results for pilot Sebastian Hohn

competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
13th FAI European Paragliding Championship921185Ozone Enzo
World Cup Mexico Valle de Bravo 2014642843Ozone EnZo#1 03/02/201439761.074.4km02:59:37
#2 04/02/201479416.063.3km
#3 05/02/201445701.089.7km03:31:11
#4 06/02/201454520.090.8km
#5 07/02/201459525.088.5km04:06:19
#6 08/02/201475346.062.3km
World Cup France Coeur de Savoie 2014921627Ozone EnZo#1 25/05/201473108.012.2km
#2 28/05/201455693.064.5km02:46:29
#3 29/05/2014109212.023.6km
#4 30/05/201462583.046.4km02:22:51
#5 31/05/201499172.022.4km
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
German Open 2013 - Korarid (Slovenia)62675Enzo M
World Cup France Val Louron612160Ozone EnZo#1 24/06/201336829.053.9km02:20:27
#2 25/06/201320891.072.5km02:29:00
#3 26/06/201364314.053.4km
#6 29/06/201392126.027.4km
World Cup Serbia Raska-Kopaonik 2013622340Ozone EnZo#1 12/08/201310971.013.2km
#2 13/08/201318924.077.2km02:22:59
#4 16/08/201387429.038.1km
#5 17/08/20131916.050.2km
World Cup Turkey Erzincan 2013353505Ozone EnZo#1 01/09/201340769.065.5km
#2 02/09/20132949.0107.8km03:12:39
#3 03/09/201375290.056.7km
#4 06/09/201310659.070.4km
#5 07/09/201324838.076km02:53:16
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
2012 Trofeo Montegrappa PG92450Aircross U Sport
2012 Int Bavarian open52752U-Cross
2012 Kaiser Trophy5951Ozone EnZo
Austrian Championship 2012 - Piesendorf - Zell am see262523Ozone EnZo
German Open 2012 - Aldo Aldige (Italy)5855Enzo M
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
German Open - Lengries 201155776AirCross U Sport
Lithuanian Open 2011 - Jelkin Hram332601Aircross U-sport
German Championship 2011262072Aircross U6
2011 Cross-Country Ru Open Cup23047Ozone R09
2011 Pre-European - Saint Andre les Alpes711359Air-Cross Usport
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
2010 BaWü Open121369U 4 2010
2010 Valadares Paragliding Open 2010263788[open] Aircross U Sport
2010 Staufen-Cup51727Aircross U-Sport
2010 Greifenburg Open631007U-Sport M
2010 X-air Tatra Open - Czech championship351362Aircross U5
7th International German Open Paragliding 201049365Aircross U 5
World Cup Brazil Pocos de Caldas 2010104712Aircross Ultima Sport FR#1 09/04/201079477.019.1km
#2 10/04/2010110235.041.1km
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Croatia Croatian Open Buzet 2009401476NOVA Tycoon
Germany German Open Bad Gastein (Austria) 2009571545Aircross U Sport
Pre PWC Spain Canary Island - La Palma 200981870Aircross U Sport
Bavarian PG Open48368NOVA Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b
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