New Content On The PWCA Website

We are constantly working on ways to improve the quality and quantity of data we are able to provide on the Paragliding World Cup events. We are now pleased to announce some new content on this website which is available to all.

NEW Paragliding World Cup App

Available now for Android and iPhone

Install the APP from (iPhone search PWCA in App Store)

The new Paragliding World Cup App (for Android and iPhone - smartphones and tablets)

How To Store Your Flymaster Screens On The Server

It is now possible for pilots who wish to use custom screen layouts on the Live units we issue during Paragliding World Cup events to store these screens on the server. You may upload up to 10 different layouts and select the required version to be installed on your live at the start of an event - on registration day we will download your required layout and install it on the unit you have been assigned for the competition.

Using The World Cup Live Tracking Systems

The Paragliding World Cup has been using Live Tracking systems, to allow the race to be followed in real time and in 3D, since 2010. Over the years the system has been developed at each event and, with the partnership of Flymaster and the subsequent Flymaster LIVE units, has evolved into a comprehensive safety and spectator system. There are now many ways to view our events live so this is a tutorial for those who are new to the Paragliding World Cup web site.

Live Commentary On World Cup Tasks

For a long time we have considered adding some kind of commentary to the tasks but we struggle to find anyone who has the time and experience available to add comments all the way through. For the next two competitions (France and Reunion) we are lucky to have Ruth Jessop (Ulric's wife) along with us and she has offered her services to commentate on the competition.

What are paragliding competitions about ?

For the major majority of the general public the term 'paragliding' either means nothing at all or brings to mind images of people being towed behind boats or 'jumping' off hills with a parachute - this isn't the case and we will try to explain a bit more about our sport with these words. A paraglider is a fully functioning glider (it flies forwards through the air) but also resembles a parachute in appearance, hence the name 'paraglider'.

Changing Your Pilot Number In The World Cup

We get multiple requests for pilots to change their pilot number at every World Cup Registration. In the past we have tried hard to accommodate these requests but, in almost every case, it has caused a problem somewhere in the workflow of the world cup systems. This usually results in a pilot being misidentified in some part of the systems and data being applied to the wrong person.

Limited Live Tracking in Castelo, Brazil - The Reasons Explained

It all comes down to the complex nature of international transit of goods and the various customs authorities we encounter on our travels.

How the World Cup Technical Systems Work

The Paragliding World Cup uses a lot of, quite often cutting edge, technology to ensure that our competitions are efficient, fair and to reduce queues to a minimum in all possible situations. A few people have asked how it all works so here, in all its gory detail, is an insiders view of what goes on inside all of those laptops !!