous thanks to Martin Romero Garayzabal, our local organizer and his team, for all their efforts in trying, despite the complicated situation, to make Argentina 2020 work, and we look forward to running a successful event with him and his team, in Argentina, in 2021. 

Despite the cruelty of the current reality, top of my agenda at the moment, as President of the Paragliding World Cup Association, is to organise the 2021 events calendar. I am extremely grateful to the many organisers, all over the World, who have offered to hold competitions for us to fill the gaps created by those who have had to be cancelled. The World Cup team remain extraordinarily committed and are flexible enough to allow us to make the most of every possible opportunity to run competitions, whenever and wherever we can, as soon as it is reasonably and safely possible to do so. 

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our partners and World Cup pilots for your continued support and patience in these difficult times. 

Very best wishes and keep safe,

Goran Dimishkovski 
PWCA President 

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