results for pilot Manuel Nubel

competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
13th FAI European Paragliding Championship591736Swing Core 3
2014 German Open - Tolmin/Kobarid (Slovenia)13610Ozone Enzo2
World Cup France Coeur de Savoie 2014402657Swing Core 3#1 25/05/201430125.014.1km
#2 28/05/201424911.064.5km02:17:07
#3 29/05/201456755.077.7km
#4 30/05/201483240.025.8km
#5 31/05/201441823.047.7km01:30:18
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
German Open 2013 - Korarid (Slovenia)272102Swing Core 3.22
World Cup Serbia Raska-Kopaonik 2013432655Swing Core 3#1 12/08/201348489.081.6km
#2 13/08/201319919.077.2km02:23:35
#4 16/08/201377436.038.3km
#5 17/08/201366811.040.1km
World Cup Turkey Erzincan 201314514Swing Core 3#1 01/09/201320809.069.1km
#2 02/09/201311000.0107.8km03:09:29
#3 03/09/201323882.098.9km02:35:24
#4 06/09/20132956.094.3km04:06:35
#5 07/09/201313867.076km02:46:58
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
37. Offene Hessenmeisterschaft PG41431Swing Core 2
2012 Int Bavarian open71574Swing Core 2
2012 Oppenau Open81156Swing
Austrian Championship 2012 - Piesendorf - Zell am see53542Swing Core 2.22
German Open 2012 - Aldo Aldige (Italy)1863Swing Core 2.22
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Lithuanian Open 2011 - Jelkin Hram482132Swing Stratus 8
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
2010 FAI Europeans602200Swing Core
2010 Staufen-Cup141201Swing Stratus Core
2010 Greifenburg Open541288Core 23
World Cup Brazil Pocos de Caldas 201078985Swing Stratus Core#1 09/04/2010119142.03.1km
#2 10/04/201030843.061km02:08:00
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
Austria Austrian Open FAI Pre Euro Abtenau 200982389Swing Stratus WRC
Germany German Open Bad Gastein (Austria) 200943147Swing Stratus WRC 21
Bavarian PG Open5962Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Str
World Cup Turkey Denizli 2009432500Swing Stratus WRC#1 31/05/200972748.076.4km02:25:42
#2 01/06/200982385.067.4km
#3 02/06/200931880.0108km03:47:52
#4 05/06/200934872.070.8km02:39:51
World Cup France Talloires 2009371534Swing Stratus WRC#2 16/06/200984471.032.9km
#3 17/06/200920835.045.1km01:25:55
#4 18/06/200945699.052km02:05:51
World Cup Superfinal 2009 - Italy Poggio Bustone1081684Swing Stratus WRC#1 02/09/200912769.017.5km
#2 05/09/200954762.042.4km
#3 07/09/200983634.067.6km02:08:24
#4 09/09/200998288.035.2km
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Alpen PG Open 0851510Swing Stratus WRC
XC PG Challenge 082230
Wildkogelpokal PG 0872116Swing Stratus WRC
XC-Open Worlds Series 08 Spain92880Swing Stratus WRC
German PG Open Piedrahita 083950Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Str
Montegrappa PG 0862642Swing Stratus 7
Bavarian PG Open 08181242
BaWü PG Open 0862089Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Swi
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Bavarian PG Open 077795Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Swi
Greifenburg PG Open 07491401Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Str
BaWü PG Open 0726657Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Str
German PG Open 0750954Swing Flugsportgerate GmbH Str
Schmitten Moonlight Pokal 07102112Swing Stratus 7
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
RBM BaWu Open Air Games65419
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