Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Podiums

Overall: 10. Cody Mittanck, 6. Rafael Saladini, 7. Franz Schilter, 4. Simon Mettetal, 2. Stéphane Poulain, 1. Michael Küffer, 3. Torsten Siegel, 5. Alberto Vitale, 8. Tim Rochas, 9. Méryl Delferriere

Women: 4. Klaudia Bulgakow, 2. Keiko Hiraki, 1. Méryl Delferriere, 3. Yael Margelisch, 5. Marcella Uchoa

Teams: 2. Gin Gliders (Michael Sigel, Idris Birch, Torsten Siegel), 1. Ozone (Simon Pellissier, Méryl Delferriere, Andreas Malecki, Xevi Bonet), 3. Jack & Jones (Michael Küffer, Alfredo Studer, Franz Schilter, Emanuelle Zufferey)

2018-04-21 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 7 [16:56]

An excellent final day - 67 in Goal and everybody back at HQ in record time for the week.

Our congratulations go to overall winner Michael KUFFER - to our top woman Meryl DELFERRIERE and to the winning team Ozone

The final results are now available from the links above

The prizegiving will begin at 19:00 outside the headquarters

Our next event begins on 23rd June in Gemona, Italy - we hope to welcome you again then.

Commentary - Day 7

16:01 So today's winning tactic seemed to be to win the task to get automatic selection for the Super Final. For Marco Littame, 'I had nothing to lose so I just pushed out from the beginning and took risks, no need to fly conservatively,' he told me as he started off in 72nd position this morning. Just a reminder that automatic selection for the Super Final (unless you're happy to just wait until the last day and breeze in and win the task) is given to the top 15 overall and top 3 ladies. So let's see who has got those precious Super Final places from this competition.

Marco Littame'
15:58 So with everyone now on the ground, what was 2015 Baixo Guando's winner, Marco Littame's, winning tactic today?

15:53 Well just as I was saying that Khobi would make it, she landed. Never mind, I'm sure she'll come in smiling as she is a great sport and this has been a truely amazing competition.

15:47 Khobi has been a Tandem Instructor since December 2011, and was the first commercial female tandem pilot in South Africa. If anyone can make this work Khobi can, we have seen her showing lots of patience and perseverance many times in World Cups.

15:45 Khobi is 159m above the ground, it looks like she's going for it.

15:44 Khobi is in a very weak climb 3 km from goal. Everyone at Wilderness paragliding in South Africa is holding their breath. On the other hand, if any one is in a field just to the south of Baixo Guandu and can see a little glider above a coffee plantation trying to climb, could they please try blowing.

15:41 After her 'bundu bashing' in task 1 Khobi was really pleased to make goal in task 4 and 5 so I know she'll be giving it her all today. 3km to go.

15:37 Khobi-jane Bowden has just got the last turn point and now has the whole competition watching and waiting to see if she'll make Ess. No pressure on or anything Khobi.

Andrii Chugaiev
15:35 Ukrainian pilot Andrii Chugaiev is about to get Ess

15:33 Yury Mishanin is about to get Ess, 'Every day is a good day for me', he told, what a great attitude.

15:29 Stepan Kechedzhi has just crossed Ess and is about to be joined by Fons De Leeuw.

15:28 More than 60 pilots have arrived in goal.

15:28 A disappointing day for new comer Simon Mettetal, he was late into goal but hopefully will still keep a top 10 place. He can blame it on the Curse of the Commentator as his sister Constance, who had to retire early from the competition with a strained ankle, was at the Commentary Controls today!

15:21 Khobi is enjoying her new UP Meru. 'For the first time I have a glider that can keep up. It is now possible to push the speed bar hard and not lose out on glide. The rear risers give great feed-back and make it very easy to respond when required. Stability on bar is reassuring and the glide is competitive,' she told me. Let's hope it helps her get to goal today.

15:19 However she is finding it really different to flying in S.Africa, here the climbs are long and slow so you need to be patient and be good at playing follow the leader and following the Brazilian Green and orange gliders, she told me.

Marcella Uchoa
15:19 In task 1 Khobi landed in the middle of nowhere just short of end of speed. She had an epic walk out with snakes and river crossings. Fortunately her training in the South African bush meant that she was home from home 'bundu bashing'. Undeterred she came out smiling as always, what a great sport.

15:18 There is a north easterly breeze at the moment which is making it really difficult for Khobi-jane Bowden to get the last turn point.

15:13 Marcella Uchoa is in the next group to cross Ess. She has a masters degree in Sharks! She watched the World Cup in Pocos de Caldas in 2010, she had only started flying 3 months earlier but just wanted to be part of it even back then. 'I thought maybe one day….' And here we are!

15:13 There are lots of little groups all making their way across the hilly terrain to end of speed.

Richard Butterwortho
15:11 Well done to Richard Butterworth who has just landed in goal. After flying 89km round the most amazing task yesterday with stunning scenery he then landed just short of goal so he'll be doubly pleased to have made it today.

15:05 And still they keep on coming into goal. In the next group Igor Shatalov, Yury Mishanin, Aron Michiels, Henry Alexander Alcazar Rincon and Emanuelle Zufferey whose tracker is working today for once.

15:03 Felipe Rezende will be pleased to be in goal today and it looks like in the top 10. He's really enjoyed flying his new Flow XCRacer in this competition. He's found it very competitive, with great handling and overall performance, 'now I just need to stop making silly mistakes so we can see its full potential,' he told me. It's an EnD glider but very competitive against the CCCs.

Felipe Rezende
14:57 Ladies wise it's once again very close with Yael Margelisch, Keiko Hiraki and Méryl Delferriere all coming in within seconds of each other. Will Meryl have enough of a lead to win the ladies competition and will it give her a top 10 overall place?

14:53 Michael Küffer who was the overall leader this morning was about 2 minutes behind Torsten (4th this morning) and within seconds of Stephane (2nd this morning).

14:50 Torsten Siegel who was 5 points behind Stephane this morning crossed Ess just ahead of the big gaggle 2 minutes ahead of Stephan, but as you can see from the leadout points on the leader board, Stephane has more lead out points than Torsten.

14:47 The next 35 have all got Ess within 3 minutes of each other.

14:46 This is a disaster for Stéphane Poulain he has been overtaken by about 20 pilots.

14:44 Stéphane Poulain in second place overall this morning and who was with the leaders seems to have got really stuck, everyone else is on 5 or 6:1 to goal and he is still on 8:1 to goal. He is being totally overtaken by all the others and has dropped down to 23rd place.

14:42 Andreas Malecki has got to goal.

14:40 A big group are just getting the last turn point including today's top ladies Keiko Hiraki, Yael Margelisch and Méryl Delferriere (leading lady overall this morning)

14:38 Torsten Siegel and Mitch Riley are next to get the last turn point but I don't think they can over take Stephane in the overalls as they don't have as many lead out points, unless Torsten beats Stephane by a big margin.

14:36 Marco Littame has just landed in goal, checking left and right for planes.

14:35 Xevi Bonet Dalmau has also got the last turn point.

14:35 Stéphane Poulain is taking his time, he's not going to want to rush this, he's in zeros and his glide angle is going up, he'll need to be really careful.

14:33 Pepe's glide ratio to goal is decreasing so he should be ok.

14:32 Andreas Malecki has got Ess but he's really low 183m 9.6:1 to goal - I don't think he'll be doing a lap of honour of the route today!

14:31 Stéphane Poulain is much higher at 503m and 13:1 to goal.

14:30 He's on an 11:1 glide, this is going to be tight.

14:30 Is Pepe going to make Ess, he's not very high 281m

14:29 He should have no problems making goal at the airfield - provided that somebody has remembered to ask the planes to land elsewhere

14:28 Marco Littame, winner of the last World Cup we had here in 2015 has got Ess 2km ahead of the others.

14:27 Stéphane Poulain has got the last turn point, he doesn't need to catch the other 2 as they are no threat to his first place in the comp overall.

14:26 Andreas Malecki has got the last turn point and is racing to Ess but he's 2 km behind Marco.

14:24 The sun has come out in Baixo Guandu which will help a bit but they do all seem to have got quite a lot of height.

Rafael Saladini.
14:23 Just a reminder that the pilots race as fast as they can to Ess (end of speed) then they can take as long as they want to get to goal , but they must cross the goal line to get their time points.

14:22 Marco Littame is on 8.3:1 to goal now so he should probably be able to glide to Ess.

14:21 The following gaggle are all charging across Baixo led by new comer Mitch Riley and Rafael Saladini..

14:19 Marco is now heading to Ess and has the advantage that he can use Andreas Malecki, Stéphane Poulain and Xevi Bonet Dalmau as thermal markers to show him the lift.

Federico Nevastro
14:19 Federico Nevastro is breaking away from the big following gaggle and going for it. He was 6th in yesterday's task so will be looking to do more of the same today.

14:17 Marco Littame has just got the last turn point, 5.6 km to Ess with 10:1 to goal, he'll probably need to stop for another climb.

14:16 Several times winner of the Super Final Keiko Hiraki is right with the leaders of the the massive following gaggle.

14:15 Don't look back Tom and Xevi there is a massive gaggle of 40 pilots behind you.

14:14 Tom Chauvin and Xevi Bonet Dalmau are next and just coming over Baixo Guandu but Tom is low and not getting a climb in the totally covered sky, this is so not going to be easy.

Keiko Hiraki
14:12 Andreas Malecki and Stéphane Poulain are working together and as you can see from the leader board on the PWCA app don't have anywhere near the glide angle to goal or lead out points that Marco has.

14:11 This is nail biting the leader, Marco Littame, is very close to the turn point. He's high and 10.8:1 to goal

14:08 From the leaders this morning Michael Küffer is currently in 12th place, Stéphane Poulain in 2nd place this morning is currently 2nd.

14:05 Idris Birch is leading the charge of the big group behind them just coming out of the higher terrain.

Idris Birch
14:04 Tom Chauvin and Xevi Bonet Dalmau are working together to get over the river on the other side of Baixo Guandu just behind the leaders.

14:03 Andreas Malecki and Stéphane Poulain have almost caught up with Marco Littame but Marco has much more height than the other two.

14:02 Tom Chauvin has got a big advance over the rest of the group he left behind. That following gaggle are all going for it now too.

14:01 Marco Littame has got a climb he's high and should make goal. If he does, this will be a very decisive victory as he has 100% of the available lead out points. If he wins by a big margin it could result in a discard day for virtually everyone else. Wow, nothing is certain right up to the last hour of this race we will be holding our breath.

13:59 Stéphane Poulain is just crossing the river and just behind Marco Littame

13:58 Tom Chauvin has made a break for it and is just behind Xevi.

13:57 1st ladies Yael Margelisch and Méryl Delferriere are both with this group.

13:56 Right on Xevi's heels there are several groups trying to find a climb on the big cliffs before heading south to the last turn point.

Xevi Bonet Dalmau
13:54 Next but 4km back Xevi Bonet Dalmau.

13:53 Pepe is 2 km behind him and still needs to cross the river.

13:53 Marco Littame is in the lead desperately trying to get height over the town of Baixo Guandu before going to the last turn point.

13:51 The leaders are coming into sight of the goal field but they still have to continue south past Baixo Guandu, then back north west to Ess. The conditions are very light, this is going to be very difficult.

13:47 Stéphane Poulain was lying 2nd this morning, he is with the leaders as is Simon Mettetal.

13:46 Andreas Malecki is also with the leaders.

13:43 Felix Rodriguez Fernandez is on a knoll behind him with Federico Rodriguez

13:40 It looks as if Marco Littame is in the lead.

Cody Mittanck
13:34 Cody Mittanck There are a lot of different skillsets needed for being successful in competition. In my progression I found it best to focus on each one individually until I noticed I was improving at them. The foundation of these skills are climbing and gliding. Continue to try new techniques in climbing until you can consistently out climb others or at least not get out climbed yourself. By mastering climbing and using the conservative strategy of staying within the gaggle you can do well in nearly every competition. You can then work on more aggressive strategy to try and compete with the best pilots in the world.

13:33 Whilst we are trying to get the great god of internet connections to speak to us let me give you today's Thought for the Thermal. It comes from top US pilot Cody Mittanck, 3rd in the recent Bright World Cup in Australia and currently lying 9th overall in this competition.

13:28 Michael Sigel has just come to report back. 'Today was pay back time for all the good luck I had in Colombia,' he told me.

13:26 The day is now very overcast. The pilots are now trying to fly over small mountains as they head north to the 2nd turn point. It's going to be tough.

13:24 Sorry for the brief Commentary silence, our internet connect got struck down by Hell's Bells the very worn out electronic bells in the Baixo Quandu church tower which keep playing havoc with our internet connection.

12:57 2015 Baixo Guandu winner Marco Littame is leading the charge across the plains. He was 2nd in task 1 here and and is one of only 7 pilots competing here with AA letters

Stéphane Poulain
12:56 Stéphane Poulain has broken away. He's had a great comp here1st in task 3 and 4th = in task 5

12:54 To the east Andreas Malecki, Mitch Riley, and Stéphane Poulain (currently lying 2nd) and Simon Pellissier.

12:53 Taking the course line Felix Rodriguez Fernandez and Edinson Alvarez Suarez

12:52 We have 3 lead groups, long distance Brazilian super stars, the very slim Samuel Nascimento and Marcelo Prieto

12:51 Those taking the route to the west are on much lower ground, it's flatter surrounded by mountains.

Heading north past launch
12:50 The leaders are crossing the river with Felix Rodriguez Fernandez and Stéphane Poulain and Samuel Nascimento in the lead and true to form in this competition they are all setting off to take completely different routes as they head into the Sugar Loaf mountains again!

12:48 Rumour has it that Super Final champion Michael Sigel has landed just by Baixo Guandu,

12:47 There are a lot of big black clouds over Baixo Guandu as the pilots try and make the river crossing the second part of the race is going to be very difficult.

12:47 A big thank you to Bill as well for all the work he does as World Cup treasurer.

12:45 As many of you know, Bill is scorer and technical delegate Ulric Jessop's favourite pilot as, since 2017, he has taken over glider checking and is doing a great job – many thanks Bill. For those of you who have seen Bill's scores rapidly improving, (in the top 1/3 in Australia), can I just reassure you that friendship with the scorer gets you nowhere. From personal experience, at best, you get to share your luggage allowance with 140 Flymaster trackers!

12:44 Just coming out of the spectacular amphitheatre of rocks in front of launch is Paragliding World Cup treasurer Bill Hughes

12:42 East of the course line but further back there is a small group led by Richard Pethigal who knows this area well, he's already won a World Cup and 3 tasks. Richard grew up 'Surfing USA' on the beach in California, he now surfs the clouds and is always a great help with weather forecasting at our comps.

12:40 Racing over the lower hills and lush green countryside towards Baixo Guandu we have Michael Sigel out in front, Jeison Zeferino just behind following the same line, Andre Rainsford and Kjell-harald Nesengmo just behind but taking a route to the east.

Mitch Riley
12:38 Mitch Riley is once again out at the front with the group to the east. Mitch is used to flying wild landscapes, he's competed in the X-Alps and was 1st in the 2015 Inter-Mountain Wide Open (Launching in Southern Idaho, Eastern Wyoming, or Northern Utah, submitting your best 4 scores over a week).

12:35 And about his new wing. I'm really happy with the Boomerang RFC, it's pretty much the same but the profile has been slightly changed.

12:35 In task 3 Michael pushed out too much which didn't work. When I asked him if he was going to change his tactic and fly a bit more conservatively he told me 'but I like to go fast, I don't like waiting, usually it works out so I won't change.'

12:34 Just when it was looking complicated Michael Sigel has taken a line out on his own in the middle, far from either gaggle.

12:33 Just behind Titos is yesterday's first across Ess Andreas Malecki.

12:32 Juan Carlos (Titos) Moran, who did such a great job of organising the Ecuador World Cup is leading those to the east.

12:32 This is amazing, two totally different routes. Clement Latour and Pal Takats leading the group to the west.

12:30 Felix's group have taken the lead with Stéphane Poulain who was 2nd overall this morning taking the lead.

12:27 For those of you wondering who the incredibly slim, but still grinning young Brazilian gentleman is just behind Kjell, it's Samuel Nascimento. He has lost 10 kilos since we last saw him, by cycling 100 km 3 times a week to be the correct size for his Enzo 3, what dedication.

12:26 The front runners are dividing into two groups, those following Kjell and those following Felix.

12:25 Felix Rodriguez Fernandez is taking a route to the east, more following the valley that comes up to take off and avoiding the big granite block in front.

12:24 Kjell is just getting onto the massive granite mountain facing launch.

12:24 Kjell-harald Nesengmo is still in the lead as they pass take off. There is good lift and nice clouds forming.

12:22 It's worth watching what's going on further back down the line. Daria Krasnova is heading off to take a route to the east, which will be a long way round but may work. She told me on launch that this looked like a 2 pampers day today, i.e it was going be a long flight.

12:18 Felix Rodriguez Fernandez is branching off to the east and in a climb.

12:17 Also worth remembering, unlike the Worlds and European championships, pilots in the Paragliding World Cup are only allowed to communicate with the Meet Director, they are NOT allowed to communicate with their compatriots or team members whilst flying. Normally the penalty is zero for the day. A high price for having a chat.

12:17 With the low cloud base here in Brazil it is worth remembering that cloud flying is strictly forbidden, with a penalty of zero for the day. Lots of pilots fly with cameras. Photos of pilots flying into clouds are easy to identify as each wing has a number on it. It's dangerous and now increasingly easy to be photographed, so…

12:16 We've probably got about 95% cloud cover.

12:16 Michael Sigel and Kjell-harald Nesengmo are really battling it out at the front.

12:15 Just a reminder of the task winners: Michael SIGEL (task 1) but as a Super Final champion he is a legend therefore will always have an automatic place in the Super Final. Stéphane POULAIN (task 2). Michael KÜFFER (task 4 and 5).

12:14 Just to confirm that this comp is fully valid for automatic selection to the 2018 Super Final, 15 overall and 3 ladies. New this year: task winners also qualify automatically no matter what their overall position.

12:14 The chase is on for those precious Super Final places which we'll know at the end of today's task.

12:13 Kjell-harald Nesengmo is really storming ahead.

12:13 This is a long task, with changing conditions, changing patches of sun and shade which the pilots are chasing.

12:12 Kjell-harald Nesengmo has decided to go west, he's taken the lead but the others are hot on his heals.

12:10 And the even younger Parastick team: Gregoire Lombardi, Tom CHAUVIN, Simon METTETAL and Constance Mettetal.

12:10 We also have two teams of young French pilots who have been great to watch, Parapente Mag team: Téo BOUVARD, Loïs GOUTAGNY, Bastien De Luca and Keiko HIRAKI.

12:09 The team competition has proved very exciting in this event and as we go into the last task, there are 3 teams in 3rd place! Jack & Jones (51), Alas del Hombre (48), Gin Gliders (47), Ozone (47) and Flymaster (47).

12:08 As far as the ladies are concerned it's equally close at the top in the scores this week with Méryl DELFERRIERE (2834) and Klaudia BULGAKOW (2807) leading.

12:07 Yael Margelisch is leading the ladies today with the lead group.

12:07 The leaders are in two groups, all following the same ridge to the east of the course line.

12:05 Michael Sigel has won every task 5 we have had in the World Cup in Baixo Guandu, today is strictly speaking task 6 but it's the 5th scoring task (as one was cancelled after it had been set), so maybe history will repeat itself again today!

12:03 Denis Soverini and Clement Latour are just behind Michael Sigel

12:01 Michael Sigel has escaped from the group, he's a ridge ahead, low and looking for a climb

12:00 The lower terrain seems much faster as they head north on this the longest leg of the task.

Franz Schilter
11:58 Following the ridge Tom Chauvin, Yury Mishanin, Soheil Barikani, Andreas Malecki Franz Schilter9

11:56 Henry Alexander Alcazar Rincon is coming out of the higher terrain to join them.

11:55 Those in the lower ground seem to be doing better, led by Flavio Funiati, Clement Latour and Clayton Resende and Sergey Makovskiy

11:53 So the groups are separating out again, those taking the ridge and those on the flatter ground.

11:51 Behind Pepe taking the same route to the west Soheil Barikani, Yury Mishanin, Henry Alexander Alcazar Rincon, Franz Schilter.

11:50 Andreas Malecki is off to the west of the others and is getting the turn point.

11:50 The groups have all joined back together to get the turn point.

11:48 As a point of interest although Michael Sigel is in 20th place he could still win the comp.

11:48 First to get the first turn point Richard Gallon, Simon Pellissier, Clement Latour, José Javier Álvarez Castillejo and Michael Sigel.

11:47 We have got two really distinct groups. One following the ridge, the other in the lower terrain who have just got the turn point.

11:45 There is a light wind from the east.

11:44 There is a lot of clouds but they have some nice big mountains to climb on.

11:44 Further into the relief Andreas Malecki is out on his own already.

11:43 Staying in the mountains they are led by Clement Latour

11:43 The main gaggle are also dividing, those going east led by Kjell-harald Nesengmo

11:40 The rest are following a longer route via a ridge which is apparently a surer route, let's see.

11:39 The route Julien is taking is across a plateau which is more direct but a lot of the pilots thought would be more difficult.

11:39 Julien Brung is taking a different route to the west of the course line.

11:35 They are all taking the Start at the same place

11:31 Just a reminder that to view the % of lead out points, glide ratio to goal and photos, don't forget to upgrade to the latest version of the PWCA App. Place your phone or tablet horizontally and look at the leader board page for information about the pilots as they fly today's task.

11:30 The Start is open for the last day of the Baixo Guandu World Cup

10:48 First lady Klaudia Bulgakow is getting ready to launch

Climbing out from launch
10:30 Sun tan lotion applied, pee tubes, nose cones and pampers in place, and they're off.

10:19 As we go into the last task day the overall leaders have changed yet again. It is still very much all to fly for, anyone in the top 20 could still win, everyone has a bad score to discard so could radically improve their score. The top 10 are: Michael KÜFFER (2970), Stéphane POULAIN (2900), Simon METTETAL (2896), Torsten SIEGEL (2895), Biagio Alberto VITALE (2888), Frank BROWN (2882), Rafael SALADINI (2867), Tim ROCHAS (2860), Cody MITTANCK (2838) and Méryl DELFERRIERE (2834).

10:18 Well done to yesterday's winners: Michael KÜFFER (1st), Simon METTETAL (2nd and top new comer) and Bjornar TRONDSEN (3rd). First lady Benedicte SAURY. Top team Flymaster.

10:17 The weather looks very overcast today, but should be taskable. An 84 km task has been set going south then there is a long leg north, then zig zagging back to the airfield at Baixo Guandu.

2018-04-21 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 7 [10:16]

The task is set - todays race is a 80.85 km Race to Goal The window will open at 10:30 Local Time and the Start is at 11:30

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2018-04-21 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 7 [10:02]

The last day is here - apologies for the late update (its been busy in HQ this morning).

Everyone is on the way to takeoff and we are expecting a final task today. More news should be along in about 30 mins...


2018-04-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 6 [17:30]

Lots of pilots commented on what a wonderful task today was in terms of scenery - and in the end 85 of them made goal.

Its the last day tomorrow and there are 14 points sepearating the first 20 places so it could easily change.

The results are now online for all to see - see you tomorrow

Commentary - Day 6

17:05 Pepe has just checked back in with his tracker so we should have the scores with you very soon. As for Pepe's winning tactic today. He got high at the second turn point at Pancas and stayed high for the rest of the way, which put him in a better position than the rest to race to ESS.

16:48 Sorry for the delay in getting the scores out. The task committee are just deliberating as to whether Pepe's second lap round the course should be accepted. As soon as we have a decision on that one we'll bring you the final scores.

16:13 Pepe is about to cross Ess for a second time. But has he beaten the 2hrs and 56 minutes he took for his first lap of the course?

16:10 Actually, sorry that last post was a mistake. Andreas (Pepe) Malecki is still in the air, and rumour has it that his second lap of the task mabye even quicker than his first lap!

16:08 Last pilot in the air, Andrew Smith, has just arrived, in goal. Well done to every one today.

Deonir Spancerski
16:00 With nearly 90 pilots in goal, a back drop of lush greenery (if you ignore the tarmac runway) beautiful Brazilian sunshine after one of the most stunning flights that any of the World Cup pilots have done here, what more could one want than a nice cold well earned beer, which is exactly what Deonir Spancerski is drinking just now.

15:24 Today's 3rd = across Ess will have really consolidated Stéphane Poulain's place

15:19 Peter didn't think he would make it round today and nearly landed in the very long grass just before turn point one. He then got a 20 km long cloud street and caught the others up, and had, like all the others a dream flight to goal.

Peter Nägele
15:17 Peter Nägele is just packing up.

15:09 Andreas Malecki not content with winning, is still airborne and rumour has it he has set off to go round the course for a second time because it was so stunning first time round.

15:01 And still they keep on coming swooping down the runway, it's amazing how close to a beer tent some people can land even after 89 km.

14:58 For Benedicte, 'one of the best and most stunning tasks I've ever flown.'

14:58 For Klaudia it was the most beautiful flight possible in this area. 'My dream flight of the week.'

14:57 1St ladies today Klaudia Bulgakow and Benedicte Saury crossed Ess neck and neck.

14:51 Next within seconds of each other Stéphane Poulain, Federico Nevastro, Bjornar Trondsen and Rafael Saladini.

14:47 At the moment it looks as if top task winner (8 equal with Michael Sigel) Andreas Malecki was first across Ess

14:45 Once everyone has finished emptying their pee tubes I'll try and get some interviews.

14:44 And still they keep on coming to join the carnival.

14:42 The sound of laughter, beeping trackers and varios drowning out the sound of any planes, but given the carnival atmosphere here, who cares.

14:38 I don't think I have seen so many wings being smacked down on their leading edge, they are coming in so fast.

14:35 There is not a drop of wind so they are all winging it across the runway faster than your average 747.

14:34 What a wonderful sight as the runway becomes awash with wings.

14:32 Somebody has even put a beer tent in the middle of the runway. How civilised.

14:31 I make that 16 all coming in within a minute of each other.

14:30 Wow what a sight as they all float across the airport, fortunately with not a plane in sight

14:29 The leaders have got Ess and are en route to goal

14:29 The top 10 are on final glide to goal and should all make it.

14:26 Sorry for some of the irratic spelling we have just carreered on two wheels into the airport car park

14:25 The lead out point percentage in that lead gaggle varies immensely. You can see who has got what by going to the leader board on the PWCA app, and looking at the LO pts per centages, very interesttng

14:22 The leaders are getting the last turn point Andreas Malecki, Stéphane Poulain, Loïs Goutagny, Bjornar Trondsen, and Klaudia Bulgakow

14:20 Todays goal is once again an airport which we seem to be driving to suspiciously fast, I do get the feeling that in Colombian style they've forgotten to warn the control tower.

14:17 Christiano Ricci told me by the river works because there are a lot of rocks, thus giving a big colour contrast which is always a good thermal source. Rocks take longer to warm, but they concentrate more energy and therefore give better thermals. In other words, rocks take longer to heat, but when they have heated up, they give better thermals.

14:15 The leaders have just crossed the river.

14:14 What a race!

14:13 Leading lady Méryl DELFERRIERE has finished in the top 20 overall every day so far.

Klaudia Bulgakow
14:13 Klaudia Bulgakow was 1st lady and 10th overall in the Pan Americans held here 2 weeks ago.

14:12 Klaudia Bulgakow is leading the other group following the course line, the race for first lady is going to be today's story I think.

14:10 Leading lady Méryl Delferriere is also with those who have taken the long short cut to the east.

14:09 Those who took the route to the east are now crossing back across the valley to joint the leaders, this rather long short cut really does seem to have worked.

14:07 Flavio Funiati, one of our top new comers is also with them.

14:06 It's further but they are a very strong team. Yury is more than capable of pushing out on his own and making every thermal count as we saw in Serbia when he won task 2 by 18 km!

14:04 Yury Mishanin is with those to the east, this route is working well, the mountains are higher here than the route the leaders have taken.

Mitch Riley
14:02 Russell Achterberg 3rd yesterday is with Mitch and I think has the same idea, if this totally different route from behind can over take the leaders...

14:00 New comer, Mitch Riley, at the front of that following gaggle is taking a different route, will Torsten join him and try a bit of over taking?

13:58 Torsten Siegel overall leader is at the back of the lead gaggle looking for a different route to try and overtake the others, well to overtake Michael Sigel at least.

13:56 Behind the leader, the following gaggles are trying lots of different options.

13:54 The leaders all seem to be stuck in that valley, I'm not sure if that is due to a Google glitch or the tricky terrain.

13:52 Richard Pethigal is also with them, they are are sticking to the hills on the west side of the valley.

13:51 With one of yesterday's leaders Thomas Juel Christensen.

Clayton Resende
13:50 Clayton Resende looks to be in front

13:48 There were worries about the wind this morning but it doesn't seem to be an issue at the moment.

13:46 As they come out of the mountains they have several route options. Follow the mountains or the valley.

13:43 The leaders are now coming out of the mountains as they fly south to Baixo Guandu.

13:42 One of Gilmar's greatest skills, and one for which he is well known amongst the Brazilian pilots, is his ability to spot birds from afar, looks like that is working well for him today.

13:41 And also try to think about the weather BEFORE it happens, where will clouds form etc.

Gilmar Couto
13:40 Gilmar told me that one of the most important things about flying here is to look for the birds and other pilots when you are doing your main decision making. Look everywhere for birds, not just along the route you want to take and be flexible to go to where they are.

13:38 Gilmar Couto has taken a slight lead as the main gaggle speads out down the course line.

13:35 Rafael Moraes Barros is also taking a route to the west of the course line, let's see if that works any better for him.

13:34 Well having said all that, this is't going to be a record breaking day for Marcelo as he has just landed. The curse of the commentator strikes again.

13:33 Marcelo Prieto, Frank Brown and Donizete Lemos flew into the record books in October 2015 by flying 514km together, they were in the air for 11h20mins after taking off at around 7am thus setting a new paragliding world distance record. There is a great article about their flight in edition 166 of our partner XC magazine. Their record was then broken by Samuel Nascimento and Rafael Saladini flying 564km also in Brazil on the 15/10/2016.

13:32 Marcelo Prieto has taken a route much further to the west of the course line than the others.

Benedicte Saury
13:27 An interesting point which Olivier Henry's partner Benedicte Saury made was that she found in the Super Final in Colombia, even the shade worked, here the shade never seems to work, you really have to be patient and wait for the sun to come back.

13:24 The lead gaggle have got the second turn point, they are mainly staying together but there are a few groups trying different routes.

13:22 Olivier Henry, 3rd in task 2, summed up today's task before the pilots took off this morning 'it's a big task, with (hopefully) big thermals, in a new area which we haven't played in before, this is going to be a big day of discovery.'

13:18 Jon Pio's hope today was that the air would be drier giving less cloud, more sun and less shade which I think is probably the case as the couds seem to be much better defined today.

13:15 They now have a 30 km into wind leg to do. The mountains are lower and the clouds are working well, so let's see how they get on.

13:13 They now have to go 30 km south

13:12 The leaders are all now getting turn point 2.

13:08 The leaders are all just a km from turn point 2. Richard Pethigal whose advice this morning was to keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the scenery is with them.

13:04 There were concernes this morning about over development in this higher terrain today but so far that doesn't seem to be a problem.

12:59 And as for Pal's Thought for the Thermal, (a bit of advice from the more experienced pilots to those doing their first competitions), I think it's one that everyone is sticking to today. Stick with the brain, stick with the gaggle.

Pal Takats
12:57 Pal Takats summed up Baixo Guandu very accurately. It' a beautiful combination of mountainous terrain and flats. There are thermals everywhere but they can be broken and with tight cores making it technically difficult, you need to turn in everything you can find, not like the big ones in Colombia. Here it is easy to fall out of the thermals. The cores don't seem to go from the ground right up. If you don't join the climb at the same height as the others you might not find it and just glide past below them, without the slightest hint of lift. The pilots will have to be really disciplined as to when to leave the thermals as they begin to fade out at the top.

12:54 Evan Bouchier is really pushing forwards at the moment and wil probably be the first to get turn point 2 in this spectactular landscape.

12:50 There isn't much wind but what there is, is very light.

12:49 They will now be able to see into Pancas with the most amazing rock formations, all shapes and sizes. Totally crazy is the best way to describe it; looks like you are on a different planet.

12:47 The leaders are now just a few km from the 2nd turn point.

12:47 Torsten Siegel's strategy today was to just enjoy himself. Discards will start to play a big part as we enter the end game. There are a lot of pilots who now have nothing to lose so they will be really pushing out and will act as markers for Torsten and mean that he won't have to take the risks himself.

12:41 As Damien Lacaze told me, "I like flying here, the landscape is more varied than in Governador Valadares, there are small mountains like mini Sugar Loaf mountains everywhere! Nice cumulus and good thermals. We have the impression that we can fly where we want and as far as we want". A perfect description of today and where the pilots are flying right now.

12:40 As the pilots race to turn point 2 they will be crossing some stunning rocky terrain with purple and yellow trees which are in full bloom at the moment.

12:25 The lush green vegetation, a mix of tall rustling grass, and low leafy trees is taller than most of the pilots.

12:23 The leaders have got turn point 1, a very rocky mountain with lots of sun on it at the moment.

12:11 What a beautiful sky for flying, lots of blue scattered with puffy white clouds.

Richard Pethigal
12:07 Richard Pethigal's advice to the pilots today was, keep your eyes wide open as the scenery is stunning, a truly amazing rocky landscape. Big sugar loaf granite domes, some with forests on top.

12:02 Pepe told me the big tactic will be not to go too fast but really stay calm and get to goal. At the moment they are flying over rocky mountainous terrain. You would think that these big black vertical rock fces would work really well. However as Pepe explained, the sun is directly overhead so it doesn't hit the vertical black rock faces so they don't work as well as you would think.

11:54 Everyone else is pretty much following the course line.

11:53 Andreas Malecki is out on his own to the east of the course line.

11:51 So everyone has got the Start very close together and the penultimate day of the World Cup is under way.

11:18 Those who were low seem to have got up

11:14 20 minutes to the Start which is marked as a red circle on the PWCA app which turns green when the task Starts, after which the lead out points are more heavily weighted in this first part of the task.

11:07 Everyone is off but can they all climbing high enough to get the Start in time?

11:06 The Start is at 11h30 in 25 minutes

11:05 A sink cycle has come through and a lot are now low over the Col to the south of launch.

11:00 Overall comp leader Torsten Siegel is getting ready to launch and fellow Gin pilot Michael Sigel is just behind him and complaining that Torsten is blocking the take-off and should get zero for the day.

Andrew Smith
10:58 Jon Pio and Andrew Smith are getting ready to take off and hoping to keep up with yesterday's South African success.

10:54 Lots of colourful gliders trying to get high with great grey rock walls behind them and bright lush green in the valley in front.

10:52 What an amazing sight, the daunting dark granite domes, the lush green jungle, patches of sun on the hills out in the valley.

10:49 The rush to launch is on

2018-04-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 6 [10:19]

The task is set - todays race is a 89.36 km Race to Goal The window will open at 10:30 Local Time and the Start is at 11:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 6

10:16 Today's task is a triangle north east of Baixo Guandu landing at the airport to the west of the town.

10:11 We have 11 new pilots taking part in this World Cup. Simon METTETAL was top newcomer in task 1, Xavier LAPORTE task 3, Flavio FUNIATI task 4. Simon and Xavier are both lying 19th= overall. Welcome and well done to all our new comers.

10:10 So the top 5 overall are Torsten SIEGEL (2177) flying a Gin Boomerang 11 with a GR4 harness, Kjell-harald NESENGMO (2147) flying an Ozone Enzo 3 with a Woodyvalley XR7 harness, Stéphane POULAIN (2136), Méryl DELFERRIERE (2131) and Franz SCHILTER (2106).

10:10 Well done to yesterday's winners: Michael KÜFFER (1st), Andre RAINSFORD (2nd), Russell ACHTERBERG (3rd), first lady Méryl DELFERRIERE, top team Alas del Hombre.

10:09 Briefing is taking place for an 89 km task. The weather looks great, blue skies and cumulous with a southerly wind.

2018-04-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 6 [08:50]

Today is similar to the last two - partially cloudy but bright and warm. Its looking good for a task and the pilots are all loaded into vehicles and headed for takeoff.

Task news will follow at about 11:00


2018-04-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 5 [18:35]

Apologies for the interruption in service earlier - for two hours we had no webserver - it had been hacked and it took a while to fix the problems.

All of our pilots are now back and the results are now available online.

In the end we got 82 pilots in goal (although we couldn't tell because there was absolutely no cell signal in the goal field) so its been a day of technical problems...

Commentary - Day 5

18:35 And whilst we are still waiting for today's scores I'd like to say a big thank you to IKAROS, the very generous providers of the beer in the goal field and outside HQ in the evenings. They are based in São Paulo with the wonderful logo 'Beer brewed by pilots for pilots.' Thanks guys.

18:25 Whilst we wait for the results, just to say that World Cup Cameraman Philippe Broers had a much drier day today than yesterday (although he is still drying his socks out after yesterdays rather muddy dip), so we have some more excellent films for you on World Cup TV - enjoy.

17:58 We're just waiting for the last few pilots to bring their Flymaster trackers back and then we'll be able to give you today's scores.

17:57 Commiserations go to this mornings leader overall, Denis Soverini, sadly he missed goal by 500 m. He left with 8:1 glide to goal but that didn't work, he took a wrong line he told me 'but that is just part of the game'. What a great sportsman.

17:56 Well done to all three.

17:56 For Russel Achterberg, his tactic was climbing high, always staying at the top of the gaggle, chosing lines well, going from cloud to cloud, finding the right bubbles at the right time, which put him in a good position to go for it at the end with Andre and Michael.

17:55 For Michael Kuffer, having landed early yesterday, today was a day of being patient and staying in a gaggle. He chose the convergence line to the north which worked well. It was a day of being in the right place at the right time to get the lift.

17:54 For Andre, it was lots of vitamin C from a few Caipirinhas last night and a feeling of being like a little mouse with 50 gliders chasing him that speeded him on.

17:54 So for today's winning tactic from the 3 pilots who crossed Ess within 19 seconds of each other Andre Rainsford, Michael Kuffer and Russel Achterberg.

17:51 Today will radically change the overall scores. Out of the top 10 across Ess today, only Torsten Siegel (2nd overall this morning) and Loïs Goutagny (20th) were in the top 20 this morning.

17:49 However, as you can see from the leadout points (LO pts in the Leaderboard on the PWC App), none of the top ten had the magic 100% of the leadout points today.

17:39 Méryl Delferriere was first lady across Ess in 23rd position overall.

Alberto Vitale
17:38 Alberto Vitale and Soheil Barikani crossed Ess in equal 10th place

17:38 Followed very closely by Clement Latour, Loïs Goutagny and Torsten Siegel.

17:37 Next across Ess, Alfredo Studer, Xevi Bonet Dalmau and the infamous Mr Pineapples Andre Becker.

17:32 As you can see on the leaderboard, Russell Achterberg crossed Ess first, then Michael Küffer and Andre Rainsford crossed Ess together.

17:23 So just when I was making some witty comment about modern technology, in true cyber space style, and just as the leaders were crossing Ess, the World Cup server froze. I blame it on the air con in HQ being turned up too high and freezing everything. Whatever the reason, we are apparently now defrosted so let's look at what happened during the big chill.

14:18 The next across Ess seemed to be Andre Becker, Clement Latour, Loïs Goutagny, Flavio Funiati, Cody Mittanck and Juan Carlos Moran.

Torsten Siegel
14:14 Xevi Bonet Dalmau and Torsten Siegel are next across Ess.

14:13 Andre and Michael seem to have got Ess both in 2hours, 36 minutes and 50 seconds but as you can see from the lead out points column they don't both have the same lead out points so that will be the deciding factor as to who wins the day.

14:11 And just when you need all the modern technology you can get, Russell Achterberg's tracker has gone off line.

14:10 Andre Rainsford has made Ess

14:09 However we will have to wait for their trackers to be down loaded to really see as this was so close.

14:08 Michael Küffer has got Ess first

14:08 3 Gin Boomerangs racing to goal with 3 Ozone Enzo 3s just beind them Andre Becker, Clement Latour and Xevi Bonet Dalmau.

14:07 Just behind Russell Achterberg and Andre Rainsford is Michael Küffer

14:06 Andre won the World Cup in South Africa Porterville in 2013 and has won 7 world cup tasks (just behind Andreas Malecki and Michael Sigel both on 8 wins each).

Andre Rainsford
14:04 What a great race, Andre Rainsford and fellow South Africa Russell Achterberg racing neck and neck to goal with virtually the same height.

14:02 Cristian Andres Agudelo Escobar is technically in the lead but very low at 84 m above the ground.

14:02 The leaders have now all come together and are racing to goal. Andre Rainsford is on final glide at 9.4:1 so with nil wind probably won't need to stop to top up.

13:59 However as you can see from the Leader board the pilot with 100 % of the lead out points (LO pts) is much further down the ranking, so as long as he gets to goal, his place will jump surprisingly.

13:56 The leader, Andre Rainsford, is on 10:1 to goal, there isn't much wind.

13:55 If they are gliding and the ratio is increasing i.e. going up to 12:1 they might not make it, if it is decreasing, then it looks good. Downwind 12:1 maybe OK, into wind 8:1, may be OK. Needless to say, it isn't an exact art, which makes final glides so nail biting to watch.

13:54 They are getting to the stage where the glide ratios to goal (which you can see on the Leader board page of the PWCA App (GR Goal) really matter.

Russell Achterberg
13:52 Russell Achterberg is with Andre, just 8 km to go.

13:51 Pineapple powered Andre Becker is in the gaggle the north and seems to be leading, he's high and also got a lot of lead out points.

13:40 Neck and neck leading the gaggle just to the south is Michael Sigel on the Boomerang 11 RFC. This is going to be so close. 12 km to ESS.

13:38 Also to the north, and just taking the overall lead in the competition, is Tim Rochas flying the Niviuk Icepeak RFC.

13:36 Well done to both Pal and Squash.

Pal Takats
13:36 What I couldn't get over was Pal's awesome talent. He was not only unbelievably calm, he was able to direct me, keep it all together, complete the turns (his arms must have been exhausted!), land in style and walk away like it was just a regular manoeuvre he does every day. I suppose that's exactly why he's a pro! I will be forever grateful to Pal for having me as the passenger because it was a mega experience that I'll never forget.' Squash Falconer (

13:36 I had no idea how he was managing to hold the glider in constant tumbles. After a few turns I thought, this is horrendous! But I had to keep focused, it wasn't going to be over anytime soon. I eventually found a rhythm and was watching as Pal pumped his arm on the brake for each revolution... just saying to myself, you'll be down soon!

13:36 Pal put us into the tumble, and it was insane!!

13:35 'Before even thinking about the tumbles we had to successfully d-bag out of the helicopter.

13:35 The record was filmed for part of an adventure travel show that was being made in Argentina. His passenger was the TV presenter! Here's her account:

13:35 Pal was the first ever performer of an infinity tumble with passenger and Guinness Record holder of Infinity Tumbling in tandem (140 revolutions!!!!!).

13:34 Still staying far to the north is Pal Takats..

13:33 It's always best to assume that there will not be a climb between ESS and goal. Only change your strategy if you are absolutely 100% sure that there will be a climb. Let's see what strategy they go for today.

13:33 In weak conditions your strategy in the gaggle can be more important than the route. Try and stay with the first gaggle. The strategy towards the end so depends on the conditions and your position in the gaggle. It's like playing chess. You need to decide whether to be aggressive or conservative.

13:33 The thermals are best when the sun hits at 90° onto a surface, this gives the maximum amount of energy. It is more the angle of the sun rather than the surface that it hits which matters.

13:32 This is what Frankie told me about Baixo Guandu: The angle of the sun and wind direction is really important when it comes to intercepting thermals.

13:31 Frank Brown is leading the gaggle to the north. He knows this area so well.

13:30 The group who were following the course line have now decided to go south a bit. I don't think I have ever seen a World Cup task with 2 such different routes.

13:28 Further away still from the course line Cristian Andres Agudelo Escobar, Russell Achterberg, Clement Latour, Andre Rainsford and Andre Becker, better know to a lot of pilots as Mr Pineapples after a rather prickly landing in a pineapple field in the World Cup in Reunion Island.

13:25 Just a reminder that Jeison was 1st overall in the Panamerican Paragliding comp in Baixo Guandu 2 weeks ago, 5th in task 1, 5th = in task 2, 2nd in task 4, definitely a Sky God to be reconned with.

13:23 Nearest the course line Jeison Zeferino, Frank Brown, day 1 task winner Michael Sigel, Flavio Funiati and Méryl Delferriere,

13:22 Much further north we have another 2 big gaggles.

13:22 José Javier Álvarez Castillejo and Thomas Juel Christensen are still in the lead. That idea of stopping to top up on a little bit of patience didn't seem to stick for long.

13:21 Walter was feeling aprehensive about today's task but told me on launch his strategy today was just going to be to fly and try to do his best, seems to be working as they are well on their way to goal.

13:19 The gaggle just to the north of the course line are heading back to the course line: Kjell-harald Nesengmo, Simon Mettetal, Yury Mishanin, Felipe Rezende and Walter Oliveira

Felix Rodriguez Fernandez,
13:17 So we've got a gaggle to the south of the course line led by Samuel Nascimento, Stephane Drouin, Felix Rodriguez Fernandez, Aron Michiels, Brett Hazlett, Stepan Kechedzhi and Xavier Laporte.

13:13 The majority are spread out to the north west of the course line in lots of little gaggles and seem to have over taken Jose and Thomas. Maybe Thomas is trying to be a bit patient afterall.

13:11 A lot of the pilots behind them are making a bee line back to the course line.

13:07 Jose had a lot of good results last year, hitting the Spanish comp scene by storm. 7th in the 2017 Spanish Open in Pedro Bernardo, 14th in the 2017 Spanish Pre World Cup in Pegalajar, Jaén and 10th in the 2017 Spanish league.

13:06 New comer José Javier Álvarez Castillejo is storming ahead with Thomas, following exactly the course line.

13:04 Thomas is no stranger to being in the lead. He was 1st in the 2017 Danish Championship in Tolmin (Slovenia) and 1st in the 2016 Nordic Open - St Jean de Montclar (France)

13:01 José Javier Álvarez Castillejo and Thomas Juel Christensen are leading are out in front, Thomas clearly has totally forgotten his own wise words about being patient.

12:54 Mitch Riley is right out on his own but painfully low near Aimores.

12:53 The flats by the river seem to be working better, with nice cumulous clouds and better thermals.

12:51 The leaders coming back from the town look to be in rather a drunken formation, they seem to be going everywhere, looking for the best climbs.

12:49 Tom Chauvin, Federico Rodriguez, Stephane Drouin and Aron Michiels have straight lined it, not even slightly tempted by a caipirinha.

Stéphane Poulain
12:46 However, not everyone has deviated to pick up the thermal coming from my over heading laptop, some straightlined it, a tactic which worked well for yesterday's winner Stéphane Poulain who didn't stop with the others just before goal and straightlined it winning the day.

12:44 What an amazing sight, the first few arrived right over head started to climb in the thermal coming off my over heating laptop, then another endless stream of gliders came rushing over to join them, by which stage it was time for the leaders to rush on once more.

12:39 There is lots of blue, the sun is hot, but there is high cirrus and some nice big cumulous, perfect weather for a caipirinha I am sure a lot of the pilots would agree. However they have a competition to win so onwards and upwards.

12:35 Well having said that the mountains looked best, the lead gaggle seem to have gone townwards and are just arriving at Baixo Guandu. Lunch beckons perhaps!

12:33 Just a word on landing out here. The grass is monster tall. Where Cody Mittanck landed yesterday, he could only just see out and he isn't a little guy. The biggest problem are the cows who roam around completely hidden in the grass with only the tips of their sharp horns visible.

12:32 However, I think Alexander Coltman will be looking more at his feet today rather than the clouds having come very close to standing on rather a large snake when he landed out yesterday.

12:30 At this point in the route, the pilots have the choice of the flatter ground or sticking with the hillier terrain. At the moment the more mountainous terrain seems to be working better, with some very nice looking cloud streets.

Owen Shoemaker
12:26 Modulate bar, pick lifty lines, maximize glide, and arrive high. Full bar when somebody has found the climb in front or the climb is obvious.

12:24 Relax my eyes. Look for the birds in the clouds find the stronger part of the lift before the rest of the group does.

12:24 Look behind and above. Those are the "real" leaders. That is where I want to be, in control and in a dominant position.

12:24 My mantra: I can't do this alone. I need to fly with the group to be successful.

12:23 Owen Shoemaker is with the leaders at the front. And in fact today's Thought for the Thermal (a few words of advice from an experienced competition pilot to those who are starting out on their first comps) comes from Owen (9th in task 1)

12:20 The pilots have now got a 50 km leg west to End of Speed and goal.

12:19 Clement is very well known in the world of hike and fly especially after some stunning performances in the X-Alps. 8th in the 2011 and 2nd in the 2013 events.

Clement Latour
12:17 Clement Latour is with the leaders

12:13 The leaders have now all taken the first turn point.

12:10 Thomas told me this morning that he was really looking forward to today, to discover new territory, but with the low base they would need to be patient. I see no patience in the way Thomas is flying at the moment.

12:09 Julien Brung and Thomas Juel Christensen are rushing ahead to get the first turn point.

12:05 The leaders are breaking up a bit with Larry Pino going it alone, very brave.

12:03 Clayton Resende told me this morning he was worried about the lack of thermals and that this would make it a very statrategic and tactical day.

12:00 In the difficult overacast conditions the pilots are all sticking together to get to the first turm point. However the conditions are getting better. Clouds are forming near the first turn point where there are nice rock formations.

11:55 Should there be full lead out points for tasks where nobody gets to goal? This is also an aspect which may change in the future. At the moment there is a maximum of 67.5 lead out points if nobody makes goal, rising to 162 if 90% or more are in goal.

11:55 Second option: Check points during the race, thus giving extra point to the pilots getting to each turn point first.

11:54 This system would encourage pilots to take different routes rather than the shortest line which the current scoring system rewards.

11:54 One option: Real lead out points which would reward pilots who aren't following, but who aren't necessarily in front. It would reward pilots who are leading a second (further back) gaggle, perhaps taking a different route to the lead gaggle. At the moment, they get less than those at the back of the lead gaggle, who are following the leaders.

11:54 Different lead out point systems are currently being discussed.

11:52 Just a reminder that you can see the % of leadout points and glide ratios on the PWCA App on the Live Action page, then leader board. Make sure your phone is horizontal and that you have done the latest update. The 'LO Points' column shows the % of available leadout points and glide ratio to goal 'GR Goal' for each pilot. We can't give the actual leadout points as the number of points per task depends on how many pilots arrive in goal. There is a maximum of 67.5 lead out points if nobody gets to goal, 70 if only 1 person gets to goal. 160 if 70 % or more get to goal, rising to 162 if 90% or more are in goal.

11:50 Julien Brung has taken the lead and is scooping up all the lead out points which are more heavily weighted at this point in the course.

11:47 Chasing the patches of sun in a heavily clouded sky was going to be most pilots main tactic today.

11:45 The leaders are now well on their way to the first turn point, going well off the course line, taking a route more to the east.

11:44 Apologies for the problems we are experiencing getting the correct task on the PWCA App, Hell's Bells in the village square have been interfering with all things electronic again!

11:35 It is still a very cloudy sky which will once again make it a slow difficult day. Patience will be most pilots mot du jour.

11:33 The Start is open. The pilots will now start flying north east to the first turn point.

11:33 We had 2 top landings today. Just a reminder that Pilots are not allowed to land during the race to have a picnic, go to the loo etc, then take off again and continue the race. Once you land that is where you are scored to. If you have to land for safety reasons, as there is a problem with your glider, a problem with one of your lines etc, you must phone or radio the Meet Director for permission to take off again for the rest of the flight to count.

Constance Mettetal
11:07 Talking of which new lady Constance Mettetal unfortunately won't be completing today as she sprained her ankle yesterday.

11:03 Everyone is off. 30 mins to the Start open.

11:00 Just a note, 'bombeiros' have nothing to do with bombs, they are the Braziian medics on launch, whom we are most grateful to and fortunately have been able to spend the day so far taking selfies.

10:58 The Bombeiros are happily taking selfies of the colourful group of gliders circling behind them.

10:57 Those in the air are in two groups, one group just above launch and another much bigger group happily turning near the start.

10:56 Virtually all the pilots have now taken off, two pilots have top landed to sort out problems with their gliders but should be ready to re launch soon.

10:43 Yesterday's task completely changed the overall leaders and is now: Denis SOVERINI (1461), Torsten SIEGEL (1459), Kjell-harald NESENGMO (1447), Stéphane POULAIN (1429), first lady (5th overall) Méryl DELFERRIERE (1428). First team Gin Gliders. It's very close at the top, there are four ladies in the top fifteen, so it's definitely still all to play for.

10:42 Task 3 once again showed parity between the wings with an Enzo 3 (Stéphane POULAIN) and Boomerang 11 (Torsten SIEGEL) being the first and second across Ess.

10:42 Well done to yesterday's winners: Stéphane POULAIN (1st), Alexey BYSTRITSKIY (2nd), Olivier HENRY (3rd). First lady Bianca HEINRICH and top team Woody Valley.

2018-04-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 5 [10:42]

The task is set - todays race is a 71.71 km Race to Goal The window will open at 10:30 Local Time and the Start is at 11:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 5

Khobi-jane Bowden
10:41 Khobi-jane Bowden, Andrew Smith and Andre Rainsford are looking pensively at the covered skies, not in a hurry to launch.

10:36 Russians Alexander Frider, Aleksei Riabtsev and Yury Mishanin are taking off.

10:25 Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson one of the first off again today. I like to get off early he told me as I hate traffic jams, no doubt why he flew all on his own to goal in the Super Final in Task 4 and got there 4 mins ahead of the others, nice if you can do it.

10:21 The first pilots are launching

10:14 Timings wise, the pilots will start taking off in about 10 minutes and the Start will open at 11.30.

10:12 As Frank Brown just told me laughing 'climbing and gliding will be the difficult bits'. But we'll no doubt see him in goal having made it all look easy.

10:11 It is a lot hotter and drier today, with no forecast of rain but there are a lot of clouds making it a pretty stable day.

10:08 A 71 km task has been set with a short leg north east then a long leg west. The wind dummies have taken off and are already high.

10:03 Just a reminder that you can keep up with the action on launch via our webcam:, provided that the network hasn't been overloaded by all the paperazzi and paragliding autograph hunters on launch.

10:01 Meet Director Marcelo Ratis has got lots of great ideas for tasks for this competition. One of the main objectives is to put the pilots to work exploring the stunning topography and mix of flats and granite domes around Baixo Guandu. A 150 km task to World Cup venue Governador Valadares would also make a pleasant day out Marcelo told me. Briefing is taking place so let's see what he has got planned for today.

10:00 Bem vindos a Baixo Guandu – welcome to Baixo Guandu. where we once again have a nice flyable looking sky, here's hoping the curse of the commentator doesn't change that.

2018-04-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 5 [08:46]

The sun is out in Baixo Guandu this morning. There is some high cirrus but, generally, the sky looks promising. Everyone is en-route to takeoff and we should have task details at about 11am - more soon.


2018-04-18 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 4 [18:28]

It was a tough race which rewarded patience today. 21 pilots stayed the whole course into goal.

The results are now available to view from the links above.

We start again at 0800 tomorrow.

Commentary - Day 4

17:40 As for the winning tactic today. Stéphane Poulain was with a big group racing from the last turn point to Ess. The rest of the group went off the course line to join Larry Pino and Xavier Laporte. Stéphane decided to carry on, following the course line, thus overtaking the others. He also made the decision that he could climb after Ess allowing him to go on final glide earlier and lower. A decision which clearly worked.

16:09 That's everyone on the ground and heading for some very well deserved caipirinhas.

16:03 A big round of applause for Klaudia Bulgakow who has just landed near goal having shown amazing perseverence, 4 hours of true grit!

15:42 Unfortunately Simon Pellissier has landed 4.7 km short of Ess.

15:41 Phew, Klaudia Bulgakow has just made Ess, well done, what an amazing struggle.

15:39 Half a km to Ess, Klaudia Bulgakow is low, can she make it? Glide ratio 10:1 and sinking.

15:38 The only 2 left trying to get to Ess at the moment are Simon Pellissier and Klaudia Bulgakow.

15:36 Simon Pellissier is following the course line, he's very low, 51m above the ground with 4 km to go to Ess.

15:33 Klaudia Bulgakow is making the river crossing, she's in zeros and on 12:1 to goal.

15:30 Klaudia Bulgakow who was leading after the last turn point seems to have got stuck on the opposite side of the river to Ess. She is at 600m above the ground, but is in sink.

15:26 The next 12 pilots came in within 2 minutes of each other. However, as you can see in the lead out points column (LO pts), their % of lead out points ranges between 77% and 100% which could be decisive for the final scores.

15:23 Stéphane Poulain crossed Ess 5 minutes ahead of the others and has a very high % of lead out points.

15:20 So we've got a lead gaggle of 19 who have made goal at least 7km ahead of the others.

15:19 Larry Pino, after taking a while to find a climb, and Franz Schilter, are just crossing Ess too now.

15:17 Bianca Heinrich has got a nice climb she's on 4:1 to goal so will make it easily.

15:16 Well done to Bianca Heinrich who has just crossed Ess, she should make goal if she can climb on the same knoll as the others. Fellow US pilot Mitch Riley is cheering her on in front of our leader board.

15:13 Some crossed Ess very low but they do all seem to have managed to top up on the same hill as Stéphane Poulain and should all make goal.

15:11 Stéphane Poulain has got lots of height and is about to land in goal.

15:11 The following gaggle have now got Ess as well Torsten Siegel, Denis Soverini, Loïs Goutagny, Rafael Saladini, Tim Rochas and first lady today Méryl Delferriere.

15:08 Stephane's glide ratio is down to 7:1 he should make it.

15:07 Stéphane Poulain is trying to climb on a small hill just before goal, he's in a climb, this should work, but he needs to take his time, there is no rush, he can land in goal when ever he wants, but he must get to goal to get the maximum time points.

15:05 Tim Rochas, on the Niviuk Icepeak RFC is with the leaders, he'll be happy with his new toy today.

15:04 The other pilot's are all still at least 2.5 km from Ess.

15:04 Phew Stephane has got Ess but needs a climb to get to goal.

15:03 Stéphane Poulain's glide ratio to goal is going back up, this isn't good, he's low, he'll need to get a climb after Ess to get goal.

15:02 Stéphane Poulain is going for it, he is going to win very convincingly if he can make goal. Tim Rochas is on the same glide ratio to goal.

14:59 There is a big group of 15 behind them, all of whom have a better glide ratio to goal than Larry

14:57 Stéphane Poulain and Larry Pino are in the lead and climbing together but their glide ratio to goal is completely different.

14:55 If they are gliding and the ratio is increasing i.e. going up to 12:1 they might not make goal. If it is decreasing, then it looks good. Downwind 12:1 maybe OK, into wind 8:1, may be OK. Needless to say, it isn't an exact art, which makes final glides so nail biting to watch.

14:54 When their glide ratio is 10:1 (distance to goal:height above goal) or less e.g. 5:1 they will be about to go for goal. In the 2017 Super Final in Colombia 7:1 was frequently the magic number.

14:54 Why is the glide ratio to goal interesting? If two pilots are racing to goal, one higher but further back, one lower but ahead, the glide ratio is a good indicator of whether either or both will make goal, or do they need to stop and climb a bit more in which case the pilot in 2nd place could overtake.

14:53 They also need to take into account the conditions: if the wind is behind them they'll need less height; into wind, they'll need more height.

14:52 The key factors: the glide ratio of their wing (normally 12:1/11:1), their height and the distance remaining to goal. Are they high enough to make it?

14:52 But as you can see on the App Stéphane Poulain has a much better glide ratio.

14:51 This is the situation our 3 leaders are in now. Samuel Nascimento, Franz Schilter and Stéphane Poulain

14:51 Towards the end of the race the crucial decision is how high to climb before breaking away for the final glide to end of speed and goal. This is the point where the race is won or lost.

14:49 Just a reminder that the pilots race as fast as they can to End of Speed, which gives them their time points. Then they can take their time to get to goal, but they need to get to goal to get their time points.

14:44 Samuel Nascimento has got a climb on the other side of the river, this could be decisive but as you can see on App, he isn't one of the lead out point leaders today.

14:42 The leaders are just crossing the Rio Doce and trying not to 'do a Philippe Broers'.

Cody Mittanck
14:41 Cody Mittanck has reported back having got just past half way round and would like to retract his prediction on lauch this morning that 'this is going to be an awesomely fast day'! What a tough day.

14:38 To the east of the course line a group of 3 have overtaken the leaders Stéphane Poulain, Franz Schilter and distance world record holder Samuel Nascimento. The crowds in Bom Jesus are going to be going wild watching this race.

14:35 Klaudia Bulgakow has dropped back and has a bit of a head wind.

14:35 The leaders are in three groups, Larry Pino and Xavier Laporte are in front and on the course line, they have a climb and the gaggle to the south have gone to join them. 12km to ESS.

Felix Rodriguez Fernandez
14:31 I think Felix Rodriguez Fernandez 's Thought for the Thermal, a bit of advice for those starting out in comps, will be very relevant for a lot of pilots today. 'Fly in comps with friends at the same level, treat it as a fun competition and ABOVE ALL, don't think about the scores'!

14:26 Today is going be very decisive for the scores, with a small group still in the air, high and on their way to goal, and more than 60 pilots having landed half way round.

14:24 Now it is really going to be a case of following the patches of sunshine to get to goal with a lot of patience being key.

14:17 The conditions in goal are looking good but the way to get here is not so easy, the thermals are very light, there is no wind and the clouds are getting small due to the lack of thermals.

14:15 Meanwhile on the course line Klaudia Bulgakow is storming ahead, but as you can see on the leaderboard on the App, her % of leadout points is low compared to some of the pilots much further back.

Frank Brown
14:13 Another of Brazil's long distance pilots, Frank Brown, didn't do so well and summed it up as 'that was a wonderful bomb out day', but being a great sport he was laughing about it.

14:09 The trackers are coming back on line and it seems that Samuel Nascimento is in the lead. He lives in the now Internationally famous village of Bom Jesus 20 km from Pico do Gaviao near Pocos De Caldas, where everyone will once again be crowded round our live leader board cheering him on.

14:01 About half the field haven't managed to stay airborne due to the large patches of shade. Let's see if the other half can make goal.

14:00 Note the winners of a fully valid Pre-World Cup get automatic selection into the Super Final! Once again, a big thank you to paragliding World Cup President Goran Dimiskovski for all his work behind the scenes organising future competitions.

13:59 French Pre World Cup - Les 2 Alpes 21st to 24th of June.

13:58 French Pre World Cup in the Pyrenees at Cerdagne Targasonne 3rd to 9th of June.

13:57 Russian Pre World Cup in St Petersburg 1st to 8th of June.

13:56 Romanian Pre World Cup in Clopotiva 28th of May to the 3rd of June.

13:55 French Pre World Cup in Passy 10-13th of May.

13:54 Just a reminder that there are lots of Pre-World Cups to look forward to between the World Cup here in Brazil and the next one in Gemona, Italy 23-30th June 2018.

13:51 Anyone, whether an individual or a business, can become a Paragliding World Cup Partner. To become part of our big paragliding family and help support the continued success of paragliding competitions around the World, contact the Paragliding World Cup Association.

13:50 A big thank you to everyone who followed the Commentary, at the Super Final in Roldanillo Colombia, we had nearly 64,000 visits, making the World Cup website THE paragliding place to have your name and logo.

13:49 There are also some great travel reviews in our partner Parapente mag this month (issue 177): Madeira, Tenerife and an excellent travelogue from Bir to the Nepalese border. Along with glider reviews, a summary of the Super Final, World cup in Australia and an interview with Honorin Hamard about his objectives for 2018, it's an all-round interesting read.

13:49 Just a reminder that the Cross Country Magazine Travel Guide is now also on sale, packed full of ideas of where to go paragliding around the world.

13:48 Whilst we are waiting for everyone to come back on line again I'd like to say a big thank you to our partner Cross Country Magazine for an excellent review of the 2017 Super Final and celebration of 25 years of the World Cup in their recent 188 issue, there is also a great interview with Super Final champion Michael Sigel in the same issue, who won task 1 here.

13:46 Although much of the terrain that the pilots are currently flying over is rolling green hills of banana groves and coffee plantations, it does have a lot of GSM holes which are playing havoc with our Flymaster live trackers today. Hopefully we should have everyone back on line again soon.

13:33 The leaders, Stepan Kechedzhi, James Bradley, Youngjong Park and Stephane Drouin have now got the last turn point and have 25km to go to End of Speed.

13:27 They are about 2 km ahead of the others, but taking the turn point further south.

James Bradley,
13:26 The charge is really on now to get this last turn point led by Stephane Drouin, Youngjong Park, James Bradley, Stepan Kechedzhi, Igor Shatalov and Federico Nevastro.

13:21 To ensure that RFC obeys its core principal of glider development and does not give an advantage in the final scores for each pilot at the end of the year, RFC gliders are not allowed in the Super Final.

13:21 Paragliding World Cup Committee member Bill Hughes, responsible for glider measurement at the World Cup, summed up the new system. 'I think the new allowance for RFC gliders is going to be great for the sport. It gives manufacturers a perfect venue to try out new comp wings, and with more companies producing CCC gliders, we'll have faster and more innovative advancements in performance and safety.'

13:20 We also hope to see Flow gliders, UP and MacPara benefitting from the new system later on this year.

13:20 Secondly, it has been wonderful to welcome back to the World Cup some of our old friends, Advance in Australia and Niviuk at this competition.

13:19 Firstly to provide a competition environment for our partner manufacturers to assess the competitivity of their new wings. This worked well for Gin Gliders in Ecuador and is continuing to work well for them here in Baixo Guandu.

13:19 They have to be compliant with CCC and can't be something ridiculous. This new system for assessing gliders is working well and fulfilling its two main objectives.

13:19 RFC stands for 'Ready For Certification'. To help manufactures with evaluation and assessment of their new gliders in a competition environment the World Cup now allows their partner's test pilots to enter one glider per comp which is ready for CCC certification

13:18 Those of you looking at the wings the pilots are flying may be asking what does Gin Boomerang RFC and Niviuk Icepeak RFC mean?

13:14 Just an up date on the wind, it is still very light, and certainly not strong enough to make the palm leaves even flutter.

13:12 Evan told me this morning that he was going to stay along the course line, as he thought the terrain looked good and should work, everything seems to work here, you need to fly the clouds and use the nice little thermals that come off the farms, he told me. Good strategy Evan, except that from where I am sitting, you are currently the furthest off the course line.

13:10 Evan Bouchier is taking a completely different route to the others, much further west.

13:08 Meanwhile there has been a big charge across the river, but will they have enough height to get round the rest of the course, nobody at the front is very high.

13:06 And thanks to the curse of the commentator, he has now just landed, sorry Russell!

13:05 Russell Achterberg has also now made it across the river.

13:04 They have a wingspan of about 1.5m and can soar for a very long time without flapping their wings. They have very good eye sight and sense of smell, handy for sniffing out thermals and rank smelling rotten carcases. They are fun to fly with provided that they are circling in a thermal going upwards and NOT circling their supper and going downwards, resulting in you ending up packing up next to their less than savory smelling meal!

13:03 Urubu (black vultures) are the Sanitary Engineers of Brazil! They can be seen soaring over the farms and mountain tops looking for a tasty meal. They are wonderful to watch riding the updrafts over the mountains.

13:02 I'm not sure whether there are even many Urubu's out playing today.

13:01 The big problem that the pilots are experiencing today is that all the humidity is causing lots of cloud, which is causing lots of shade and switching off the thermals that the pilots need to help them climb.

12:59 To the west of the course line Felix Rodriguez Fernandez and Flavio Funiati have managed to cross the rather muddy river Doce, looking particularly like a long ribbon of milk chocolate today in amongst the lush green vegetation.

Stephane Drouin
12:57 Stephane Drouin and James Bradley are to the east of the others trying to climb together.

12:55 The others are all trying to climb at Pedra Lorena, but the thermals are very weak.

12:54 So far only 3 pilots have made it across the river. José Javier Álvarez Castillejo, Andreas Malecki and Michael Küffer.

12:52 The footage of today's task may be a bit damp as World Cup cameraman, Philippe Broers, has just landed in the river. No harm done apparently, apart from to his new hair do!

12:49 Andre Rainsford told me before the start of the race today that the local pilots had advised him that it would be really difficult to know which relief would work and which wouldn't making it really diffcult to fly from hill to hill.

12:47 There is very little sun on the ground, the conditions are weak, base is about 1300m, everyone else is still on the other side of the river and safely high.

12:46 José Javier Álvarez Castillejo is very low too, both at just 100m above the ground and not climbing.

12:43 However Michael Küffer is very, very low.

12:43 The conditions are getting darker and there are now little drops of rain but the pilots are all still very much going for it, with Michael Küffer and José Javier Álvarez Castillejo in the lead.

12:41 However once again, the lead out points % (in the column LO pts on the app), shows that it is far from neck and neck between the first three. One has only 76% of the lead out points and the other two have 99 and 100%. Who would have thought a paragliding competition could be so exciting!

Daria Krasnova
12:37 To the west, in the lead and nearest to the river, Michael Küffer, José Javier Álvarez Castillejo and Daria Krasnova

12:34 Jon Pio and Alexander Coltman are to the west of them.

12:33 Julien Brung and Xevi Bonet Dalmau are furthest to the east.

12:31 The leaders have split into lots of different gaggles to the east and west of the course line.

12:30 Apparently there isn't any rain on the coure line.

12:29 The leaders have come out of the hills and are heading across a fairly flat swampy area.

12:28 The leaders are now heading west and are about 15 km from turn point 2.

Baixo Guandu rocks and rivers
12:24 The pilots are flying over stunning scenery as they make their way back towards the river. The varied tropical landscape and photogenic granite domes around Baixo Guandu make it a real favourite amongst paraglider pilots. Not forgetting the welcome call of the Caipirinha bars after a long day flying. However, this World Cup is proving to be far from relaxing.13 of the pilots taking part have already won a Paragliding World Cup and at least 27 have won a task.

12:21 The big problem at the moment is that it is overdeveloping and starting to rain a bit as they head back towards the river.

12:20 The leaders have now got the first turn point, but what a spread of lead out points ranging from 63 to 100% in the top ten, which will so alter the final rankings.

12:18 Ist lady in task 1, Klaudia Bulgakow (or is that Alex Coltman) is trying a route more to the west of the course line.

12:17 East of the course line there is another gaggle trying to get the turn point, including Simon Mettetal, lying 6th on his 18th birthday in his 2nd ever World Cup task!

12:14 Julien Brung and José Javier Álvarez Castillejo are realling working well together in a climb just before the first turn point and already have a good lead.

12:12 It looks as if Julien Brung is going to get the first turn point first.

12:10 Mitch Riley really needs some more height if he is to get any further, he's at 82m above the ground.

Michael Küffer
12:08 Michael Küffer is with the leaders and might be the first to get the turn point.

12:07 A lot of the leaders are very low as they try to get the first turn point.

12:03 Although it is cloudy at this point in the course line the route ahead looks good, there are beautiful clouds, the birds are climbing and they have a nice tail wind.

12:01 Here's what Mitch had to say about his first World Cup here in Baixo Guando after task 1. I have been following PWCs since I started flying. The skills required to race at a top level, the allure of racing the best in the world, and the adventure of traveling all over the world to do it has had my attention from the beginning. In 2012 I was a volunteer for the PWC in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. I vividly remember filling oxygen bottles for my heroes at 2 a.m. as they returned from a monster task, and thinking that I might one day race excellent skies with them. Now here I am, not only racing with my heroes, but also sharing laughs, beers, and good times under rainy skies with them. I feel very fortunate to be here!

12:01 New comer Mitch Riley has taken the lead.

11:59 There are a lot of big black clouds but there is still a lot of blue sky. The leaves on the palm trees (who needs a wind sock) are not moving at all.

11:56 What is very interesting now is that the pilot who took all the lead out points just after the start and thus doing so got low, has dropped right back to climb and can now take his time getting round the rest of the course, he will have such a big points advantage - especially if a lot of pilots get to goal.

Marco Littame
11:53 Just a reminder that we have Michael Sigel, the 2013 winner of the Baixo Guandu World Cup in first place after task 1 on a Gin Boomerang RFC and the 2015 winner, Marco Littame on an Ozone Enzo 3, in 2nd place, only 5 points apart.

11:50 In task 1 Michael Sigel and Marco Littame crossed Ess together in 1:52:07. So they both got 411.3 time points. However, Michael got more leadout points 147.8, compared to Marco's 142.9. (They both got the same distance points as they were both in goal obviously). So Michael won the task by having the most leadout points.

11:50 So why is it important to see who has the biggest % of leadout points? Frequently the first pilot across End of Speed (Ess) doesn't win the task. The winner is the pilot who is fast AND has a lot of lead out points (which are more heavily weighted at the beginning of the race).

11:49 We can't give the leadout points as the number of points per task depends on how many pilots arrive in goal. There is a maximum of 67.5 lead out points if nobody gets to goal, 70 if only 1 person gets to goal. 160 if 70 % or more get to goal, rising to 162 if 90% or more are in goal.

11:45 On the PWCA app you can now keep up with the lead out points as a percentage of the lead out points available.

11:43 This is the point where they get maximum lead out points so a lot of them are just straight lining it, and getting low.

11:41 The Start is open. What an incredible sight watching the procession of colourful gliders literally march across the sky.

11:27 What an amazing sight, 100 + pilots all bobbing about in the sky above the immense black granite faces waiting for the Start to open.

11:11 Virtually everyone is off now and high on route to the Start.

11:11 To view the % of lead out points, glide ratio to goal and photos of some of the pilots, don't forget to upgrade to the latest version of the App. Now available for iOS and Android devices, search for PWCA. We apologise for the technical problems in task 1, hopefully everything will work today.

11:09 The Start opens in 20 minutes at 11h30. The task is then a 70 km task zig zagging north which will hopefully see a lot of pilots in goal.

11:08 There is a lot of shade over launch thanks to a big cloud which is really messing up my sunbathing schedule but out in the valley there are lots of gaps between the clouds. There is a very light drift from the south which should help the pilots along the course line.

11:05 There is a big gaggle high over the black granit block in front of launch, ready to get the start.

Alfredo Studer
11:03 Colourful Alfredo Studer and top lady Klaudia Bulgakow are just taking off, however it has started to back wind a bit.

11:01 It's very mellow on launch with some deep pumping Brazilian tunes in the back ground.

11:00 After an initial big launch frenzy the sky has clouded over and there is a lot of watching and waiting on launch for the last twenty pilots to take off.

Simon Mettetal
10:48 Happy birthday to Simon Mettetal, 18 years old today and lying in 11th place in his first ever World Cup!

10:47 5 out of the top 10 from the 2017 Championnat de France Jeunes, are competing: Simon Mettetal, Loïs Goutagny, Tom Chauvin, Constance Mettetal and Gregoire Lombardi making this the first World Cup with a brother and sister competing.

10:42 Young French pilots Méryl Delferriere, Loïs Goutagny and Simon Mettetal are just taking off.

10:34 There doesn't seem to be much of a rush as it is still quite over cast and the start isn't until 11h30, 3km away on the far side of the rock amphitheatre in front of launch.

Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson
10:32 The window is now open and Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson has just taken off.

2018-04-18 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 4 [10:29]

The task is set - todays race is a 71.54 km Race to Goal The window will open at 10:30 Local Time and the Start is at 11:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 4

10:27 The weather looks much better today than it did yesterday. There are still some clouds but there is lots of blue. The wind is from the south east again but stronger than yesterday 8-15 km/h with gusts up to 20 km/h. The task we didn't manage to do yesterday, has been set again today.

2018-04-18 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 4 [09:07]

The weather seems to be improving at last. This morning is sunny with a light south-easterly wind and is all looking good for a task. The pilots and gliders are all on the way to take-off and we expect task news at around 11:00 - more soon...


Commentary - Day 3

12:47 However a lot of pilots are taking off and having a free flying day.

12:40 The wind dummy is climbing under an urubu vulture, who is also obviously impatient to get a task in today. However, another rain storm is on its way and clearly visible to the south of launch so today's task has sadly been cancelled.

12:27 Wind dummy Bill Hudson has just taken off.

12:13 Well miraculously it does seem to be clearing up. There are even patches of blue above launch. All we need now is a lightning strike on the Hell's (very out of tune electronic) Bells in the church tower in the village square and we might have a very nice day.

Jeison Zeferino
11:55 Well done to the those who finished in the top ten in the Pan American comp flying in the World Cup: JEISON ZEFERINO BRITO (1st), FEDERICO RODRIGUEZ (6th), FRANK BROWN (7th), PETER NAEGELE (9th) and KLAUDIA BULGAKOW (1st lady, 10th OVERALL).

11:54 We've seen a massive improvement in the quality of flying by the Brazilian's over the last five years, largely thanks to lots more competitions being held in Brazil, like the Pan American 2018 competition held here two weeks ago.

11:53 Everyone is so keen to get a task in today, we won't give up unless we really have to.

11:51 The monsoon has now passed but the sky in front of launch is looking rather grey and uninviting.

Méryl Delferriere
11:20 I am sure the paperazzi will all be hoping to see Méryl Delferriere one of Font Romeu's most famous ladies.

11:16 They are all really looking forward to organising the Pre World Cup at Font Romeu this year from the 3rd to 9th of June (Pyrénées-Cerdagne Targasonne). Let's hope they have better weather than here in Brazil.

11:15 The latest group of youngsters who have come through this system and qualified for the World Cup when they were under 21 and competing here today: Téo Bouvard, Tom Chauvin, Méryl Delferrière, Lois Goutagny, Grégoire Lombardi, Constance Mettetal, Simon Mettetal and Simon Pellissier.

11:14 Once again competing with us (or rather sitting in the rain with us) we have a lot of very talented young pilots who have come through the French "Pole Espoir" system, located at Font-Romeu in the Pyrenees. It allows students to combine sports training with their studies. Paragliding World and Super Final champion Charles Cazaux was one of the first to pass through its now famous doors.

11:10 And on that rather over optomistic note, time to run for cover as the entire Baixo Guandu valley is obscured by a rain storm.

11:09 A 65 km task has been set zig zagging north.

10:53 Also creating a lot of interest, we have two RFC (Ready For Certification) gliders in this competition being flown by the manufacturer's test pilots. Michael Sigel is putting the Gin Boomerang RFC through its paces and Tim Rochas is evaluating the Niviuk Icepeak RFC.

2018-04-17 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 3 [10:50]

A provisional task has been set - todays race will be a 66.09 km Race to GoalThe window times and start time are not yet declared - an update will be published when they are set

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 3

10:43 Check out and for updates and interviews.

10:42 Also on a media front, Nick Greece will be posting Instagram stories on Cross Country's Instagram account and his own during the World Cup.

10:41 World Cup cameraman, Philippe Broers, has made a stunning video of task 1. 'Another Epic Ride Across the Sky,' shows the on launch ambience followed by absolutely stunning inflight footage of the race, the lush green countryside and exceedingly muddy river, the Rio Doce. In short, an absolute masterpiece which you can view by going to World Cup TV on the left hand side of the World Cup website.

10:37 Apologies for the technical problems we had yesterday. The only electronics which seemed to work here during task 1 were the excruciating church bells right next to HQ, making everyone look skywards and say something very unreligious. Let's hope everything will work better today.

10:32 So, we have Michael Sigel, the 2013 winner of the Baixo Guandu World Cup in first place on a Gin Boomerang RFC and the 2015 winner, Marco Littame on an Ozone Enzo 3, in 2nd place, only 5 points apart.

10:32 Well done to task 1 winners: Michael Sigel (1st), Marco Littame (2nd) and Clement Latour (3rd), top lady Klaudia Bulgakow (7th), top team Gin Gliders and top new comer, 17 year old Simon Mettetal (11th =).

10:27 After a day of rain (keeping up our reputation of bringing drought relief to countries around the World) there is a lot of humidity still in the air and on the very very muddy track to launch, however we might get a window of flyable weather, although I fear it might be more of an arrow slit.

10:24 Bem vindos a Baixo Guandu – welcome to Baixo Guandu where it is rather over cast this morning and even blacker clouds seem to be coming towards us.

2018-04-17 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 3 [08:44]

Its very cloudy in Baixo Guandu this morning but it looks like it will improve soon. The pilots are all on the way to takeoff and we will wait to see what happens with the weather...


2018-04-16 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 2 [09:32]

There is heavy rain on the launch (09:30) and the sky is grey and cloudy. Today is cancelled - we will try again tomorrow.


2018-04-15 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 1 [18:30]

Its been a great first day here in Baixo Guandu (for the pilots at least - we've had a bunch of technical problems in HQ but we're getting them under control)

53 pilots made it to the goal today and another 25 made end of speed but no quite into goal.

Users of the app will have noticed some problems today but we have fixed them so it should all be good for tomorrow.

The results are now online and available from the link on the home page.

Commentary - Day 1

17:43 However, the final word for good sportsman (or sportswomanship) today has to go to Benedicte Saury for waiting patiently for partner Olivier Henry before crossing Ess and landing in goal together, bringing a fine (if a little damp for some) day to a conclustion.

17:39 Well done to Michael Sigel and Marco Littame, first to cross Ess today.

Michael Sigel
12:35 For Michael Sigel there was a head wind, he was sinking, he watched two brazilians who were lower than him go for it. He knew there were no more nice climbs and it was time to be cautious.

17:28 Marco was really pushing out a lot today. He won here back in 2015 and is keen to do the same again. Climbing better than the others was the key he told me, well of course that's easy (not) in a field of 13 World Cup winners. There was no room for mistakes today. You had to make your decisions thermal by thermal, you couldn't plan the route in advance. You had to juggle the sun and shade - and get it right.

17:24 Next to try Marco Littame and Michael Sigel.

17:22 Unfortunately they both landed short.

Samuel Nascimento
12:20 Next to try and get to goal was Samuel Nascimento and Jeison Zeferino.

16:43 Just short of ESS he got very weak lift as the whole area north of the river was shaded over. They saw the others catching up with them, left for goal too early and landed 0.3 km short of goal. Ouch!

16:39 So what happened to Andreas Malecki who had such an amazing lead at one point?

16:25 Owen Shoemaker did indeed cross ESS in 6th position but unfortunately, Alex Coltman was flying as Klaudia Bulgakow, and vice versa as it were.

16:22 Well having said that, let me explain the curse of the commentator.

15:44 That simplicity was shown today. Well done to team Tree Environment Agency with Owen Shoemaker and Alexander Coltman in the same team crossing Ess 5th and 6th.

15:38 Thus the score depends on at least half the team doing well – both the first AND the second pilot in each team need to be fast. Therefore there is no need to do lots of complicated mathematics adding up all the team pilot's scores. This simple, but incredibly effective idea, was the brain child of Xavier Morillo.

15:38 Each Paragliding World Cup partner has a team. Each team can have up to three pilots and at least one female pilot. Points are given based on the position of the 2nd person in the team. When the second pilot in each team comes into goal decides the whole team's position in the team rankings.

15:38 Just a note on the teams.

15:26 Each pilot's score is made up of 3 parts. Time points (how fast they got to goal), points they only get if they get to goal. Distance points (how far they flew). Lead out points (how much of the time they were with the leaders).

15:25 Whilst we wait for the tracklogs to be down loaded here is a reminder about the scoring.

14:42 As today's goal seems to be in a GSM sink hole, we'll need to wait for the tracklogs from each pilot's Flymaster tracker to be downloaded to find out today's winner.

14:37 Andreas Malecki, Joerg Ewald and Russell Achterberg were storming ahead to the north of the river but then got stuck and the gaggle to the south of the course line then overtook them and got to goal first.

14:32 So what happened in the competition at the point when the deafening din from the church bells in Baixo Guandu (unfondly known as Hell's Bells) took out our internet connection?

14:20 Also on a glider front, 'LE big news' in this competition is that Tim Rochas (5th placed Super Final pilot here) is flying the Niviuk Icepeak RFC.

14:18 Gliders wise in this competition, all eyes are going to be on Felipe REZENDE flying Flow Paragliders' new XCRacer, the new EN D competition glider.

Yael Margelisch
14:11 Other ladies here who have won ladies World Cups: Daria KRASNOVA (2), Yael MARGELISCH (1) and Emanuelle Zufferey (1)

14:10 Méryl Delferriere 10th OVERALL in the 2017 Super Final plus ladies winner of the 2017 Coeur de Savoie, France, World Cup and the recent Bright, Australia World Cup.

14:09 Keiko Hiraki: 2013 and 2009 Women's Super Final champion, plus 5 other women's World Cup wins.

14:09 Klaudia BULGAKOW was 1st lady in the 2015 World Cup in Baixo Guandu, 2013 Women's World champion, and has won 3 other women's World Cups.

14:09 6 of the 12 ladies taking part have already been first lady in a World Cup.

14:09 The women's competition this week is going to be amazing.

14:06 The ladies competition is incredible today, new comer Constance Mettetal and Ecuador 1st lady Yael Margelisch are racing to End of speed neck and neck, and Meryl's tracker is off line so the women's scores will be interesting to down load later.

14:01 Yes, you'll make mistakes and mess up lots of tasks, but it doesn't matter. Don't get annoyed and sulk. I used to do that a lot at the beginning (and still do a bit now). But it is a real shame to spoil competitions doing that. Once you've made a mistake, it is too late to do anything about it. Analyse your error so you don't make the same mistake again. Put it in perspective and be happy just to be out there flying with friends in amazing places!

14:01 The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy competitions. Don't set yourself objectives of results but more ways of doing things. When I started, and even now, the objective that I set myself is to get to goal. That is the most important thing. Get to goal every day, even if you get there late. To get there with the leaders fly with the gaggle. Stay with the others to get their faster, more efficiently and safer (you have less chance of landing when you are with fifty others than when you are on your own).

14:00 In the meantime I'd like to share one of our top ladies, Meryl Delferriere (10th in this year's Super Final) thoughts on what makes a successful competition pilot.

13:57 We have had a lot of problems with the internet today and will give you a full summary of the day as soon as we can.

13:56 However the church bells in the square started going off on one at just the wrong moment taking with them the World Cup server and all our internet and live tracking data.

13:52 The leaders are all crossing end of speed.

Richard Gallon
13:46 Richard Gallon, won one of the first ever Paragliding World Cup Tours (back in 1993). He then won the World Cup 20 years later in Val Louron, in 2013. Big respect to veteran, Andrew Smith, also competing, who won his first World Cup at the turn of the century, (Portugal in 2000).

13:43 It's good to see Richard Gallon right up with the leaders again today flying with his innovative harness and home made windscreen! He is with the following gaggle to the south of the river.

13:35 In the second gaggle to the south of the river we have a real all star cast: long distance record holders Frank Brown and Marcelo Prieto and 3 times world cup winner Felix Rodriguez Fernandez.

Andreas Malecki
13:27 Andreas Malecki is still in the lead.

13:26 Keeping up with Marco is Alexander Coltman, who told me at registation he couldn't believe how high the level was for this comp and that his future strategy was going to be to try and choose easier competitions!

13:22 Leading the group to the south of the river, Marco Littame, winner of the last world cup we had here.

13:21 There is then a big gap before the next pilot following the north route, our new World Cup partner Juan Andrade.

13:18 The three amigos out in front to the north are really pulling away and seem to have a much faster route: Andreas Malecki, Russell Achterberg, Joerg Ewald.

13:15 Andreas Malecki is storming ahead taking the route to the north. Lying equal with Michael Sigel for task wins, both have the most task wins of any pilot in this comptition. 8 each.

13:12 Juan Andrade, Andreas Malecki, Vitalii Umanskyi are neck and neck with the leaders but to the north.

13:11 Ex British champion and tree specialist Alexander Coltman is out in front on his own taking a middle line.

13:09 The leaders are crossing the river: Clement Latour, Denis Soverini, Andre Rainsford, Marco Littame

13:06 World Cup winner Andre Rainsford is with him.

13:05 Michael Sigel is leading the charge to the south of the river.

13:04 Looking up at the sky above Baixo Guandu there are lots of little gaggles, this amazing sky has really separated the competition out.

13:03 The same exceedingly muddy Rio Doce (""Doce"" means sweet in Portuguese) that runs through Governador Valadares, flows through Baixo Guandu. It looks like a ribbon of milk chocolate flowing through the exotic vegetation.

13:01 Several route choices have emerged. The big choice seems to be which side of the river to take.

13:00 It looks as if the skies ahead are much friendlier compared to the dark skies behind them around turn point 1.

12:59 In the length of time it took me to look up at the sky and write that, I got a burnt nose - the sun is so so hot here.

12:58 The lead gaggle are over Baixo, 2 groups of 4 arrived and stopped to get a climb above the thermal coming out of the church bells (at least they are useful for something). The leaders of the following gaggle have now caught up with them.

12:52 The 2 levels of clouds are making it very challenging, the lower ones give lift, the higher ones cut out the sun and prevent the lift.

12:51 As Bjornar Trondsen told me this morning. The shade today caused by the clouds is going to be a problem, trying to keep out of the shade will be key and give lots of options for what initially looked a very straight forward task.

12:49 The leaders are approaching Baixo where there are a lot of very black clouds but also a lot of blue.

12:48 The sky is a complete mix of blue, low cloud and high cloud!

12:46 Where there are patches of sunshine it works well as the sun is so hot so let's see if they can make it despite the cloud cover.

12:45 The first pilots have got the turn point and are now heading north west towards Governador Valadares.

12:30 If they can be patient there on ahead looks better.

12:29 They need now to pass an area where the cloud cover is really cutting out the thermals.

12:27 The clouds are getting bigger and darker and base isn't getting any higher. It's about 1200m.

12:26 The pilots are getting to the first turn point but the thermals are very weak.

2018-04-15 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 1 [12:25]

The task is set - todays race is a 60.37 km Race to Goal The window will open at 10:45 Local Time and the Start is at 12:00

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 1

12:00 The start is open.

11:59 2 minutes to the Start open. The correct task should appear soon on the tracking.

11:54 5 minutes to Start open.

11:53 The sky has really opened up now with 50/50 blue sky and clouds.

11:51 The pilots are all climbing under a nice big puffy cloud to the south of launch, a safe distance from the din on launch.

11:41 You don't have to be first to cross the start line but in the top third is good. This way you don't play catch up for the first part of the race which is tiring and stressful. On the tracking on the App (search for PWCA in the App stores) the Start cylinder is in red.

11:41 The start is really important, (shown in red on the App) a good start is key and gives confidence and the right frame of mind for the rest of the course.

11:40 All the pilots competing here today have taken off and now have 20 minutes to get to the start. They are high and circling in the blue skies above the very noisy launch. We seem to have swapped Hell's Bells in the village square (more about that later) for Hell's guitarist on launch.

11:37 And all competing here were: 1st Marco LITTAME, 4th Michael SIGEL (2017 Super Final champion and winner of the 2013 World Cup in Baixo Guandu), 6th Stéphane POULAIN, 8th Andreas MALECKI, 9th Torsten SIEGEL, winner of tasks 4, 6 + 7 (2014 European Champion).

11:35 It's also worth bearing in mind from the last World Cup in Baixo Guandu in 2015:

11:34 Michael Sigel was looking very relaxed on launch a few minutes ago, taking his time, despite being reigning Super Final champion he didn't feel any pressure. I'm just here to have fun and fly with lots of friends he told me. It's great that there are such big crowds here to support us.

11:31 Richard Butterworth told me it's going to be very slow, a game of survival today to get to goal.

11:30 Although it is very blue over launch there are still a lot of clouds out in front.

11:29 The sun has come out, the sky has turned blue and after a difficult start everyone seems to be climbing nicely.

William Hughes
11:23 Bill Hughes and Brett Hazlett have just set up on take off ready to go.

11:05 It is very light conditions, the few pilots who have taken off are just maintaining.

11:04 The window is open with the start at 12h in 1 hour.

11:02 Loud music is pumping, pushing the wind dummies skywards.

10:58 The wind dummies are taking off to great woops of joy from the over crowded launch.

10:57 In this competition there are 13 Overall World Cup winners who between them have won 20 World Cups! Michael Sigel (3), Felix Rodriguez (3), Alfredo Studer (2), Stephane DROUIN (2), Michael Kuffer (2), Rafael SALADINI (1), Andreas MALECKI (1), Richard PETHIGAL (1), Marco LITTAME (1), Richard Gallon (1), Andre Rainsford (1), Torsten Siegel (1) and Andrew Smith (1).

10:55 One of the biggest problems will be chosing a route to avoid the rain showers. However we have some of the world's best pilots here so let's see...

10:52 At the moment the wind is from the south, south east, it will then turn more easterly and get stronger later on.

10:51 The provisional task which has been set goes north east then north west to towards Governador Valadares.

10:39 Just a reminder that to view the % of lead out points, glide ratio to goal and photos of some of the pilots, don't forget to upgrade to the latest version of the PWCA App, now available for iOS and Android devices, search for PWCA.

10:37 The conditions this morning are rather grey with nearly 100% cloud cover. However we are confident there will be a task.

10:36 Briefing is taking place for a provisional task of 60 km.

10:34 The giant black granite blocks lie like animals turned to stone, motionless watching the sky full of paragliders circling above them.

Baixo Guandu scenery
10:33 The first word that comes to mind when you drive into Baixo Guandu for most people is 'wow'. Massive black granite domes rise vertically out of the leafy jungle forests and bright green fields.

10:31 Welcome to Baixo Guandu in beautiful Brazil, the land of the happy smiles and big skies.

Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil

PWCA App - Latest News

To view the % of lead out points, glide ratio to goal and photos of some of the pilots, don't forget to upgrade to the latest version of the PWCA App. Now available for iOS and Android devices, (search for PWCA). The App also shows the live Commentary, tracking and all the scores. It includes a 'follow' button so that you can keep up with your favourite pilot. The route is easier to follow thanks to the Start cylinder clearly shown in red, the turn point cylinders in blue and End of Speed in gold.

2018-04-15 - Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil - Day 1 [08:29]

The Paragliding World Cup has arrived in Baixo Guandu, Brazil for event 2 of the 2018 season. Registration was last night and we are all ready for a first task. More details will be along soon...


Paragliding World Cup : Baixo Guandu, Brazil


Due to local problems in Castelo, that may compromise the support and safety of our competition, the 2018 Brazilian World Cup event - initially planned to be run in Castelo - is transferred to BAIXO GUANDU. No change in dates : 14-21 April 2018.

The 2018 Brazilian World Cup will be held in Baixo Guandu from April 14th to 21st 2018.

The PWCA is aware that many of you have already booked accomodation in Castelo and we apologize for the last minute change. The local organizer will organise refunds if an accommodation deposit has been paid. If you need any assistance please contact Frank at

Castelo and Baixo are not far apart and an equal distance from Vitoria. If you are already in Castelo, there will be assistance available to move to Baixo Guandu.

The local organizer will also help you to find new accommodation in Baixo Guandu.

The Committee has decided to change the location of the event to preserve competition quality - your understanding is appreciated.