Pakhomov's results declaration

Current qualification letters for this pilot : FF

  • results can only be declared by the pilot itself
Link Event Position Devaluated Letter Status
2018 Russian Open - Chegem 12 F Accepted
2018 Hungarian Open - Krushevo (Macedonia) 27 J Accepted
2018 Russian Pre World Cup - St Petersburg 21 I Accepted
League Russia 2018 11 F Accepted
All selective results from 2017 season are now devalued by 2 letters.
  • Except for World Cup Event which are devalued 1 level from their original level.
  • Except for championships or leagues that could not be held in 2018 which are devalued 1 level from their original level.

Events where this would go below 'X' are still valued as 'X'.

Older results from 2016 and older now count as 'X'.

For 2019 a pilot ranking is the sum of the two best letters gained during 2018. Optionally, the best devalued letter from 2017 (or before) can replace the weakest letter.

Letters that are declared after the registration deadline of an event cannot count for this event except if they come from a World Cup event.