Gemona (Comp-Teams)

T3.1Sun 24-Jun-1860.0 km
T3.2Mon 25-Jun-1853.0 km
T3.3Tue 26-Jun-18102.3 km
3.4Sat 30-Jun-1895.2 km

Paragliding World Cup 2018

Gemona, Italy

1Ozone Always innovative, the inventor of the SharkNose and the two-liner1517201567
 0335Seiko FUKUOKA NAVILLEFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatAddactis - Ozone - Certika - Compass - One Day978917958946 
 0016Russell OGDENGBREnzo 3/ExoceatOzone980961858971 
 0004Honorin HAMARDFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatNaviter-Altitude Eyewear-Ozone-Icaro-LigueN-CG507935091000999 
 0007Luc ARMANTFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatOzone950972950967 
2Vetor Vetor, based in Andradas Brazil, organiser of Paragliding World Cups22071746
 0320Durali KARACATUREnzo 3/XR7THSF972963951974 
 0326Primoz SUSASVNEnzo 3/ExoceatNaviter,, High Adventure874978842984 
 0252Tomoko YOSHIKAWAJPNZeno/GR3401191166149 
 0266Rasim ESENTUREnZo 2/XR7HeliCo Language Services291887164350 
3Jack & Jones The Paragliding World Cup’s favourite clothing company112122045
 0575Michael MAURERCHEBoomerang 11/Genie Race 3GinGliders / LaSportiva / Cloud-7 / ONEDAY / Bike968897875975 
 0065Alfredo STUDERCHEEnzo 3/XR7Alphapilot / Jack & Jones Tech / High Adventure878916886881 
 0338Stephan MORGENTHALERCHEEnzo 3/GR4995895125983 
 0340Nanda WALLISERCHEMeru/XR7UP International / Jack and Jones272887125346 
4Triple Seven Innovative gliders by the Valic brothers121721344
 0218Jurij VIDICSVNEnzo 3/ExoceatAgring d.o.o., Naviter, High Adventure, SPT974988953969 
 0515Tilen CEGLARSVNTriple Seven RFC/Genie Race 4Naviter | Triple Seven | High Adventure CH936961152988 
 0087Keiko HIRAKIJPNEnzo 3/ExoceatAPI / SKY ASAGIRI / falhawk / Kojitsu / Nagao497921626831 
 0500Jošt NAPRETSVNEnzo 3/GR4NAVITER I High Adventure Switzerland987349426802 
5Alas del Hombre The Mexican Mecca for Monarch butterflies and humans with wings201011243
 0290Zoran LABOVICNOREnzo 3/ExoceatDodadans979927874502 
 1119Rolf DALENOREnzo 3/XR7979930887965 
 0367Kenneth HAUGANNORZeno/, Ingunn & Benjamin468888175442 
5Gin Gliders World Class gliders designed for, and by, World Class pilots91291343
 0091Tim BOLLINGERCHEBoomerang 11/, gingliders.com967278855972 
 0013Torsten SIEGELDEUBoomerang 11/GR4Gin Gliders, Pets Premium, Naviter, Wildes Land980974910969 
 0021Marc WENSAUERDEUBoomerang 11/XR7GIN GLIDERS / 360grad-lenggries.de936937133952 
5Air'G Products The Acro family who just love to have fun with their feet off the ground15417743
 0453Alexander SCHALBERAUTEnzo 3Flugschule Salzburg, Naviter978916887932 
 0017Ulrich PRINZDEUEnzo 3/ExoceatOzone966962889968 
 0034Andreas MALECKIDEUEnzo 3/ExoceatMWZ 24, Flugschule Chiemsee, DHV979741939894 
8Air Vuisa The Serbians who are passionate about light and super light reserves11713839
 0272Felipe REZENDEAUSXCRacerFlow Paragliders968924888915 
 0414Gareth CARTERAUSEnzo 3/ExoceatSydney Paragliding - HGFA - NSWHPA989942943943 
 0239Che GOLUSAUSEnzo 3/Exoceat503911868962 
 0264Kari ELLISAUSEnzo 3/Exoceat828670611432 
9Cross Country International Free Flying Magazine - In the core, since 1988313101036
 0711Jacques FOURNIERFRAEnzo 3/XR7Parateam, Woody Valley, Stodeus879924942951 
 0044Sebastian OSPINAGBREnzo 3/ExoceatXCmag, Ozone, BHPA, Skywings523951873972 
 0020Stephane DROUINFRAEnzo 3/XR7Conseil General 73/ PCHT/ 4eme Dimension/Syride944955437923 
 0048Joanna DI GRIGOLIVENZeno/GR3QDesk, Gin, Mom and Dad395880473588 
10Parapente Mag News, equipment reviews and travel reports from around the World2033531
 0714Loïs GOUTAGNYFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatEcoledeparapentedesarcs | A2T | AGméca979486459895 
 0038Simon PELLISSIERFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatOrcieres 1850/Resources Parapentes982910892942 
 0010Méryl DELFERRIEREFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatRessources Parapente/XC Tracer/Adrenagliss/Aphex971933631815 
 0099Bastien DE LUCAFRABoomerang 11/ExoceatAltitude Eyewear659867438712 
11Advance Advancing on the podium; it’s in our nature4617330
 0541Michal GIERLACHPOLEnzo 3/ExoceatCat Phones, SupAir, Brubeck, Salewa, PSP, S'PBW975922889871 
 1405Mariusz WISNIOWSKIPOLEnzo 3/ 
 0350Pawel FARONPOLZeno/GenesisConnect, Fargo, Finansowa Chata438920376353 
 0708Klaudia BULGAKOWPOLEnzo 3/ExoceatLukoil / Maui Jim / Zanier / Suunto504937905305 
11Parastick A Meet Director’s best friend for competition accessories and banners61121130
 0042Yael MARGELISCHCHEEnzo 3/XR7G.Dentan by Sutech - LaSportiva - ONEDAY - Navite886931458931 
 0019Tim ROCHASFRAIcepeak Evox/XR7ProvencePara_Compass_Praloup_Ubaye_Niviuk972925446966 
 0084Clement LATOURFRAEnzo 3/XR7SUPAIR FFVL945948915976 
 0725Damien LACAZEFRAEnzo 3/XR7Elite Hautes-Alpes / WAA-Ultra / Ozone886923181954 
13Tree Flying Environment Agency The environmental agency who use paragliders for Aerial Reforestation298625
 0282Bojan GABERSEKSVNEnzo 3/Exoceat847926850951 
 0504Tadej KREVHSVNEnzo 3/XR7Adrenalin Gornje Posocje, Hi Adventure, Naviter957931507925 
 0517Joze MOLEKSVNEnzo 3/XR6Naviter, High Adventure Switzerland378478963434 
14Wind The Portuguese paradise for the World’s fastest paraglider pilots794424
 0023Rémi BOURDELLEFRAEnzo 3/Exoceat254926886879 
 0313Xavier LAPORTEFRAEnzo 3/XR6Ligue Occitanie/Parapente Family/Ariège/777953928122501 
 0911Baptiste LAMBERTFRABoomerang 11512918763946 
 0555Constance METTETALFRAZeno/XR7953202434343 
15Woody Valley Harnesses famous for their quality of finish and attention to detail355922
 1117Silvia BUZZI FERRARISITAEnzo 3/XR7Pandol-fly,AeCI,Naviter,Aire879920622876 
 0014Christian BIASIITAEnzo 3/XR7Trentino / Montura / Aire / AeCI ITALIA515917900947 
 0361Manuel GRANDIITAEnzo 3/XR7Infinity Fly602941833941 
 0003Joachim OBERHAUSERITAEnzo 3/ExoceatAIRE-Superfly360-Elektroww-Ruedl-Salomon-Xdream-A971501441975 
16Near Birds The Ukrainian expert in running comps, trips and making harnesses823316
 0027Victor SIBIRTSEVISREnzo 3/GenesisTreemind African Experience959914849863 
 3137Alexey BYSTRITSKIYRUSEnzo 3/Exoceatwww.asa-fly.ru978896687858 
 0321Daria KRASNOVARUSMeru/GenesisUP Paragliders60887598702 
 0341Aleksei KOROBKOVRUSEnzo 3Place freely! In the search ... ????? ????????!881859163929 
17Flymaster Tracking Sky Gods in the air and on the ground, all around the World531211
 0359Erik REHNFELDTFRAEnzo 3/XR7951907447491 
 0344Bertrand CHOLFRAEnzo 3/ExoceatLesRoutesDuCiel.com943876882347 
 0047Denis CHOURAQUIFRAEnzo 3/Exoceat424922127677 
18Kortel Design Developers of top class flying equipment and harnesses since 199811619
 0941Antonio GOLFARIITAZeno/Genie Race 3AeCI842869162683 
 1111Semih SAYIRTURBoomerang 11/Kanibal Race 2ISUK/THSF/UCUS AKADEMISI/GINGLIDERS7196883512 
 0611Martin PETZDEUBoomerang 11/Kanibal Race 2Pauly Consult965121882342 
19Mac Para Wings to fly in peace11114
 0317Maxime BELLEMINFRAEnzo 3/XR7I fly for fun862874812937 
 0362Christian AMONAUTMagus 10 RFC/Kanibal Race 2Mac Para Löffler-TRM278871165431 
 1171William HUGHESUSAEnzo 3/XR7Soartd497901126202