2017-06-24 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 7 [18:47]

The final pilots are back and the final scores have been produced and are now availble online.

Congratulations to our winners Stephane DROUIN (Open), Atsuko YAMASHITA (Women) and Primoz SUSA, Yassen SAVOV, Méryl DELFERRIERE and Clement LATOUR (TEAM Ozone).

The prizegiving and closing ceremony will be held at headquarters here in Nis at 20:00

Our next event begins on 5th August in Disentis, Switzerland - see you there."

Commentary - Day 7

17:59 Whilst we wait for the last few trackers to come in I think the last word in the competition goes to new pilot (all the way from China) Yue Quian. 'Flying is like our journey through life - one where we are always learning'.

17:56 With today's stopped task there will be very little time points difference between those who just made it and those who just didn't. With just 10 pilots left to check in we should know the scores very soon.

17:56 Just a brief reminder to anyone who is here in Nis - the Prizegiving and Closing Ceremony will be held at HQ at 20:00

17:19 Yassen has just come in with his tracker - along with about 50 other sweaty pilots - the atmosphere is electric! Everyone is very tense, nobody can work out who the winner will be, this is going to be very, very close.

16:22 All the pilots have now landed safely and we should have the final scores shortly.

16:21 So we now need to sit very patiently and wait for the pilots to come back and return their trackers so that we can have the exact scores. And as we all know, a watched HQ door does not yield pilots brandishing trackers, so I suggest that you all go and watch one of Paragliding World Cup cameraman Philippe's excellent films on World Cup TV.

16:18 As for the ladies overall scores that will be very interesting too. Wooyoung Jang was leading lady this morning but landed early today, Atsuko Yamashita who was 4th this morning had flown 57.5 km when the task was stopped.

16:10 Also for those who had crossed ESS before the task was stopped it doesn't make sense to interpret a pilot's place when they aren't racing, therefore we let them fly to goal and validate their time points.

16:07 For those who had crossed end of speed at the stop time, they are allowed to continue to goal and will get time and goal points as the goal is often the easiest and safest place to land and that is obviously where we want pilots to go to.

15:55 You can now see on our live leaderboard that the times of the first 14 pilots to cross end of speed before the task was stopped are shown as times and everyone else as their distance flown at the time the task was stopped.

15:53 If there is one or more pilots in goal it will be valued as normal and not devalued due to the stopped task but it may be devalued by other things, like the quality of the day for example. It depends on how the pilots are spread out and if pilots were still flying to determine the 'stop quality'.

15:52 A stopped task is devalued depending on how many pilots were still in the air when it was stopped. Today virtually everyone was still in the air - I think only around 10-15 pilots had landed.

15:51 Just a note on scoring a stopped task - If more than an hour and 5 minutes have elapsed since the start, then it will be scored, if less than an hour and 5 minutes have elapsed it won't be scored. In today's case an hour and 23 minutes had passed since the start opened at 13h30.

15:44 The converse is obviously true, if there are very few pilots in goal, as was the case today when the task was stopped, most of the 1000 points will be needed to be shared out to give a fairly even distribution of points reflecting the distances the pilots flew along the course line, leaving very few time points to be distributed amongst those in goal.

15:40 How do the time points work? The more pilots in goal the bigger the % of time points will be as the distance points become irrelevant as everyone flew the same distance.

15:38 Looking at the overall scores from this morning, out of those who got to goal before the task was stopped and will therefore, unlike Yassen, get time points which could threaten his position on the top spot are Stephane Drouin (5th across ESS, currently lying 2nd), Dušan Oroz (13th across ESS, currently lying 7th), Hernan Pitocco (7th across ESS, currently 8th) and Alexandre Jofresa (10th across ESS and currently 9th).

15:29 So how is this going to affect current overall winner Yassen Savov whose distance at 14.53 was just before End of Speed?

15:26 Then Alexandre Jofresa, Olivier Henry, Franz Erlacher, Dušan Oroz and Dmitriy Samigullin

15:24 Now where was I before it started raining. Next across end of speed were Felipe Rezende, Stephane Drouin, Stéphane Poulain, Hernan Pitocco, Dora Goksal and Alexandre Malcher - within 30 seconds of each other.

15:19 The task started at 13:30. Stefan Bernhard got to goal after 1hour and 20 minutes at 14:50. The task was stopped at 14:58 - and the rule is we wind back 5 minutes to 14:53. Therefore anyone arriving in goal with a time of later than 1:23 will get their distance round the coarse at 14:53. Now I may have got that completely wrong - but will keep you posted as soon as we can find scoring guru Ulric.

15:13 Out of the 14,000 people reading this, I can see that none of you understood that! Let me have another go at explaining.

15:12 You may have spotted that the task was stopped at 14:58. This means that any one arriving after 1 hour 23 minutes will only get distance points, i.e to their position at 13:53

15:04 Jošt Napret on an Ozone Zeno was just 5 seconds behind him!

15:03 Alessio Voltan flying a Gin Boomerang 11 and for team Woody Valley, was next across end of speed

2017-06-24 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 7 [15:01]

The task has been stopped at 14:58 due to strong wind in the goal field.

Commentary - Day 7

15:01 Stefan Bernhard got end of speed first - in 1hour and 20 minutes and 16 seconds, he did really well in the 2014 Ozone Le Chabre Open in 2014 coming 1st, winning all 3 tasks, he's obviously found his feet in the Paragliding World Cup circuit now too, having done really well in the German open circuit in 2016 - 13th and 16th.

14:59 Overall winner Yassen Savov has just crossed end of speed 5 minutes behind the leaders

14:57 The top 20 have crossed end of speed in less than 1 hour and 24 minutes to fly 61 km

14:55 Hernan Pitocco, Stéphane Poulain, Jošt Napret and Dora Goksal have just landed in goal.

14:54 First across end of speed - Stéphane Poulain, Dora Goksal and Alexandre Malcher

14:53 Dora Goksal has taken the lead - 0.4 km to go

14:52 Alessio Voltan has taken the lead, they are all at about 400m off the ground

14:51 Hernan Pitocco is in the lead - 1.2 km to go

14:51 The leaders are all going past Clement who has got stuck in the higher terrain. 2.5 km to go to end of speed, this is so fast - with the top 6 right together.

14:49 Stefan Bernhard has taken the lead, taking a more direct route down the valley rather than going via the mountains like Clement

14:47 Clement really needs a good climb, he's 356m above the deck and only in +1.6

14:46 It's quite windy but the conditions are fairly friendly.

14:46 Clement has slowed to get a climb, he's in a +1.8, at 799m with 5 km to go

14:44 Clement is going at 79 kph!!!! I think he is going way too fast to even be in a bus!

14:43 Clement Latour is 3 km out in front of the others but lower than those behind at 859m - and 6km to go.

14:42 Yoann Chavanne is in second place, he's no stranger to winning tasks. He won a task in the Paragliding World Cup in Montalegre in Portugal in 2015, and won the 1st task in the 2015 Paragliding World Cup in Switzerland, but I really don't think he can catch Clement now.

14:38 Clement Latour has only 8 km to go to End of Speed.

14:38 A lot of the pilots have said that the roads here give off good thermals, it looks like Clement has chosen that route for finding thermals today.

14:36 Clement Latour 's tracker has just come back on line showing he has a 2 km lead, it looks as if he is following the main road to Pirot - I do wonder whether he's in a bus, but he's at 1051m, so I guess not.

14:34 Yael Margelisch is right up with the leaders on her Ozone Zeno, flying for Team Woody Valley - go Yael

14:31 Rafael Saladini World record holder is with the leaders in the second group behind Marko Novak and Clement Latour

14:30 Task 2 winner (by 18km) Yury Mishanin is leading the pack just behind them.

14:28 X-Alps veteran Clement Latour and Paragliding World Cup veteran Marko Novak are racing neck and neck down the valley, Clement is higher at 1473m and Marko at 888m.

14:24 Clement Latour is storming ahead, first to launch today and looks like he'll be first to goal

14:14 First to turnpoint 2 is Clement Latour being chased by Rafael Saladini and Marko Novak

14:06 There's a huge group of pilots working the hills to the south - 4km behind Clement

14:02 She's quite low though so its probably time to top up some height meanwhile Clement Latour is charging ahead with lots of air below him

14:01 Rising star Méryl Delferriere has edged into a narrow lead

13:57 Its all changing very quickly Clement Latour now has quite an impressive lead

13:52 There's a huge group flying down the hills to the south but the leaders are actually in a breakaway group flying noth of the track line

13:45 With a ground speed of 60km/h Felipe Rezende is leading out

13:41 Its quick - 85 pilots have already taken the first turnpoint

13:39 With the wind behind them this is once again going to be a very fast task.

13:34 They are all now charging north for a short leg to turn point 1, where they will turn south for a long leg downwind past Pirot to goal and end of speed.

13:31 There is a big gaggle to the west of launch, what an amazing sight as they all charge forward

13:30 Another manufacturer we are hoping to see back at the Paragliding World Cup is 777 as Mads Syndergaard has joined the Valic brothers this will be a manufacturer to watch

13:30 The start is now open

13:27 We're really looking forward to seeing BGD's new wing the Diva in the Paragliding World Cup later on this year - perhaps flown by Bruce himself or his talented son Tyr.

13:24 The last pilot in this Serbian 2017 Paragliding World Cup has just taken off Evgeniya Belova on her BGD Cure.

13:18 He works closely with new countries who want to run a Paragliding World Cup, like Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan. In a phrase - Goran organises the future of the Paragliding World Cup.

13:16 From start to finish Goran makes sure everything is done correctly, from liaising with the drivers to the local Mayor, holding the hand of new organisers

13:14 I know I am typing on behalf of all the Paragliding World Cup pilots when I thank our President Goran Dimiskovski.

13:13 Well done to launch meister Goran Dimiskovski who has untangled and safely got 600 pilots off in very difficult turbulent conditions this week, in Presidental fashion

13:09 With 20 minutes left to start open we have just 10 pilots left to launch.

13:07 Conditions on launch are considerably better now. Well having just said that somebody has now ended up in a bush.

13:05 It's also worth looking at some of Brett's stunning videos on our partner XC Mag's website.

13:04 I love the Boom11, it's roll neutral in thermals so you don't need to keep holding in the brake, it's easy to balance in thermals Brett told me.

13:01 I've just been speaking to Canadian pilot Brett Hazlett in the take off line about his new Boomerang 11.

12:52 There is a very interesting in-depth review of the Zeno in the May 2017 edition of our partner XC mag

12:47 A lot of the leading ladies have told me that they love the Zeno making it possible for them to be up there with the men in this level of competition.

12:45 Merve Arslan currently 5th lady and 2nd lady in the task yesterday has just taken off on her Zeno which looked very stable despite the turbulent conditions.

12:40 A lot of other pilots I have spoken to this week have all agreed with Pepe, the flying here is really technical, which gives it such potential.

12:39 For Pepe there is a great variety of terrain to use, it's really interesting, you need to be aware of the wind + change your speed to adapt to the climbs

12:35 Andreas Malecki currently lying 4th overall is just about to take off.

12:31 This Paragliding World Cup is going to put Yassen (7 task wins) right up with Maxime Pinot (9) for the most task wins in the last few years - well done to both.

12:29 Jacques Fournier has another theory about Yassen, he's convinced he was born with an inbuilt thermal detector somewhere in his body!

12:27 The thermal activity is improving making the conditions much nicer in the air and at launch with better air coming up take-off

12:24 Yassen if off to loud claps and whistles from the crowds

12:23 No stress, for Yassen it's taskable, therefore it's winable! But even Yassen will need to play this very carefully, he's first overall by only 29 points.

12:21 Yassen Savov with his beautiful pink and white Enzo 3 glinting in the sunshine has just walked onto launch. Do I detect a slight amount of stress?

12:17 Wine buff Franck Perring is just about to launch, I think we'll all need a large glass (or two) of wine after this.

12:16 Victor Sibirtsev ranked 10th overall and Arnaud Baumy ranked 5th have just walked onto launch and are setting up to take off.

12:08 Top Russian female pilot Daria Krasnova is voting with her camera and taking pictures of all the spectators, she hasn't decided whether she'll take off yet today.

12:06 Louis Tapper has just taken off and made it look easy - a bit like kite surfing 2000km up the Brazilian coast in 2010 - a kitesurfing world record he holds.

12:02 Once pilots have got round the corner from launch and got up it seems ok. Pilots are climbing nicely just to the east of launch.

12:00 Take-off is currently closed as the wind is cross making the launch turbulent.

11:55 Martin Rebord has literally leapt into the air to woops from the large crowd.

11:50 To have maximum safety in windy conditions we have a digital wind metre on launch from which the readings are constantly shouted. Too high and we stop.

11:47 Arnaud Beugnette just took off making it look very easy unlike some of the others who are currently being untangled

11:44 X-Alps Veteran Clement Latour is off. Don't forget to keep up with the X-Alps action this summer with our partner XC mag who as always give an excellent report.

11:39 The task is a 62.6 Km downwind task with the same goal as yesterday. Take off is at 12h but pilots can go earlier if they want with the start at 13h30

2017-06-24 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 7 [11:38]

The task has been updated - todays race is now a 62.59 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 12:00 Local Time and the Start is at 13:30

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Commentary - Day 7

11:26 The briefing is taking place.

11:26 Goran Dimiskovski looking very official wearing Jack&Jones (the Paragliding World Cup's favourite clothing company) has just started the stampede to collect their Flymaster trackers.

11:24 Our partner Wind organise the Paragliding World Cup in Portugal and organise mountain and sea activities, from flying to sea caving. In their team Peter Slade, Felipe Rezende, Louis Tapper

2017-06-24 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 7 [11:20]

A provisional task has been set - todays race will be a 62.59 km Race to Goal.
The window times and start time are not yet declared - an update will be published when they are set

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Commentary - Day 7

11:13 Our partners Air'G and Wind are lying neck and neck in the race to be top team.

11:12 Richard Gallon is the pilot behind Air'G, the brand from acro pilots for acro pilots, for those who are in the air whenever they can.

11:12 'Air'G is for those who fly with passion and make our sport grow by helping to inspire people around the globe, it is a way to follow our dreams.'

11:05 Our partners Air'G and Wind are lying neck and neck in the race to be top team.

11:00 Kortel Design by Denis Cortella 3 x French champ. In 2006 top pilot Max Jeanpierre joined him, making a great range of harnesses. Pilot Peter Budai, Balazs Racz, Franck Perring, Adel Honti

10:58 It's great to see our partner Kortel Design based in Sallanches, at the foot of Mont Blanc, near Chamonix, having a team in the top 10.

10:56 As Coeur de Savoie MD Philippe Roea, said 'Parastick are a meet director's best friend, they are essential'.

10:54 Parastick are 3rd, they made all the banners, stickers + maps for the task boards for Coeur de Savoie Paragliding World Cup, and the French team cartographic picnic cloth

10:51 Parapente mag with excellent articles about pilots, places, indepth glider reviews, photos and reports of our Paragliding World Cups are lying 2nd, Andreas Malecki, Stephane Drouin, Atsuko Yamashita, Alexander Schalber

10:48 Our partner Ozone are top of the team rankings with Primoz Susa, Méryl Delferriere, Clement Latour and Yassen Savov

10:47 As for the team scores, there is also all to play for, as the 2nd pilot in goal scores for each team.

10:46 As for setting a short boring task as it's the last day, Meet Director Zeljko assures me in his strong Serbian accent, 'No mercy will be shown'!

10:43 For rising Serbian paragliding star Vladimir Bacanin 'My goal today is to remove Yassen Savov from 1st place' he modestly told me.

10:41 Looking at how the scores can change (if it's a 1000 pt day), there is still all to play for for everyone.

10:40 After yesterday's fast and furious task the overalls changed to top spot Yassen Savov, 2nd, Stephane Drouin, 3rd, Primoz Susa.

10:31 Today, for the last day of the Serbian Paragliding World Cup, we are on the lower launch with the main worry being the amount of wind, but for the moment, it seems ok.

2017-06-24 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 7 [10:04]

Its the final day (sorry - this post is a bit late) the transports are all on the way to the takeoff and we are expecting to fly today. Task news should be here at about 12:00 - more in a while....


2017-06-23 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 6 [18:37]

The day is over, the last pilot has just returned and the results are ready to view from the links above

What a contrast to yesterday - today we had 85 in goal with 2 oh so nearly making it.

Final day tomorrow and everything to fly for - we begin with the transports leaving at 08:30 tomorrow.

Commentary - Day 6

17:04 If the winner takes less than this, then the task will be devalued.|The winner's time today was 1 hour and 20 minutes - oh so close!

17:04 The nominal time which was set at the beginning of the competition is 1 hour 15 minutes. This is the minimum length of time that a task must take for it to score 1000 points.

16:51 Matt Senior has just come into HQ, trying to claim lead out points for getting back to HQ first!

15:57 Alexey Tarasov has now finally crossed the goal line, well done to our last pilot in the air and last one into goal, now let's see how the lead out points affect the scores and how today's fast and furious task will affect the overalls.

15:54 Alexey Tarasov hasn't crossed the goal line but is spiralling off all his height, he's at 522m, drifting away from goal, I do hope he realised the goal of the day is to get to goal

15:48 Unfortunately I don't see either of our record holders in the goal field this afternoon.

15:48 There is also a great article explaining the concept of the solar window in big-distance XC flying by Rafael, in the June 2017 edition of our partner XC Magazine.

15:46 There is an excellent article about Rafael's record breaking flight in the March 2017 edition of Parapente Mag.

15:46 Talking of records - Paragliding World Cup pilot Rafael Saladini, taking part in this competition, took off last October from Tacima, north east of Brazil and landed, 564 km later, at the town of Novilho, a flight of 11 hours!|If he does that distance in Serbia we'll have to retrieve him from the heel of Italy!

15:40 Matt then organised the US nationals in 2016 and set a 226km task, 65 pilots got to goal, unfortunately Matt was driving retrieve but still got to share the gallons of margaritas which were being served up in goal!

15:39 The Kiwi Open in Manila then proceeded to beat this record with a 213 km task.

15:39 In 2014, Paragliding World Cup pilot Matt Senior (flying in this Paragliding World Cup) won the longest ever successful task set in a paragliding event (at the time), a 200.5km race to goal where 36 pilots made goal at the US Paragliding Nationals, Chelan WA. He was 5th overall in the competition.

15:38 As a point of interest, there is a very interesting article about Martin's flight, including the weather charts for the day in the Sept 2016 issue of our partner Parapente Mag.

15:37 The current French Record of 411 km was set by Martin Morlet in May 2016, from Rouen to just past Limoges. However the longest task at the recent Paragliding World Cup in Coeur de Savoie with excellent flying conditions was only 116.76 km.

15:36 Well done to our meet director Zeljko Ovuka, who holds the current distance record in Serbia of 198 km, 3 times the distance the pilots flew today!

15:35 Distance records tend not to be broken in a Paragliding World Cup as there is usually an into wind component each day.

15:34 Some of you may be wondering why longer tasks haven't been set in this Paragliding World Cup. Flying the longest distance isn't always the object of the exercise, as the task setters prefer to concentrate on making tasks difficult which require the pilots to make choices and require patience rather than ones which can be flown fast.

15:32 The top 76 pilots are now enjoying beers in the goal field.

15:29 Once again Father and son 'Team Lambert' are in goal, Baptiste and Dad Cyril

15:26 It was great to see local pilot Alexandre Malcher who flew so well in the last task, but just missed goal, well and truly getting there today - 21st across end of speed - well done.

15:20 From an overall scores point of view, today will have done no harm at all to Stephane Drouin 's score - he was 9th in the first task, 8th in the third task and third across end of speed today. He definitely merits his place as somebody who can still teach the youngsters a thing or two.

15:17 Méryl Delferriere and Simon Pellissier have just crossed end of speed virtually together

15:15 Another pilot who is doing very well in the overall scores, lying 5th this morning, is Primoz Susa. He was 3rd in the last task, and 2nd across end of speed today. He's also the highest placed Super Final pilot here.

15:11 Getting the last part to end of speed and then into goal is proving difficult for quite a lot of pilots. Just a reminder, those who have a line through their time have passed end of speed but not yet made goal. They need to cross the goal line to get their time points, otherwise they will just get their distance points around the course.

15:05 Wooyoung Jang is definitely one to watch - 1st lady in the Bright Open and Pre Paragliding World Cup in January 2017.|1st lady in the 2016 Korean Championships and 2nd lady in the Australia Bright & Corryong Open – 2015

15:04 The first lady today Wooyoung Jang has just crossed end of speed, she was 3rd in the last task and was 4th lady at the start of today.

15:02 First 35 pilots have all crossed end of speed, 20 of whom have already landed in goal.

15:01 Today will have radically changed the top 10 overall rankings. Yassen was lying third at the start of today, the two pilots ahead of him landed early today.

14:56 Andreas Malecki and Mathias Ioualalen have also just arrived in goal.

14:56 Yassen Savov powered by magic sandwiches has just touched down in goal 1hour 20 minutes to fly 62.4 km - well done!

14:55 Marco Littame, Alessio Voltan, Cody Mittanck, Marko Novak, Franz Erlacher , Michele Boschi, Baptiste Lambert and Dušan Oroz are across end of speed

14:53 Next Yoshiki Kuremoto, Stéphane Poulain, Mathias Ioualalen, Andreas Malecki and Alexander Schalber

14:52 The top 3 have just got end of speed Yassen Savov, Primoz Susa and Stephane Drouin

14:51 Stephane Drouin, Yassen Savov, Yoshiki Kuremoto and Alexander Schalber are about to take end of speed

14:49 The top 3 are all pretty much the same height

14:48 The top 3 are 2.5 from end of speed Yassen Savov, Yoshiki Kuremoto and Stephane Drouin

14:48 The top 30 have all got the last turn point - wow this is so fast - what a day that nobody thought would even be launchable.

14:46 Yassen Savov has taken the lead and is once again doing 'a Yassen' - there was definitely something in those sandwiches today - he's storming along.

14:45 The top 17 have all got the last turn point and are on final glide to End of Speed and goal.

14:44 Yassen Savov, Stephane Drouin and Andreas Malecki have all got the last turn point together

14:41 They are on final glide now with Stephane Drouin in the lead

14:37 Andreas Malecki is also at the front - he told me before they set off that he thought it would be a great task - not that being on the task committee he's biased!

14:36 Mathias Ioualalen from Reunion Island is leading out with Marco Littame. As a matter of interest, there is a great article about Reunion Island and the Paragliding World Cup there last October (2016) in the January 2017 edition of Parapente Mag.

14:29 Stefan Bernhard 4th position in this task said the wind will be interesting, how strong will it be and which direction? I think they are about to find out.

14:26 Andreas Malecki told me this would be the most difficult bit of the task they need to have lots of height for this section.

14:25 Now they are crossing the valley flying east to the big mountains on the other side of the valley

14:24 A lead group seems to be braking away Clement Latour , Cody Mittanck, Mathias Ioualalen, Yoshiki Kuremoto and Jošt Napret

14:24 Mike Steed and Mathias Ioualalen are just behind them

14:23 Michele Boschi and Marco Littame have taken over the lead.

14:23 The pilots who took the more westerly route have over taken the leaders now

14:22 Virtually everyone has taken the turn point now.

14:22 Andreas Malecki and Marco Littame have taken turn point 2 before the leaders who are taking a more optimum route to goal

14:16 Richard Gallon is leading the westerly group, there was a lot of debate about which would be best at briefing - let's see who is right.

14:13 They are dividing into two groups, those going more to the west along the big mountains and those continuing along the launch ridge to the east.

14:11 Along the course line it is blue skies and cumulous

14:09 Felipe Rezende has stopped to take a climb and has been caught by the rest of the pack. Jose Rebelo has taken the lead and Rafael Saladini is just behind him.

14:07 If they continue into the middle of turn point 2 they will be in bigger mountains to get higher for the crossing to turn point 3

14:06 They will then have to make a big crossing onto the next range of mountains

14:06 Rafael Saladini has taken the lead and is much higher than Felipe Rezende

14:01 The rest of the pack are another 1 km behind

14:01 Jose Rebelo and Peter Slade are another 1km behind

14:00 Rafael Saladini is 1 km behind Felipe Rezende

13:59 Felipe Rezende has taken the lead and is on his own

13:55 Touch keyboards and bumpy roads so don't go - apologies for the randomness of the commentary for the next 20 minutes.

13:51 I think we may have 120 first equal pilots in goal today!

13:49 They have all taken the first turn point together!

13:49 They are flying along mountains with cliffs on the south side and trees and meadows on the north side.

13:46 They have moved over to the start and as one they are off.

13:46 They are now going south east along the mountain range to get the first turn point.

13:30 There are no different options for the start, all 118 pilots are in the same thermal for the start, its going to be a fast and furious race again!

13:29 2 minutes until the start and nobody is going for it yet!

13:28 There is no climb behind launch so they need to stay here right until the last minute.

13:27 They are all climbing directly above launch as that is the best thermal

13:23 A big thank you to the Serbian Mountain rescue who have been on launch with us every day, without whom we couldn't run Paragliding World Cup competitons.

13:21 Everyone is off and a big gaggle of virtually all the pilots is in pole position to take the start in 10 minutes.

13:19 Marko Novak another pilot who has been around since paragliding time began has just taken off.,

13:13 Dragan Martinovic has just take off on a 777 King and Evgeniya Belova on a BGD Cure

13:11 Although this competiton has been mainly Enzo3s, Zenos and Boom11s there are a few other wings.

13:08 There are just 10 pilots left to take off, given the wind this morning, that is really impressive - well done to all these world class pilots.

13:02 The Russians are being interviewed by the TV about their flying, ah well actually it's more about rakija and vodka - maybe that's russian for thermal

12:59 American pilot Mike Steed is about to step onto launch, I asked him how he felt 'I'm all ready' he said smiling.

12:57 The pilots in the air are having no problems getting up and are in a great position to get the start just behind launch at 13.30

12:52 Armin Eder who has been competing since Paragliding World Cups were invented in the early 1990s has just taken off.

12:49 The Meet Director has just asked pilots in the air to give level calls - they've all come back with level 1 - which means they are happy.

12:47 Andreas Malecki told me that the difficult bit would be getting up at the start, but they are all currently skying out in the contrail from flight 666 so no problems

12:46 Benedicte Saury is about to launch, she does a lot to promote women in flying and is really pleased to see 4 of the new comers in this Paragliding World Cup are women.

12:41 Peter Slade is the highest placed new comer out of about 20 new Paragliding World Cup pilots in this comp

12:34 Peter Slade is about to take off in this Paragliding World Cup in which he has definitely been one of our new (and very modest) rising stars.

12:27 Yassen Savov former European champion and winner of the last task has just taken off

12:26 Baptiste Lambert and Cyril Lambert are about to take off, I bet Paragliding World Cup pilot Mum Sandy will be in front of the live tracking in their home in Reunion Island today.

12:22 Louis Tapper is about to take off, wind is definitely going to be a factor today he told me .

12:17 The 1st to launch initially got up on the hill to the east of launch but have just flown across the front of launch and are climbing above us

12:09 It's still pretty windy and after the initial launch frenzy of 14 pilots there isn't much of a rush.

12:05 The wind is about 7 m/sec

12:05 The first pilots are off.

12:00 Just an interesting observation - Bartosz Moszczynski is the highest scoring name in a game of Scrabble that we have in this Paragliding World Cup.

11:58 I've just asked Bartosz Moszczynski what he thinks of today's task. 'No comment', he replied grinning.

11:54 Today's task is 62 km south east into the mountains - pretty much the same route as yesterday. Window open 12.10. Start 13.30. Goal near Pirot.

11:49 Vladimir Bacanin has just dropped back down from his thermal to tell us 'everything is ok'.

11:48 The live trackers are being given out - some people so don't know how to queue - it's worse than waiting for a French ski tow during the school holidays.

2017-06-23 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 6 [11:47]

The task is set - todays race is a 62.4 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 12:10 Local Time and the Start is at 13:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

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The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

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Commentary - Day 6

11:42 Brieffffffffffffing!

11:40 A very similar task to yesterday's cancelled task has been set and the pilots are all entering it into their instruments, but there is no start time yet.

11:39 Vladimir seems to be flying around just above launch making it look easy which I am sure it isn't.

11:39 Task committe pilot Vladimir Bacanin has just taken off to wind dummy for us.

11:39 After 20 minutes searching Yassen has found his canopy, which was right in front of him - obviously being a bit blond today!

11:39 The wind is dropping off significantly to about 6.

11:39 The happy thoughts filling has dropped out of Yassen Savov 's sandwich - he can't find his glider anywhere, it should have come up in one of the army trucks.

11:39 It is hot and windy still on launch, everyone is sheltering either beside the army trucks or under them!

11:39 Which reminds me , big thanks to the organisers for a great opening night - music and nibbles plus 2 excellent pilot meals so far and nice packed lunches

11:38 Yassen Savov pilot has just reassured me - it's taskable and winable, as he munched on a positive thoughts sandwich.

11:06 The wind is dropping but still gusting up to 10 m/s

10:49 The latest weather update: Yuki Sato Colombé is looking for a Little Cloud mini wing to fly today, which I think says it all!

10:39 Unfortunately Pete had a problem with a turn point in task 3 but he's definitely the flying vet who has got off to a flying start in his first Paragliding World Cup.

10:35 One of the big stories in this Paragliding World Cup has been new comer Australian Peter Slade, 2nd in task 2, his 1st ever Paragliding World Cup task.

10:31 As young tatooed upstart Richard Gallon told me 'The mistake I made in task 3 was pushing out in the flats - when I am old like Pepe I will be cleverer (maybe!)'

10:29 Everyone is keen to get another day flying, to discover the mountains to the east, and not making the same mistakes they made in earlier tasks.

10:13 Matt Senior told me that when the thermals come through later on it will be perfect - maybe!

10:10 The explanation Vladimir Bacanin gave me sounded convincing if completely incomprehensible - being totally in Serbian.

10:09 Vladimir Bacanin local expert and member of the task committee assures me the wind will drop at 12h.

10:00 We are on the top launch again today. Unfortunately the wind is gusting between 9-14 m per second - less than ideal for my hair do!

2017-06-23 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 6 [08:58]

Here we are on day 6 - the transports are leaving for takeoff, the sky is blue and the conditions look quite strong - the wind is in a favourable direction for the launch so we hope for a nice task today.

Details will be here at about 12:00


2017-06-22 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 5 [20:25]

In an update to the info we posted earlier - the transports will be leaving at the earlier time of 08:30 tomorrow (Friday 23rd)

2017-06-22 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 5 [17:53]

Everybody is now safely landed and back in Nis - we will try again tomorrow starting, as usual, at 09:00

2017-06-22 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 5 [13:00]

The task has been stopped at 12:57 due to strong wind

Commentary - Day 5

12:58 Due to dangerous conditions on the take-off the task has been stopped.

12:47 Launch is currently closed as the wind is cross making the bowl in front of launch turbulent

12:46 It will be very interesting to see how they get on flying over tree covered hills today.

12:45 Yesterday there were also nice thermals comng off the fields but the forests didn't work well.

12:41 Stefan Bernhard told me the clouds worked well yesterday, a few are popping up above launch which may now help

12:39 Those in the air have now got a nice bit of height which is frustrating for those still on the ground currently getting tangled up on launch.

12:37 Primoz said even small dips can fill with warm air protected from the wind and give off thermals.

12:36 Primoz Susa currently lying 5th overall told me the topography is very complex here. It's best to look for the changes in colours between fields

12:34 They have now moved forward away from the hill and are doing a lot better.

12:32 Virtually eveyone who has taken off so far is in a gaggle to the south of launch milling about trying to get up.

12:28 The wind seems to be braking up the thermals making it difficult to launch.

12:27 He told me there is over developement behind, big clouds forming already, but it still seems quite stable above launch.

12:26 I've just spoken to Antonio Golfari

12:23 Also of course they are taking off earlier today than on precivious days.

12:23 There is lot of hesitation to launch, it looks a bit stable, those who have taken off are only just maintaining above launch

12:19 It's quite difficult to tell you who is taking off as they all look a bit like astronauts dressed up for halloween!

12:19 Today's task should seperate everyone out a bit more.

12:16 Méryl Delferriere is off, only 3 points seperate her from boyfriend Simon Pellissier overall.

12:12 Goran Dimiskovski wearing his favourite Jack&Jones t-shirt should perhaps also have 'he who should be obeyed' written on his chest, is once again doing a great job of organising launch.

12:08 There are also some fairly windy cycles

12:07 The launch is proving turbulent and a bit in the lee today.

12:06 Leading lady Atsuko Yamashita is trying to launch

12:00 Day 2 winner Yury Mishanin is taking off

11:59 The first pilots are off, there is a lot of excitement on launch as the first wings are pulled up.

11:54 Atsuko Yamashita is overall leading lady.

11:54 The overall winner is still Yury Mishanin who gained a lot of points (even with discards) over the others by flying 18km further than anyone else on day 2.

11:51 Today we will crown a King of the Mountains, will we have a new winner or will Stéphane Poulain, Yury Mishanin or Yassen Savov one of our previous days winners keep their crown?

11:48 End of speed and goal are near Pirot.

11:48 Today's task is very different to yesterdays. They will be going east into the mountains then south, hoping from mountain range to mountain range.

2017-06-22 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 5 [11:43]

The task has been updated - todays race is now a 63.69 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 12:00 Local Time and the Start is at 13:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

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Commentary - Day 5

11:38 Briefing is taking place. The winners from yesterday Yassen Savov and Yuki Sato Colombé are being congratulated and given their Cheki Reke t-shirts.

11:37 Well done to our partner Ozone who were the winning team yesterday.

2017-06-22 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 5 [11:19]

The task is set - todays race is a 63.69 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 12:00 Local Time and the Start is at 13:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

LiveTrack24 Tracking can be found HERE
***NEW*** 3D In Browser (also works on Tablets) - 30fps Refresh

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 5

11:17 A shorter task of 64 km today due to the risk of storms later on, and leaving earlier at 12h, start at 13h30. I hope flight 666 to Nish is reading this

11:11 The live tracker stampede is on.

11:10 The task committee are in top secret deliberations to set a task which will give as many different route options as possible.

11:07 For young Serbian pilot Vladimir Bacanin on the task committee, the big risk today is over development.

10:54 Mike Steed added 'The weather is a lot like yesterday, no cloud developement, I think we'll be flying in blue thermals today'.

10:53 Today we are using the same launch as pilots took off from yesterday.

10:52 Reunion Island pilot Lionel Lang told me 'it looks like another good day. No clouds, blue sky and the wind is already coming up launch.'

2017-06-22 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 5 [09:03]

Here we go again - nice skies and excited pilots - all of the buses are leaving HQ for the takeoff

If all is normal we should have task details at about 12:30 - keep watching


2017-06-21 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 4 [20:12]

Everybody is back including the 86 goal pilots. It has been an excellent task and we have lots of happy pilots around.

REMINDER: The pilot dinner starts at 20:30 (details at the start of today)

The results are now available on the website - we start again at 0900 tomorrow

Commentary - Day 4

18:23 At 12:35 I wrote 'The idea is to have a shorter task today to have pilots in goal', mission accomplished, well done to everyone, especially the 86 pilots in goal!

18:20 The last pilot in the air, Tomas Svoboda, has just landed at the end of a Grand Day out with 86 pilots in goal.

17:50 We are just waiting for the last seven pilots to make goal. Then we will see how the lead out points affect the final positions, and how the final positions in turn affect the overall positions. In the meantime, you may want to tune into World Cup TV and watch the film of yesterday's task, once again very innovatively filmed by Paragliding World Cup cameraman Philippe.

17:46 Great to see one of our other top couples Olivier Henry and Benedicte Saury both getting to goal together.

17:39 Pilot's scores are made up of three components – lead out points, time points and distance points. Today, with over 80 pilots in goal, the time points and lead out points will be very decisive and the distance points less so.

17:33 AFTER the end of speed section, their TIME around the course is shown with a bar through it. Once they reach goal, their time points are validated and the bar is removed.

17:32 Up until a pilot reaches the end of speed section, the figure shown, is the distance in kilometres from launch towards goal, i.e the distance they have flown so far along the direct route to goal.

17:32 You may have noticed on our Fast Retrieve Leaderboard pilots who made the end of speed section but did NOT make goal, have a bar through their time indicating that they will get full distance points but will NOT get time points.

17:26 More than 80 pilots (out of 119 flying today) have now made goal - what a great day!

17:24 The Jack&Jones jackets are a great fit and being black, they match most harnesses, an important detail according to most of the Paragliding World Cup fashion victims I interviewed.

17:24 As with all J&J clothing, the jackets mix Swiss technology with French chic. The jackets are lightly padded with fleece inside the arms and hood and have reflective detail.

17:23 I briefly mentioned Meryl's stylish Jack&Jones jacket on launch this morning. A big thank you to our partner Jack&Jones who very kindly gave one of their stylish TECH jackets to all our 2016 Super Final pilots.

17:19 Méryl Delferriere and Simon Pellissier who set off this morning one place (and 2 points) apart in the overall scores have both just arrived in goal having crossed end of speed in 56th and 57th positions - with Meryl a full 23 seconds ahead of boyfriend Simon.

17:15 Marko Novak another of our more mature pilots, who has been competing since Paragliding World Cups began, crossed end of speed in 55th position

17:12 Yesterday's winner Yury Mishanin made end of speed and goal 25 minutes after first pilot Yassen Savov in 54th position

17:11 2nd on day 1 in his first ever Paragliding World Cup Peter Slade also made goal today, crossing end of speed in 51st position, closely followed by Denis Chouraqui and Bojan Gabersek

17:09 Jan Richard Hansen and Felipe Rezende were the next two across end of speed.

17:08 It's great to see father and son duo Baptiste Lambert and Cyril Lambert in goal together on their new Boomerang 11s.

17:05 Russian pilot Alexander Frider was next across end of speed

17:03 Next across end of speed Mathias Ioualalen, Stefan Bernhard, Franz Erlacher, Srdjan Ristanovic, Alexey Makarov, Brett Hazlett and Isidor Fink

17:01 Peter Budai came in a few seconds ahead of young French pilots Tim Rochas and Téo Bouvard

17:01 After the ladies and before the young French pilots Dimitriy Samigullin, Matt Senior, Sergey Lazerev-Marchenko, Midori Nakanome, Jacques Fournier and Marco Littame

16:59 Separating the ladies 26th, 28th and 30th across end of speed: Predrag Dudic, Victor Sibirtsev and Cody Mittanck

16:58 The top 3 ladies were very close today 43 seconds apart - Yuki Sato Colombé, Atsuko Yamashita and Wooyoung Jang

16:58 Heinrich Bretz and Bartosz Moszczynski crossed end of speed neck and neck 23rd =

16:58 Vladimir Bacanin who was with the leaders for so much of the race, a race where racing experience probably won the day, came in 22 across the end of speed.

16:58 Peter Nägele and Dora Goksal were next across end of speed

16:58 Tadej Krevh and one of our very mature pilots Armin Eder crossed end of speed within 1 second of each other in 18th and 19th position.

16:57 Olivier Henry passed end of speed in 17th place and if he is quick should be able to get a glass of wine ready for partner Benedicte Saury arriving in goal soon too.

16:53 Next into goal Dušan Orož, Aleksei Korobkov, Yoann Chavanne and Baptiste Lambert - who I hope is going to have a beer ready for Dad Cyril Lambert who should arrive in goal in about half an hour.

16:49 Within 20 seconds of each other Arnaud Baumy and Martin Rebord cross end of speed

16:39 Alexandre Malcher after an amazing race to end of speed doesn't seem to have made goal.

16:38 9 seconds later Michele Boschi crossed end of speed, you don't get closer than this.

16:37 5 and 7 seconds later respectively Rafael Saladini and Primoz Susa crossed end of speed.

16:36 Stephane Drouin has left the youngsters he's coaching behind and crossed end of speed 20 seconds after the leaders

16:35 Yassen Savov has crossed end of speed 2 seconds ahead of Alexandre Jofresa and both have made goal - a big well done to both

16:33 What a race.

16:30 Joachim Torn and Richard Gallon are watching the screen with me, this is nail biting

16:29 Alexandre Malcher is still in front and so nearly there

16:26 They also need to take into account the conditions: if the wind is behind them they'll need less height, into wind, they'll need more height.

16:25 This is the point where the race is won or lost. The key factors: the glide ratio of their wing (normally 12:1/11:1), their height and the distance remaining to goal. Are they high enough to make it?

16:25 Towards the end of the race the crucial decision is how high to climb before breaking away for the final glide to end of speed and goal. As long as nobody goes, they tend to keep climbing, which is what I think they are doing at the moment.

16:23 Brazilian pilot Alexandre Malcher has come from nowhere and is right up with Yassen.

16:20 Stephane Drouin French team leader is showing the youngsters how to do it. He's right at the front of the gaggle behind the two leaders, what an amazing pilot and showing once again that he merits his role of coach.

16:17 Baptiste Lambert has decided not to wait for Dad Cyril Lambert and is with the second lead gaggle

16:11 Going back down the course line Rafael Saladini World Record holder, 564 km in Brazil, is in the next gaggle.

16:10 This is truly amazing Pepe and Yassen are on the same glider, same height, same distance to goal - but probably not both listening to the same music.

16:08 The top 60 have all got the last turn point and are really racing to end of speed and goal.

16:07 Less than 4km separate the first 45 pilots!

16:06 Michele Boschi, Alexandre Jofresa and Jose Rebelo are just behind them

16:05 It is so close between the top 3, all on Enzo 3s, Yassen Savov 1251m, Andreas Malecki 1177m and Primoz Susa 661m. How much height do they need with a cross wind to get 13 km?

16:01 There is a massive gaggle of about 45 pilots right behind them.

16:00 Vladimir Bacanin has got the 4th turn point too now, this is really going to help his overall 5th position but he needs to watch his height (449m)

15:58 Yassen Savov and Primoz Susa have taken the lead as Pepe has stopped to climb, he's much higher than the other 2 though

15:56 The leaders have got less than 15 km to go to goal and should be there in 20 minutes

15:55 Primoz Susa just behind them has also now got the turn point.

15:55 Pepe and Yassen are now in a nail biting race to end of speed at Lebane. Yassen is a bit ahead but lower (649m) Pepe is behind but higher (1281m)

15:55 The leading lady at the moment is top Turkish pilot Merve Arslan who holds the female distance record in Turkey of 143 km.

15:55 Primoz Susa has dropped back a bit but is higher than the 2 leaders.

15:54 Yassen Savov and Andreas Malecki have just got the 4th turn point

15:54 Behind them there is another group of 3 Rafael Saladini, Hernan Pitocco and Luciano Pagnoni.

15:54 Another group of 3 have broken away from the big gaggle and are just behind them Vladimir Bacanin, Michele Boschi and Jose Rebelo

15:54 There is still one group of 3 out in front Andreas Malecki, Yassen Savov, Primoz Susa.

15:39 Primoz Susa is slightly ahead of the other 2 but lower at 1164m compared to Andreas Malecki 1604m and Yassen Savov 1677m

15:37 The leaders have now got a clear 5 km lead over the others.

15:36 Jose Rebelo flew 414, 230, 480, 137, 327, 350, 398, and 109 km last autumn in Brazil. He is currently lying 6th in XContest in the world!

15:32 Jose Rebelo is up at the front of the second gaggle, he was 3rd in task 1.

15:29 It's great to see young Serbian pilot Vladimir Bacanin up at the front, he was third yesterday and is making a valuable contribution to the task committee.

15:27 Today is going to completely change the scores, none of the three leaders at the moment were in the top 30 overall this morning.

15:24 The three leaders are all sticking together as they head south to Leskovac

15:23 The next gaggle of 20 have all got the turn point together.

15:22 Yael Margelisch has dropped back to get a climb she is quite low at 568m

15:22 The 3 leaders have plenty of height Primoz Susa 1262m, Andreas Malecki 1255m and Yassen Savov 1007m.

15:22 The wind is quite light at all levels, westerly at about 10 kph with good thermals everywhere.

15:21 Are the 3 leaders going to stick together or will Yassen 'Do a Yassen' - do his own thing?

15:20 That'll be difficult in a gaggle of 25.

15:19 Yael told me she had spoken to a paragliding coach who advised her that it was best not to focus on other competitors to avoid being distracted by them.

15:14 Yael Margelisch is right at the front of the second gaggle

15:13 The top 3 Yassen Savov, Primoz Susa and Andreas Malecki have got the turn point

15:11 Leading ladies and flying friends Yael Margelisch and Méryl Delferriere are not letting the boys get away from them today, they are both with the top ten.

15:11 The 1st 3 have pulled away and are about to get the 3rd turn point Andreas Malecki, Yassen Savov and Primoz Susa

15:10 Andreas Malecki, Yassen Savov and Primoz Susa have got a 4 km lead, wow this is a very fast task.

15:10 The next gaggle has got about 25 pilots in it.

15:04 Yassen was one of the lead out point baggers in both the St Andre and Coeur de Savoie Paragliding World Cups - he isn't letting his reputation slip here.

15:02 As Maxime Pinot said recently on World Cup TV - when Yassen gets out in front , there is not much you can do!

15:00 Another pilot who is no stranger to winning tasks is also at the front of the pack - Yassen Savov, he's won 5 tasks recently.

14:58 Andreas Malecki is no stranger to winning tasks - he's won 3 in the last few years - could today once again be his?

14:57 The pilots are all so close together it makes it look as if the leaders are constantly changing as their trackers catch up their position.

14:55 Flying right with Primoz is task setter Andreas Malecki

14:55 Primoz Susa the highest placed Super Final pilot in the comp is right at the front with the leaders.

14:39 The leading group is huge - there are 71 pilots in the first 500m

14:28 They are really getting a move on with this task - Yassen Savov, Jose Rebelo and Owen Shoemaker have now got the second turnpoint and are heading southwest

14:16 First 3 pilots at the first turnpoint are Louis Tapper, Dora Goksal and Andreas Malecki

14:15 They're off - headed for the first turnpoint in two distinct groups - a short flight to the north and then they head south and west

14:09 At the start (14:10) each pilot must have one position outside of the cylinder before crossing into it - failing to do this is called 'jumping the start' and would result in zero points being scored by that pilot

14:08 They are all lining up along the start cylinder with just 2 minutes to go

13:46 That's everyone off

13:41 The last 3 pilots are just laying out to go.

13:40 A big thank you to Zeljko for organising this competition in some pretty difficult conditions - what a pro.

13:39 MD Zeljko how was today - calm, no panic, no stress, lots of problems, 1 international rescue call out due to a wrong button press - he replied smiling.

13:35 Meet Director Zeljko Ovuka is one of the other amazing people who has made today possible.

13:32 Take-off headmaster Goran Dimiskovski has once again done an amazing job today - somebody who gives so much to the Paragliding World Cup.

13:30 Téo Bouvard, Simon Pellissier and Méryl Delferriere are all ahead of Stephane in the overall scores but you didn't hear that from me.

13:26 French team leader Stephane Drouin has just taken off to catch up with the rising young French stars ahead of him.

13:17 The take off proceedure seems to be working a lot better today, a lot calmer, there is a nice even breeze coming up launch which is also helping.

13:15 Today it will be essential to stay high. I really hope it will be do-able Peter told me.

13:14 It will be difficult to climb at the beginning becaue of the inversion, but the lift above the inversion should be good.

13:13 I've just asked a very relaxed looking Peter Nägele what he thinks about today.

13:11 Méryl Delferriere and boyfriend Simon Pellissier are lying neck and neck with just 2 points seperating them - aww.

13:07 When I asked Meryl how she liked her Jack&Jones jacket she summed it up in a word grinning 'great'.

13:06 Top lady over all Méryl Delferriere is already in the air sporting one of the our partner Jack&Jones Tech jackets given as prizes to all the Super Final pilots.

12:58 Those who are off are climbing in very pretty little gaggles to the left and directly above launch.

12:57 The wind is from the north west

12:57 They then continue north to turn point 1. Then zig zag south of Nish down the valley past Leskovac with goal and end of speed at Lebane.

12:57 Cyril Lambert is in orbit above launch, he was one of the early birds to get off and is flying like a demon.

12:57 Cyril Lambert 's son Baptiste Lambert told me he's a bit worried about there being an inversion . Otherwise there is less wind and less cloud than yesterday

12:56 Antonio Golfari assures me that today will be a very fast task with no difficult bits - I hope he's right.

12:42 Just a bit about the task. The start is a few km north of take-off.

12:41 The first pilots are off, The March of the Emperors is on.

12:35 The idea is to have a shorter task today to have pilots in goal.

12:34 The window is going to open in a few minutes at 12.40. With the start at 14.10

2017-06-21 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 4 [12:33]

The task is set - todays race is a 73.29 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 12:40 Local Time and the Start is at 14:10

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

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The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

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Commentary - Day 4

12:26 The trackers are being given out to threats of 'no tracker, no icecream', that got everyone running!

12:25 The top 10 pilots overall are going to be allowed to launch first plus the top 2 women. then the next 10 and next 2 etc.

12:23 Launch is going to be an ordered launch like yesterday except we hope to make it more orderly.

12:22 So we are now down at the lower launch

12:21 Overall winner Yury Mishanin. First lady Yuki Sato Colombé. First team our partner Flymaster who kindly supply us with their excellent trackers.

12:19 During the briefing yesterday's winners were congratulated.

12:19 Another briefing has taken place. The wind is cross and coming over the back. So we are going to the lower launch.

11:52 A rebrief is taking place.

11:44 007 Yury Bond is looking intently at his instrument, no doubt hoping for another stunning day like yesterday where he won by a mere 18 km.

11:41 The big question is will we have to go back down to the launch we used yesterday.

11:41 We are in the strange situation that a 71.6 km task has been set but the take-off hasn't been decided yet!

11:41 I feel very popular, 120 beeping pilots surround me entering the task. Oh the humiliation of realising they are more interested in the taskboard than me.

11:29 There is a lot of concern about the wind direction changing to be too cross to use this launch.

11:26 The road then turns into a dirt track - which apparently has been 'specially repaired for the competition' - hum.

11:25 Today's drive inevitably ended in a traffic jam of mini vans, clouds of dust and a lot of pilots walking.

11:25 The route takes us through little fields of maize, beans, tomatoes, peas. I don't think big fields have been invented here.

11:25 It's all very green as there is a big underground lake.

11:24 Just a word about the drive to take-off.

11:15 The drive takes us through lots of pretty little villages with roses, geraniums and all oozing rural life.

11:09 I hope flight 666 to Nish also knows 'No planes on a Wednesday'.

11:08 Local pilot and task committee member Vladimir Bacanin told me grinning the big news is that 'No planes on a Wednesday'.

11:06 The wind is light W SW onto launch. Cumulous are forming. It seems warmer.

11:06 Louis Tapper said it is forecast to be 30 degrees today, he hopes we can launch early so it won't over shade like yesterday.

11:06 Matt Senior told me ' better launch conditions and a better take-off than yesterday.

11:00 Today we are on a launch on the same mountains as yesterday but just a little higher up - at 1030m

2017-06-21 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 4 [09:39]

Another sunny day here in Serbia with a forecast of lighter winds and better task conditions. The transports have left for takeoff and we expect task news at about 12:30.

There is a dinner for the pilots at 20:30 at the restaurant Stambolijski here in Nis Map Here


2017-06-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 3 [21:06]

Its all over - nobody in goal again but still quite a task

The results are now available from the links above.

Transports will leave HQ at 0900 again tomorrow morning - see you then

Commentary - Day 3

19:54 Vidimo Se Sutra - which apparently means 'see you tomorrow', but I do always worry about things which end in 'Sutra'.

19:25 All the pilots have now landed and sadly, once again, nobody made goal.

19:10 Just to clarify a previous post, the nominal distance of 50 km is set per event/venue. At a Paragliding World Cup elsewhere it could be more or less than 50 km.

19:02 Yuki Sato Colombé flew the furthest out of our leading ladies today - 42.94 km. Yesterday's leading lady, Méryl Delferriere, is close behind Yuki having flown 42.4 km.Well done to both.

18:58 As no one was in goal today the minimum amount of 33 time points which has to be awarded means that the day will be scored out of a maximum of 967.

18:56 Yury has a neary 18 km lead over the second pilot.

18:56 This is what we can tell you about the distances the top 10 pilots have flown round today's 90 km task: Yury Mishanin 63.9 : Manuel Brechignac 46.1: Dušan Orož 46: Felipe Rezende 45.9: Stéphane Poulain 45.6: Vladimir Bacanin 45.2: Durali Karaca 44.1: Sergey Lazarev-marchenko (thank goodness for cut and paste) 44: Luciano Pagnoni 43.9: Jacques Fournier 43.9.

18:41 Yury Mishanin has landed in the foothills of Midzor and Babin Zub. It remains to be seen where the other 8 pilots who are currently still in the air land.

18:31 'Méryl Delferriere's technical level is amazing, she thermals efficiently and looks ahead which really helps her to win against the men. She has shown what is possible when women are trained properly (Meryl went to Pole Espoir de Font Romeu), women can be as good if not better than the men. Meryl is only 19 and already is more experienced at racing than a lot of the men' Benedicte Saury.

18:27 No list of outstanding achievement would be complete without mentioning yesterday's leading lady, Méryl Delferriere, especially as it's written by fellow female pilot Benedicte Saury.

18:25 The lead out point baggers from recent Paragliding World Cups to watch here are Julien Brung, Stephane Drouin, Richard Gallon, Clement Latour, Andreas Malecki, Rafael Saladini, and of course Yassen Savov - these are the pilots who have led out in the Coeur de Savoie Paragliding World Cup, the Super Final and the St Andre Paragliding World Cup - big, big respect - we take our helmets off to you.

18:16 Lead out points can be a maximum of 167 of the 1000 points. Those who are in front at the beginning, after the start, get more lead out points and the amount degrades as the course goes on. Those who get the most lead out points are a rare species known as 'lead out point baggers'.

18:13 If Yury is as far ahead as we think today, he will also get a lot of 'lead out points'. Tasks are out of a maximum of 1000 points which is a combination of time points(reflecting their speed round the course if they get to goal), and distance points (the distance they flew if they didn't get to goal) and lead out points.

17:41 Cameraman Philippe has just come in, to give us a weather report, not in the middle of a thermal amid beeping varios. The flying was smooth, then it went a bit dark and shady which made it difficult and expains why so many pilots landed not making it much past turn point three.

17:37 It's very likely that Yury is flying on his own. If he gets to goal it will not necessarily be a 1000 point day, a lot depends on how far behind him the other pilots were. The task is 90 km. The nominal distance is 50 km which means that for the day to be fully valid the average of all the pilots has to be more than half that, i.e 25 km.

17:27 It has really clouded in a lot along the course line now.

17:24 The sun and shade along the course has made today's task really difficult along with the threat of rain around turn point two.

17:17 There are only 18 other pilots in the air with Yury.

17:16 I can almost hear 007 Yury singing his own theme tune 'Live and Let Fly'

17:12 Meantime 007 Yury Mishanin is definitely flying With A View To A Win, From Russia With Love on his Golden Wing - well a turquoise and white Enzo 3.

17:04 New countries TD Ulric would like to see the Paragliding World Cup visit include Nepal, Chile, Russia - so watch this space for some exciting new venues.

17:03 I asked Paragliding World Cup Technical Delegate Ulric Jessop which other countries he would like to see the Paragliding World Cup visiting (such is the level of our pillow talk).

17:01 GSM problems is all part of trying the trackers in a new environment.

16:57 So, once again a big thank you to Flymaster for their trackers, back up and support to the Paragliding World Cup.

16:56 Chris Trow our Paragliding World Cup retrieve and tracking guru has just added 'Having worked with a lot of live tracking systems we are convinced that the Flymaster Live is absolutely the best tracking system in the world at the moment - in fact, its closest competition is the new 'Tracker' - also from Flymaster.'

16:53 It's worth bearing in mind that whether the trackers work or not is frequently out of our partner Flymaster's hands and depends on the GSM network of the area we are in.

16:48 Yury Mishanin is probably flying on his own because he went through the turn point in the middle with Manuel Brechignac but then Yury took a climb and Manuel carried on flying directly along the course line whilst Yury drifted in a climb 3km east into the mountains.

16:45 There are 33 pilots still flying but most of the trackers are off line.

16:43 Yury Mishanin so deserves to win this taking totally his own line in the mountains.

16:33 007 Yury Mishanin is storming ahead, taking his own line. This is exactly what he did in the Paragliding World Cup in Italy in 2016 and won the task.

16:30 Yury Mishanin is taking a line very wide of the course line sticking to the mountains to the east.

16:28 A lot of people have landed because it shaded over.

16:27 The top 45 have all now got turn point 3.

16:26 It looks as if so far about half the field are still flying (and those of you good at maths can therefore work out that half the field have landed).

16:21 Manuel Brechignac looks to be leading out in front but his tracker is off line.

16:19 It looks like the next big gaggle have all got turn point three.

16:17 Srdjan Ristanovic is about to get the third turn point

16:12 Paragliding World Cup Camerman Philippe has just phoned down from the clouds to say it's ok where he is, but it is raining over launch, well we think that is what he said, there was the sound of a lot of beeping varios and then over and out.

16:10 Yury Mishanin, Russia's equivalent to Britain's 007 has also just taken the 3rd turn point.

16:06 Stephane told me on launch - I'm not here to win, I'm here to have fun. Safety is my priority and I don't want to do something stupid. Leading points are not my priority. Hum, well you could have fooled me!

16:04 Stephane started flying in 2000 but didn't do his first Paragliding World Cup until 2015. He loves flat land flying as he lives in the north of France and flies a lot in the French and Belgian Ardennes.

16:01 Stéphane Poulain won yesterday's windy task and is proving today that yesterday's performance was no one (or won) off.

15:59 Vladimir Bacanin is one of the top ranked Serbian pilots in the international rankings. He is on the task committee for this competition and his local knowledge is obviously proving very useful

15:57 The only ones so far to have taken the third turn point are Vladimir Bacanin, Stéphane Poulain and Clement Latour

15:55 The third turn point is causing a lot of problems.

15:51 Next with a bit more height Stéphane Poulain and Vladimir Bacanin at over 700m

15:49 Clement Latour is leading

15:48 So they have now taken the third turn point and are on their way south east to the end of speed and goal.

15:33 A second large group are about to take turnpoint 2 - Julien Brung is out front for now but it can all change

15:30 The leaders are about 2/3 of the way down the third leg of the course and headed for turnpoint 3

15:19 Sorry due to rather a large speed bump we reported that Yassen had landed he is in fact leading.

15:10 They use their GPS to confirm that they have crossed the cylinder - they don't need to go to the turn point in the middle.

15:07 The start and the turn points have cylinders around them to spread pilots out.

15:05 The task comprises a start line and time after which the pilots can cross the start, followed by turn points.

15:03 The task should ideally take the fastest pilot 2.5-3hrs. A briefing takes place to explain the task to the other pilots.

14:57 Thank goodness for sports bras is all I can say!

14:55 Meantime my assistant Marie-Jo Coupez and I are bumping our way down an extremely bumpy track in an over crowded mini bus with no springs.

14:53 They now need to fly south to the second turn point in front of launch

14:51 The next gaggle are close behind them

14:51 The 1st turn point has been taken by Baptiste Lambert, Yoshiaki Hirokawa and Bojan Gabersek

14:43 A task committee of 2 pilots is chosen at registration. Everyday the task committee and Meet Director set a task.

14:41 So how does a paragliding competition work?

14:33 Now the pilots need to fly north or east depending on their position around the cylinder to the first turn point.

14:30 The start is now open.

14:30 The position of the pilots around the start is crucial those further west round the cylinder will have the west wind more behind them to get to turn point 1

14:28 The last pilot is off to loud applause

14:21 Zelimo vam ugodan let - have a good flight everyone!

14:18 Bartosz Moszczynski, Brett Hazlett and Pavel Gussev are just taking off, 120 pilots off 1 by 1 in an hour and a quarter, that has to be a world record.

14:12 French wine pro Franck Perring has just taken off, he was pretty positive about the Serbian wine at the opening night 'it gets better with every glass' he told me.

14:07 Those who have taken off are skying out. Those who haven't, are looking skywards anxiously as the wind picks up.

14:05 Aleksei Korobkov has just wrapped the take-off marshals in his glider which isn't going to speed things up.

14:03 They so need to get off as soon as possible to get to the start by 14h30.

14:00 I make it that there are still 20 left to go - can they average more than a launch per minute?

13:58 In a very distinctive Jack&Jones t-shirt, Mr President Goran Dimiskovski is doing a fine job of getting 120 pilots off 1 by 1 in an hour and 15 mins - big respect!

13:55 Great to see the ladies showing the men how to do it, that was a great launch, well done.

13:54 Evgeniya Belova is about to take off on her very colourful BGD Cure

13:53 The spectators are loving this, it is the best entertainment they have had in a long time. There are impressive whistles and woops with every launch.

13:48 There is still quite a line of penguins, sorry pilots, waiting to launch.Will they all make it before the start opens at 14.15h 2 km away?

13:47 Yassen Savov, former European Champion is always one to watch on the live tracking, well known for his innovative routes, he keeps us on the edge of our seats.

13:44 Yassen Savov is taking off, as colourfully dressed as his flying usually is.

13:42 Baptiste Lambert is off and made launching look almost as easy as Dad Cyril Lambert did.

13:38 Will father Cyril Lambert or son Baptiste Lambert get to goal first today?

13:34 Tim Rochas has just launched, like so many of the young French pilots here he made it look so easy

13:33 There are also a lot of military here who brought the gliders to launch in their trucks and seem to run on Red Bull.

13:32 There are a lot of media on launch - I suspect they are filming a paragliding version of 'Fast and Furious' for Serbian TV.

13:30 As for Cameraman Philippe, he seems to be getting a lot of foot footage from under veteran Russian pilot Yury Mishanin 's glider which has just failed to launch.

13:27 Paragliding World Cup President Goran Dimiskovski is organising take off priority in military fashion - he would make a great headmaster.

13:26 The launch has gone into shade so there is a bit of a launch frenzy pause.

13:24 Those who have taken off seem to be climbing nicely, no problems at all.

13:23 Rising French star Téo Bouvard has just made launching look easy

13:21 Top ladies Merve Arslan and Yuki Sato Colombé are about to take off.

13:20 There is a long line of pilots at the gate waiting to take off - they look strangely like penguins but I don't think I am allowed to write that.

13:18 Despite the small launch everyone is taking off fast and efficiently. A big thank you to all the organisation helpers making this possible.

13:16 Paragliding World Cup cameraman Philippe is floating about above our heads filming the launch mayhem, making it look easy as always.

13:15 Leading lady from yesterday Méryl Delferriere is laying out her wing and about to go

13:14 Paragliding World Cup cameraman Philippe has just taken off along with a wind dummy and are staying up.

13:14 The first pilots are laying out on launch Julien Brung and Alexandre Jofresa ready to go.

13:14 Clement Latour is beside them

13:14 The first pilots are off

13:14 Older and wiser Etienne Coupez, On verra - we'll see!

12:55 Téo Bouvard It looks like a great task, not too much shade, less wind than yesterday and base at 2000m.

2017-06-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 3 [12:54]

The task has been updated - todays race is now a 90.25 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 13:15 Local Time and the Start is at 14:30

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

LiveTrack24 Tracking can be found HERE
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The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 3

12:53 The window will open at 1.15 and the start at 14.30. The launch is small so this should give everyone time to get to the start which is near - 2km away.

12:51 Benedicte Saury getting into a good tactical position at the start will be really important, right height, right position. It looks an interesting task.

12:42 Ronny Helgesen the end might be difficult with the possibilty of getting stuck as they come out of the mountains and into the flats and past the town of Pirot.

12:40 Bartosz Moszczynski has flown here a lot - it should be fairly straightforward.

12:38 So what do the pilots think about today's task?

12:27 The wind is north west and pretty much on to launch.

12:25 As soon as flight number 666 to Nish airport passes, the pilots will be able to take off. They are all literally on 'stand by'.

12:21 The local people are unbelievable friendly and I would like to say a big thank you for their welcome to us in their community and country.

12:19 The Mayor of Nish is on launch today. It is very clear that there is a lot of support from the local community for paragliding here.

12:13 A maximum of 6 pilots will be allowed on launch at once. The top 15 from yesterday and all women will have priority.

12:12 Paragliding World Cup President Goran Dimiskovski has just explained today's launch priority.

12:11 Yesterday's winner was Stéphane Poulain, first lady Méryl Delferriere and the winning team was Ozone. Well done to everyone.

12:10 The briefing is taking place.The winners from yesterday are being congratulated.

12:05 The start is just in front of launch, with a short north then south leg, then a longer leg north east, then a long leg south east to end of speed + goal.

12:00 The last few trackers are being given out, the motto here is 'no tracker no ice cream'!

11:59 The sun is shining, the clouds look nice but there could be a bit of local rain later.

11:51 Briefing will take place as soon as the task board has been cellotaped back together.

11:50 The pilots are all noting down the 90 km task and the trackers are being given out.

11:48 Today should show what the area really has to offer by way of top class flying.

11:48 Louis Tapper Yesterday was a warm up day, today is the real thing, lighter winds, the cumulous is already starting, this should be a fast day.

11:46 Yesterday's runner up Peter Slade told me it looks really nice so we should get a good task.

11:44 The weather looks a lot more appealing too.

11:43 Today's launch looks a lot more appealing than yesterday's cozy launch with power lines and passager planes.

11:40 Today we are in the Svrljiske Mountains which is the highest point east of Nish.

2017-06-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 3 [11:39]

A provisional task has been set - todays race will be a 90.25 km Race to Goal.
The window times and start time are not yet declared - an update will be published when they are set

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

LiveTrack24 Tracking can be found HERE
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The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

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Commentary - Day 3

11:39 Dobro jutro od Srbije - which I am told means good morning from Serbia.

2017-06-20 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 3 [09:28]

Day 3 is here and the weather is improving. We have bright, sunny skies today and the transports have all left for the takeoff.

We should have task details in about 90 mins...


2017-06-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 2 [19:57]

The day is over and the final pilots are back at HQ. Nobody made goal today so it's been a busy retrieve. The results are now available from the link above.

We have a technical problem, right now, with setting som epilot names on the Flymaster map - any with accented characters have remained set to the pilot names from Event 1. We hope to fix this quickly - apologies for any confusion

Commentary - Day 2

17:42 It looks as if Stéphane Poulain has just landed at turn point five, well done for a great effort.

17:40 The 2017 Super Final will be held in January 2018 in Roldanillo, Columbia.|There is an excellent review of each of the Paragliding World Cup destinations in our partner XC Magazine's travel guide.

17:38 ALAS DEL HOMBRE have backing from the local government for their venture and there is plenty of accommodation and Guadalajara international airport nearby. Definitely one comp to put in your diaries.

17:38 The exciting news this year is that they have just opened a new site with massive potential at Zapotiltic, on the other side of the Tapalpa massif so it gets the pacific winds and is very consistent. This new competition venue will be the base for the Mexican Pre World Cup.

17:37 ALAS DEL HOMBRE are the most successful and best recognised paragliding school in Mexico. They are based in Valle de Bravo where they have an excellent shop and tandem operation. They have also organised several Paragliding World Cups and the Monarca Open since butterflies began.

17:36 There will be a Pre Paragliding World Cup organised and run by Paragliding World Cup partner Alas del Hombre and promises to be an excellent event in Zapotiltic 02/12/2017 to 09/12/2017

17:34 Just a reminder that this is the second of 5 legs of the Paragliding World Cup, the rest will take place:|Switzerland - Disentis 05/08/2017 to 12/08/2017|Brazil - Pico do Gaviao 02/09/2017 to 09/09/2017|Ecuador - Guayaquil - Bototillo 28/10/2017 to 04/11/2017

17:33 Stéphane Poulain is very close to the fifth turn point - amazing.

17:31 Jose Rebelo 's tracker looked as if he landed very early whereas in fact he didn't and has just landed next to the fifth turn point, making him the only pilot so far to have got the turn point.

17:25 Wide grassy launches, broad valleys. The air mass stays comparatively dry compared with the coast, however all around is still green. There is a lot of forest. Pilots need to keep a careful eye out for the ramshackle power cables from the post war building frenzy.

17:24 Just a bit about Nish from our partner XC Magazine's excellent travel guide:|Nis hosted its first Paragliding World Cup back in 2005. Other big comps have also been hosted here, including European Paragliding World Championships. A combination of mountain and flatland XC flying on offer.

17:20 Pavel Titov is just 1 km behind him and 150 higher. He is a very good pilot, he has done a lot of Paragliding World Cups. We will definitely be keeping an eye on him this week.

17:15 Stephane has had some good top 10 results.|4th in the 2015 French Open.|6th in the 2015 World Cup in Brazil.|3rd in the 2014 Belgian Open in Slovenia|9th in the 2014 Swiss Pre World Cup in Disentis

17:13 Stéphane Poulain is making good progress across the valley to turn point five but still has not passed the point Peter Slade got to.

17:09 However today will not use up much discard because it will be a very low scoring day.

17:07 Also from a safety point of view if you throw your reserve you do not lose your whole comp. We do not want pilots to battle with a collapsing wing worried they will lose the whole comp, and leave it too late to deploy their reserve.

17:06 The discard system of losing 1 in 4 tasks rewards task winners who sometimes push and bomb out rather than those who win by simply following. Pilots who lose a day do not lose the whole comp.

17:05 It is good to be consistent but discards also let those who have pushed out and lost still do well overall, therefore being consistent is not necessarily everything in a Paragliding World Cup.

17:03 For whom will the Great Sky God of Discards smile down on in this competition? Unlike the ten day long Super Final, a seven day Paragliding World Cup only totally forgives one poor result which I think for most people is going to be today!

16:55 If there are no pilots in goal, this tends to spread the points right out making the task a decisive one for the whole competition. It makes that task have a disproportionate weight, which is not ideal.

16:54 As far as task setting is concerned, there is not really an optimum number of pilots in goal however at least one would be nice today!

16:40 The three amigos are on their way. A lot is going to depend on the sun and shade cycles. The sky is 50:50 cloud cover and blue sky.

16:38 Now that they have got more height than those who were in front of them and have already landed, they are going to try and make the valley crossing.

16:36 Only three pilots are still in the air. Pavel Titov at 1226m, Stéphane Poulain at 1119m and Alexandre Malcher at 669m.

16:34 Stéphane Poulain is still hanging in there. He is an up and coming French pilot who has got some good top 10 places. He is now a lot higher than the others at 908m and taking a different route to Peter Slade by going further south.

16:32 Srdjan Ristanovic has just reported back to HQ and summed the day up as - it was a tricky day - I think 121 other pilots here would agree with that.

16:32 Victor Sibirtsev is at 574m (valley floor 200m). He loves it so much here for flying that he is already house hunting.

16:23 The three in the air are about 200-300m above the valley floor.

16:21 There are a few pilots on the hill above Leskovac, Alexandre Malcher, Victor Sibirtsev and Stéphane Poulain but they need to go cross wind to get to turn point five.

16:14 Leading lady Méryl Delferriere has also landed now too.

16:14 The leaders Peter Slade and Téo Bouvard have landed now too, the wind is getting up and making the conditions not so nice.

16:12 Leading lady Méryl Delferriere is still in the air - just!

16:10 Pete is at 1000 m and virtually everyone else has landed - only 20 other pilots are in the air.

16:09 It is as if the others have all stopped.

16:07 Peter Slade is halfway to the 5th turn point, he has literally left the rest behind.

16:06 Peter Slade has really pulled away from the others now with a 4.5 km lead he is storming ahead.

16:03 The leaders Peter Slade, Victor Sibirtsev and Alexandre Malcher have got the 4th turn point.

16:03 Jošt Napret on an Enzo 2 is also right up with the leaders. He is flying for our partner team Air G who make acro and free style wings. In 2016 their wings literally won everything at the World Championships, they won the mens and womens and one of the 2 famous synchronised Rodriguez Fernandez brothers was on an Air G wing.

15:58 Peter Slade has nearly got to turn point four - what a fast race!

15:57 Téo Bouvard is leading the way, ahead of coach Stephane Drouin. Stephane is a great sport, he will be loving seeing the young ones doing so well, well done to both of them.

15:54 Peter Slade and Matt Senior have been caught by Brazilian Alexandre Malcher all en route for turn point four with the wind more or less behind them

15:51 Matt Senior is really on form too at the moment - On Saturday 31st May 2017, he launched early from Chelan Butte and broke the Washington State XC record. The wind direction was ideal for avoiding Spokane airspace and going far into Idaho. The clouds were perfect; he had strong climbs and a 15-20km tail wind. Matt ended up crossing the Idaho boarder and landed east of Deary after 289km.

15:49 Australian Peter Slade is leading at the moment. He won the last task of the Corryong Open in Australia on lead out points in January 2017, so has a proven track record of flying out in front. Peter Slade's consistent flying meant he took out his first AAA Australian competition the 2017 Corryong Open.

15:48 The guys from Down Under are right on top today, Peter Slade and Matt Senior

15:45 The lead gaggle have just got the third turn point. Andreas Malecki, Matt Senior, Peter Slade, Stephane Drouin, Bartosz Moszczynski, Youngjong Park and Yassen Savov

15:43 Pepe is flying for team PARAPENTE MAG who have excellent articles about people, places (articles about flying sites all around the world), in depth glider reviews, photos, lots of helpful advice and of course, a report about each leg of the Paragliding World Cup.

15:41 Andreas Malecki has got a 1km lead, (Pepe) needs no introduction. Very experienced Alpine pilot. Super consistent. Not afraid to be inventive.

15:39 They have really shaved the cylinder as closely as possible. There is a very interesting article Dealing with Big Cylinders by Paragliding World Cup pilot Joerg Ewald about shaving cylinders in the July 2017 edition of our partner XC magazine, well worth a read.

15:30 They will now have a fast down wind leg to get to turn point three.

15:28 Cody Mittanck, Stephane Drouin, Bartosz Moszczynski and Andreas Malecki have all got the second turn point

15:25 French team manager Stephane Drouin has taken the lead.

15:24 Most pilots have gone out into the flats to get to the first turn point.

15:05 Stefan Bernhard winner of the Ozone Le Chabre open in 2014 is lying 5th.

15:02 Andreas Malecki task setter and one of the most experienced pilots in the comp is in 4th position.

15:01 Bartosz Moszczynski is lying thrid

15:01 Peter Slade is next, no doubt enjoying this first task in Europe, what a way to start.

15:00 Yassen Savov who loves strong conditions is in the lead

14:56 A lead gaggle of about 5 look as if they have got some height and are on their way along to the next turn point.

14:54 Philippe our cameraman has just phoned down from the sky to say it's windy but ok.

14:45 For the moment we're getting level 1 calls from the pilots via their trackers which means 'conditions are good and safe'.

14:44 There is large cloud building around the start.

14:43 There is a big gaggle of gliders just to the west of launch but they are really struggling to get high.

14:39 Yael Margelisch is one of our top ladies, she even top landed on Mont Blanc in 2012. An up and coming Swiss pilot to watch.

14:35 Yael Margelisch has just flown back over launch very low looking for a climb.

14:32 So far only a couple of pilots have landed.

14:31 The Meet Director and Technical Delegate are on launch monitoring the skies.

14:29 Nobody has made the start yet, the skies behind launch are looking quite dark.

14:27 Yuki Sato Colombé is an amazing pilot. She was 3rd OVERALL in the British Open in Italy in 2016, 1st woman in the Paragliding World Cup in Bir, India in 2015. Acro pilot, one to watch!

14:22 Yuki Sato Colombé has just launched, however by the looks of things she isn't going to be late for anything!

14:21 From launch we can clearly see virtually all the pilots.

14:20 The lack of continuous sun and thermals is making getting to the start really difficult.

14:17 The start is open

14:14 The sun has just come out back lighting the gliders making this task a dream come true for the Paragliding World Cup photographers.

14:11 The start is going to be very difficult to get as the pilots really don't have enough height.

14:09 Nearly everyone is off - just one arboritum prize so far.

14:08 What an amazing sight, there are about 100 pilots 100m above launch.

14:02 There are a few drops of rain

14:01 The wind is finally coming launch the launch frenzy is on!

13:55 Lionel Lang from Reunion Island is about to take off. There was a great article about our Reunion Paragliding World Cup in our partner Parapente Mag in the January issue.

13:52 Take off is prooving slow and difficult. Those who have managed to get off are thermalling up behind launch ready to get the start at 14.15

13:51 Yael Margelisch 's tracker wasn't in her pod afterall, it had somehow managed to get into the trailing edge of her glider - anything for a bit of extra height!

13:47 Amercan pilot Mike Steed is about to launch for the first leg of his first European Paragliding World Cup

13:45 Once again the Flymaster trackers proved their amazing accuracy as we were able to locate it having dropped down into the depths of her pod.

13:43 Top Super Final lady Yael Margelisch after a few tracker problems is about to take off.

13:42 Russian Veteran Yury Mishanin has just launched

13:42 The pilots are going off in groups, waiting for the next thermal on a small launch is prooving frustrating.

13:33 The first pilots are off, there are two launches so a lot of pilots are going backwards and forewards between the launches.

2017-06-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 2 [13:28]

The task has been updated - todays race is now a 69.23 km Race to Goal.
The window will open at 13:15 Local Time and the Start is at 14:15

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Commentary - Day 2

13:22 The start is at 14.15

13:22 The Serbian press are all here, very interested in this 'pioneering' competition. The whole nation is apparently 'very proud'.

13:19 The sun is now out, briefing is over, the pilots are collecting their trackers. Base is at 2000m. The wind is north high up with a bit of west low down.

13:10 It's been flyable for about half an hour, 'now' said a grinning Julien Brung 'it looks taskable.' Let's see.

13:05 We have action. Well another briefing and lots of beeping instruments.

13:04 Some of the best XC pilots in the world are here. World Record holder Rafael Saladini. Jose Rebelo currently 6th in XContest and Isidor Fink with 6 x 200km flights in 6 months!

13:00 Baptiste Lambert and Dad Cyril Lambert are here for a duel of age versus agility, both on Boomerang 11s.

12:57 Some leading ladies have brought along their paragliding boyfriends, hopefully they won't have to wait too long for the guys to get to goal after them.

12:52 Philippe has already put some amazing films on World Cup TV from the practice day to give you an idea of the beautiful scenery here.

12:50 And Philippe is off showing the best in the world how to make it look easy.

12:49 Camera man Philippe is about to launch, and he's off, oh well maybe not.

12:48 Despite all the active clouds in the sky there is not much thermal activity on launch.

12:46 Without their Parastick cartographical picnic table cloth, the French are having to use an A4 paper map thus reducing the spread of crumbs across Serbia.

12:42 Stephane Drouin is doing the French team briefing.

12:29 The task then zigzags south of Nish down the valley with two valley crossings and an end of speed and goal in Vlasotince.

12:26 The 69km task which has been set goes from the launch at Niska Banja to the start just behind launch.

12:24 Antonio Golfari 'It looks as if it will be quite difficult to get everyone off and up and getting high will be very difficult with this amount of grey cloud.'

12:21 The conditions don't seem to be improving, there is a lot of cloud and shade and it feels as if it is about to rain.

12:15 The pilots are all entering the task into their GPS and the briefing will take place very soon.

12:08 We saw parity between the Gin and Ozone gliders in Coeur de Savoie - one of the test pilots told me 'Now its down to the pilots - no more excuses.'

2017-06-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 2 [12:08]

A provisional task has been set - todays race will be a 69 km Race to Goal.
The window times and start time are not yet declared - an update will be published when they are set

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

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Commentary - Day 2

12:03 The main wings present here are: 21 Boomerang 11s, 18 Enzo3s and 32 Zenos.

11:54 A few stats, there are 122 VIPS (Very Impressive Pilots) in this Paragliding World Cup. 14 women and 108 men.

11:53 Apparently there has been a bit of subsidence, contary to what I put earlier, the launch is at 540m.

11:51 The task committee have just set a 69 km task. Hopefully the wind dummies will take off soon so we can see what the conditions are like.

11:49 As for the grand but not so young ones in our sport: Armin Eder, Marko Novak, Richard Gallon, Stephane Drouin and Andreas Malecki are also here.

11:46 Young French pilots here to watch: Téo Bouvard, Manuel Brechignac, Julien Brung, Yoann Chavanne, Méryl Delferriere, Baptiste Lambert, Simon Pellissier, Martin Rebord and Tim Rochas

11:43 So who's here? A real mix from lots of young French pilots all keen to make their mark to some real golden (greying) oldies.

11:41 From a topography point of view, lots of small corn fields out in front dotted with villages of red roofed houses and tree covered mountains to the east.

11:39 Normally we will have a choice of 3 take-offs near the city of Nish where the Paragliding World Cup is based.

11:35 The forecast of north wind has made this take-off the best possibility.

11:35 Today's launch is the Kortnik take-off at an altitude of 600m, 250m above the valley floor.

11:35 Dobro jutro iz Srbije - apparently that means 'Good morning from Serbia!'

11:34 The pilots are all laying out their paragliders, checking lines and sticking on new numbers.

11:34 Local pilot and member of the task committee Vladimir Bacanin 'Base is 1500m, the clouds are broken but the wind is cross'.

11:34 Rather large passenger planes keep flying over launch, so it's obviously flyable!

11:34 Now that the cold front which stopped us flying yesterday has passed everyone is keen to fly.

11:34 Yanick Lettry 'the day is long we have time to wait'.

11:34 Richard Gallon 'we'll try it's normal, but it looks windy. The big question is will the wind drop, but the forecast looks good for the rest of the week.'

11:34 Mari-anne Aanes 'it's lovely and sunny, I think it's a nice spot for a picnic - if you ignore the power line across the middle of launch!'

2017-06-19 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 2 [09:02]

It seems that the weather has changed so we are going up to the takeoff. Live commentary from the launch will be provided by Ruth Jessop as soon as we have reconfigured the HQ (its quite a task but it can only be done when HQ is finally empty). More news soon...


2017-06-18 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Day 1 [10:27]

The weather is wet and very windy today - it is not suitable for a task so the day has been cancelled. We will start again at 0900 tomorrow.


2017-06-17 - Paragliding World Cup : Nish, Sicevo, Serbia - Registration Day [13:36]

Event 2 of the 2017 Paragliding World Cup begins today in Nis, Serbia

Registration will be held at headquarters beginning at 15:00 and will be followed, at 18:20 by a Mandatory Safety Briefing for all pilots. Cocktails and light food will be served at 19:00 and we have an Open Air Concert starting at 20:00.