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Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil


A WORLD OF COLOUR from arvidberg on Vimeo.


Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil

Podium Photos From Pico Do Gavio - Brazil



2017-09-09 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 7 [18:23]

Its the end of the seventh day, the seventh task and the end of the competition here in Pico do Gavio. Firstly congratulation to today's task winners - Adriam Acosta (Open) - Khobi-Jane Bowden (Women) and Team Flymaster

The final results are now available online we extend massive congratulations to our Overall Winners

Winning the Open Class Overall Is Rafael Saladini
First Woman Overall Is Silvia Buzzi Ferraris
and the Winning Team is Clayton Resende, Marcelo Prieto, Rafael Saladini and Marcella Uchoa - Team Kortel Design.

The prizegiving will begin at 8pm in the square to the left of Hotel Prata (300m along) - see you there (Co-Ords - -21.9347,-46.7165)

Commentary - Day 7

16:18 A final bit of exciting news is that during this amazing World Cup at Pico do Gaviao we have been trialling a shiny new World Cup App. It will let you keep up with the commentary, live tracking and live leader board wherever you are. We'll keep you up to date on how to install it for the Ecuador World Cup (28/10/2017 to 04/11/2017) so that you can join us in every thermal. So, keep watching this space over the coming weeks for more information.

16:17 All the pilots have now landed safely and with over 60 pilots in goal, it's been another great day. Well done to everyone who has taken part in this first ever Pico do Gaviao World Cup.

16:12 However, by lucky chance both pilots did actually get into the goal cylinder behind the goal line, so will get their goal points. We would really appreciate their friends and family getting them to repeat before breakfast, from now to eternity, 'I must remember to cross the goal line'.

16:09 Victor 'pope' Salinas's friends and family looking at our live leader board and everyone at Stephan Kruger's Fly Cape Town Paragliding company will have noticed that neither pilot crossed the goal line today.

16:02 Launch is on a ridge that leads up to a wide plateau behind it. You can boat around in front of it on the sea breeze. The plateau behind launch is carved by deep river gorges and has a meagre retrieve road network which is a bit intimidating. 500m of height can be enough to start your journey over the back. The plateau is the gateway to a big flatland area behind it and once you've cleared that you'll be flying it with the Andes just 100km ahead.

16:01 Here's what our partner XC magazine's excellent travel guide had to say about it:

16:00 Whilst we wait for the last few trackers to come back on line here's a reminder that our next launch frenzy will be in Guayaquil, Ecuador - 28/10/2017 to 04/11/2017

15:57 We've got a few trackers which were less than happy about the prospect of another days flying today, preventing us giving the position of the last few pilots at the moment.

15:51 Yongtae Ahn, 9th this morning, got to goal in 11th place. Cristiano 'no glider Ricci' set off with a big sigh of relief in 10th place overall and landed in 16th place in goal today.

15:47 In 8th place this morning Rafael Moraes Barros got to goal in 2nd place which will have really helped his overall score.

15:45 6th this morning, Andre Rainsford got to goal in 44th position. 7th this morning, Kim Hyeong Joo got goal in 35th place.

15:42 He's a quick resume of the rest of this mornings top ten pilots places overall. 4th was Marcelo Prieto, he crossed ESS 17th today. 5th Clayton Resende landed just before turn point 3.

15:39 And on that note, well done to Khobi, the first and only lady into goal so far today.

15:38 Oh that's just reminded me to remind everyone about the South African Pre World Cup in Porterville 10/12/2017 - 16/12/2017. All the South African's in this event - Andre Rainsford, Stephan Kruger and Khobi tell me Porterville is famous for it's long ridges set in the plains giving a great variety of fantastic flying and strong thermals.

15:32 It looks like Khobi-jane Bowden is going to be first lady into goal today, she's just approaching ESS. So well deserved after the disappointment on day 4 of arriving after task deadline. Well done Khobi arriving with 2 hours to spare. I hope they are reading this at Cloudbase paragliding in South Africa and putting a very large bottle of Champagne in the fridge for when she gets home!

15:26 As far as our leading ladies are concerned, 1st lady this morning Silvia Buzzi Ferraris had a problem with turn point 3 but she has a 482 point lead over 2nd lady Merve Arslan. Silvia can therefore discard today and keep her overall top spot on the podium.

15:20 Let me tell you a little story about today's winner Adrian Martin Acosta, he's married to Shauin Kao (5th lady). They both love flying so much that they arrived at their wedding ceremony by paraglider - as Shauin told me, 'fortunately they had good weather on their wedding day as they didn't have a plan B'. Who would have thought that paragliding could be such a romantic sport!

15:15 The top 44 pilots are now in goal.

15:13 So the timing of the overall top 3 across ESS and into goal was Rafael Saladini 1:54:59, followed by Erico Oliveira 1:56:29 and Frank Brown 2:03:40

15:07 We're having a few problems with Erico Oliveira's track but should be able to give you his time very soon, he was lying second by one point, after Rafael Saladini, when everyone launched this morning.

15:04 3rd overall Frank Brown is about to get ESS and should have enough height to make goal.

15:02 Rafael Saladini has just got ESS and come into goal in 10 position - it will all now depend on lead out points.

15:00 Kim Hyeong Joo who has entertained us all so much in the competiton has just karate chopped his was way across Ess.

14:59 Next across Ess Oguzkan Sadeer, Allly Palencia, Peter Nägele, Michel Guillemot and Franz Schilter.

14:57 This is a truly international competition with the commentary and live tracking allowing fans to follow us from South America, to South Africa to South Korea.

14:56 To great cheers from Fly Cape Town Paraglidng Stephan Kruger has just crossed. ESS.

14:55 Next comes the Brazilian stampede to goal, the Super Final and Beyond! Gilmar Couto, Rafael Moraes Barros and Deonir Spancerski.

14:53 Adrian Martin Acosta is first across Ess in 1hr 50 and 36 seconds.

14:52 Adrian Martin Acosta is going to get Ess first.

14:51 Clement Latour is very low and needs a climb.

14:50 One of the lead gaggle has just landed.

14:48 Clement Latour is taking a more southerly line and has already got past Adrian Martin Acosta. Clement should do well today having flown tactically to get lead out points.

14:45 In the lead now Mario told me at launch this would be his last World Cup as he was finding the level too high!!!! He loves World Cups having met his wife at the World Cup in Roldanillo!

14:43 Mario Pfister and Adrian Martin Acosta are neck and neck to end of speed with 7 km to go to goal, having sped past all the others at the last turn point!

14:40 Richard Gallon is at the front too but very low. Everyone round our live leader board in Aurelius nursing home in Germany, (one of Richard's main sponsors), I did say he was one of the pioneers of paragliding, one of the real golden oldies of our sport, are going wild with joy, zimmer frames are being thrown in the air!.

14:39 Some pilots are going more to the west of the course line Marcella Uchoa, Tatsumi Sato and Mr Trinidad and Tobago Juan Andrade and look as if they could overtake the leaders, this competition has been so full of surprises - right up to the last turn point.

14:37 The leaders Adrian Martin Acosta and Marcelo Prieto have just got the last turn point and are now smoking it (literally) to end of speed!

14:36 Having written all that, he has now just dropped down to 20th place.

14:35 Clayton is a very experienced pilot, he's flown in World Cups all over the world - Spain, Portugal, Columbia, Turkey. He's also flown 6 big competitions here at Pico do Gaviao. 'I love flying with top class international pilots, it's a great way to learn - I so want to be champion one day'. Today could be the day.

14:31 The leaders are taking the third turn point to the east of the course line. In the lead Clayton Resende, who could get a podium equal place if he gets a bit of a move on.

14:27 Deonir Spancerski currently in the lead, is definitely one who wants a Super Final place, so that he can hopefully not throw his reserve in it this time! Currenly lying 26th, he was 5th in task 5, then just missed goal yesterday, one of the phenomenal Brazilian pilots who's kept the 'Rest of the World' on their leading edges this week.

14:22 Rafael Moraes Barros has been flying really well this week, 3 top 10 tasks to his credit.

14:21 They have all got lots of height 1500m above the ground, but they are sinking, are we going to see the hero gaggle to zero gaggle that we have seen so much of this week, where the leaders lose it and are over flown by those behind?

14:20 The leaders are absolutely neck and neck Rafael Moraes Barros, Deonir Spancerski, Stephan Kruger, Marcelo Prieto and Yoshiaki Hirokawa, 10 km to turn point 3.

14:17 The lead gaggle are just flying over Vargem Grande do Sol.

14:16 Meet director Dio did tell me this morning he was worried about cloud cover shading the course but I don't think that is being a problem.

14:14 Today is proving difficult and very technical as the wind is making it difficult to climb, although it is at least behind them pushing them along.

14:10 A big thank you also to assistant Vinicius Matuk whom I think we'll be seeing a lot more of organising these great comps in Brazil.

14:08 A big thank you to Meet Director Dio Rosendo and his assistant Super Nani who proves the point that behind every successful paragliding competition there is a very organised woman. Well done to the organisation team who have done such an amazing job here at Pico do Gaviao and Aguas da Prata.

14:08 However much stress those at the front are feeling at the moment, the most stressfull part of the day for Cristiano Ricci was just before launch when it was discovered that his glider, which had been taken for a measurement check at HQ, had been left behind - oopsy. Fortunately, the local organisers, in their usual cool, calm way, fixed the problem.

14:03 Frank Brown is taking a line much further north than the others, this could be interesting - he's lying 3rd overall.

14:02 Samuel Nascimento was 14th this morning, this could put him into the top ten.

14:00 Albino Malli has also got the turn point but Samuel and all of the town of Bom Jesus are well ahead.

13:59 Talking of which, there were 3000 spectators on launch this morning and most of them had a little dog on a lead with them, which played absolute havoc with my typing.

13:58 The leader has just got the second turn point, the crowds in Samuel Nascimento 's home village of Bom Jesus will be going absolutely wild, I dread to think how many little dogs have just been trodden on in the cheering.

13:56 Rafael Saladini and Erico Oliveira are staying well back. Rafael told me this morning that he felt less nervous about today than he did on the last day of the Brazilian nationals, which is traditionally won by Frank Brown, but a break in tradion this year saw Rafael win it.

13:53 It's very wispy at the moment so certainly not the 50% cloud cover we had feared - there's still lots of blue in the sky.

13:51 There was a lot of concern about the cirrus this morning from top pilots Francisco Mantaras and Felix Rodriguez .

13:49 The leaders are all going right off the course line at the moment.

13:48 We started today with only 1 point separating leaders Rafael Saladini and Erico Oliveira, their trackers are both off line at the moment but they are going to be flying cautiously today - that'll be a first for both of them.

13:46 At the Brazilian team top secret briefing this morning, they set todays objective as being - Brazilian dommination of this years Super Final!

13:44 Those who have been really going for it, the leadout point baggers who have made this competition so amazing to watch have been: Chigwon WON, Cristiano RICCI, Erico OLIVEIRA, Samuel NASCIMENTO, Rafael MORAES BARROS, Kim HYEONG JOO, Rafael SALADINI, Frank BROWN, Andre RAINSFORD, Gilmar COUTO, Clement LATOUR. (8 out of the top 11 lead out point baggers are Brazilian).

13:43 We're seeing some new leaders at the front today as those in the top 10 try to fly more conservatively today.

13:42 Kim Hyeong Joo is at the front doing karate chops to give himself more energy to fight the fires ahead.

13:40 The news from the fire brigade is that the fire is 2 km from goal and should be out within an hour. Slow down everyone or this is going to be rather a smokey finish to an excellent competition.

13:38 Gliders wise, we have 3 Gin Boomerang 11s, an Enzo 3, an Enzo 2 and a Zeno at the front!

13:37 Mr President Goran Dimiskovski, is right with the leaders today.

13:36 Silvia Buzzi Ferraris has taken the lead - ladies first - go Silvia!

13:34 Leading lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris is right with the leaders.

13:33 Clement Latour is pushing out at the front, he told me yesterday that he is really conscious of the lead out points being more heavily weighted at this stage in the race.

13:28 Today is already splitting the pilots up with leaders Dora Goksal and Frank Brown taking different routes.

13:27 The first 55 pilots have got the start and the first turn point next to it and are now heading west to turn point 2.

13:26 Just to confirm that the start opened at 13h not 13h15 - which is the length of time that it took my email to penetrate through the car and a half high cloud of dust coming down from launch.

13:16 The latest news is that there is a huge fire just before the goal. The firemen are on it, but it might make things interesting!

13:15 The start is open.

13:13 The lead gaggle is well to the west of the optimal line. Maybe they are being pushed by the wind.

13:04 The start is open and the pilots are streaming away from launch towards the next cylinder.

12:30 Launch has gone well today (unlike our Internet connection) and virtually all the pilots are now off.

12:04 The first pilots are off - Gustavo "crispy" Blanco and Huseyin Tanriverdi

11:57 3 minutes to launch.

11:39 For an awful moment I thought the goal field cows who have taken such an interest in the competition had come up to launch as there was the sound of cowbells jangling. Fortunately it was just the organisers giving every pilot a medal, what a lovely gesture.

11:36 Kim Hyeong Joo currently lying in 7th position overall, has just been explaining why he is able to fly so fast in this competition. Apparently 108 kg Kim practices martial arts whilst flying, his martial arts demo in the briefing tent nearly ended up with more broken ankles than we've had all week!

11:30 A 79.5 km corridor task zig-zagging north west via 3 cylinders has just been set.

11:27 It's a site that has been around for a while, part of its popularity comes from its proximity to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

11:16 Pico Do Gaviao (Hawk's peak in English) is the summit in a range of mountains in Brazil near Andradas, in the south of the state of Minas Gerais. It is considered one of the best places in the world for free flying and has hosted stages of national and international championships. Pico Do Gaviao is1663 m high and looks out over several cities.

11:15 For those of you who have just tuned into this first ever Pico do Gaviao World Cup, let me tell you a bit about the site.

11:14 If this is a typical week in Pico Do Gaviao, this new site has set the bar very high for other World Cup venues and confirms Brazil as the land of seven-day competitions.

11:13 As for those precious top 15 places to qualify for automatic selection to the Super Final, those in the top 65 could make the top 15 - if they fly really fast today! By my reckoning only 6 pilots here have already got automatic selection to the Super Final from other World Cups: Jacques FOURNIER, Cody Mittanck, Peter Nagele, Clement LATOUR, Stephane DROUIN and Richard GALLON.

2017-09-09 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 7 [11:12]

The task is set - todays race is a 81.48 km Race to Goal The window will open at 12:00 Local Time and the Start is at 13:00

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

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The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

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Commentary - Day 7

11:12 As for the rest of the top ten, Clayton Resende could get onto the podium as a joint third equal. After flying 556.7 km over six days, the scores are still so close that anyone currently in the top 57 could still get a top ten place - looks like it's going to be nail biting right up until the last pilot lands today!

11:11 On the eve of the last task, this competition has shown the increasingly high level of competition pilots in Brazil. 10 points separate the top three (all Brazilian) pilots: Rafael Saladini, Erico Oliveira and Frank Brown. No matter what happens today, even if they decide to lounge around the hotel pool instead of going flying, their place (but not the order) on the podium is guaranteed.

11:09 The wind is difficult to read but shouldn't be too strong. During the night here the wind is always really strong but then seems to obediently drop during the morning to give nice conditions for paragliding. What a wonderful country, even the weather wants us to fly.

11:06 Weather expert Richard Pethigal tells me the weather conditions are deteriorating and we will probably have 50 % cloud cover today by 2pm.

11:01 Alexandre Malcher has just explained a bit about all the cirrus, this will cap and slow down the thermals today, it's still a bit windy but that should drop later.

11:00 Here we are once again on Pico do Gaviao for the last task of this very successful 7 day World Cup.

2017-09-09 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 7 [09:23]

We thought, from the start of the week, that this could be a 7 task event and the weather is still good for a task. We will, therefore, be tasking again today.

Pilots are on the way to launch and we will have task details, as usual, at about 11:30. Keep watching because everything could change today ...


2017-09-08 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 6 [19:06]

It was pretty epic - in the end we got 80 in goal and 5 not quite making the line.

The results are now available online

Final day tomorrow and still everything to fly for - see you there ...

Commentary - Day 6

17:26 Sadly a few pilots in the lead didn't make goal and unfortunately, one must cross the goal line to get one's time points. Landing short just before the goal line and throwing your instruments over the line won't do. The Flymaster trackers can spot a parabolic flight trajectory and the sound of the stamping of feet and crashing of fists on the cow pats!

17:18 Last pilot in the air Khobi has just made goal. 80 pilots in goal, a 103 km task - what more could one want?

17:14 Well done, Khobi has got Ess and should make the 3 km to goal in the remaining 15 minutes of task time as she is over 700m.

17:13 Khobi's a great person to be friend's with, she ran a restaurant on St Lucia in the Caribbean so is a great cook in addition to being a paragliding instructor - two very important life skills!

17:12 Khobi also attained her Tandem Flight Instructor rating in December 2011, and was the first commercial female tandem pilot in South Africa.

17:10 For 22 years Khobi has been running 'Smile while you scream' paragliding courses to Europe to the Stubai valley in Austria, Basano in Italy and Le Grand Bornand in France.

17:07 Khobi is 5km to end of speed with plenty of height 1200 km. Everyone at Cloudbase, the paragliding school, B&B and shop she owns in Wilderness, South Africa will be cheering her on.

17:05 As the heat begins to fade at the end of another scorching hot day in Brazil, we have just one pilot left in the air, Khobi-jane Bowden, a very tenacious pilot whom we're all keeping fingers crossed will make it to goal.

16:59 For local cyclist Gustavo Maretti taking part in his first World Cup, 'this was a very, very good task, the best day of my life.'

16:33 For record breaker Marcelo Prieto, it was a nice flight with difficult parts, some times we were very low.

16:31 Mark Eduard Behling summed today up nicely 'today was great everyone was very close together the whole way. It feels like coming home when we see the goal field we know it so well now.'

16:28 For Frank Brown his strategy today was to try and break away, but in the end all the different lines were the same and all led to goal.

16:25 For Rafael Saladini his strategy today was to stay in the gaggle. He arrived 1min 30 seconds behind the leaders so his place today will all depend on the lead out points.

16:22 Stephane Drouin looked very relieved to make goal today, he found it great flying over the rolling hills, a very interesting task.

16:19 Whilst I have been treading in cow pats trying to interview all the pilots, the first 75 pilots have made goal, Including our two very fast first ladies Silvia Buzzi Ferraris and Marcella Uchoa.

15:51 They are coming in pretty low over the hill in front of goal, it's nail biting to see who is going to make it and who sadly isn't.

15:49 One of the leaders has just deballasted over our heads - well at least that's what I hope it was!

15:49 The top 30 have now got Ess, what a fast race, at 15.47 I don't think there are going to be any problems with land by time today.

15:46 Cody Mittanck, Jacques Fournier, Stephane Drouin, Rafael Saladini, Richard Pethigal have got Ess.

15:45 The leaders are just coming into goal Deonir Spancerski, Kim Hyeong Joo and Frank Brown, great woops from the skies.

15:44 Apologies for a slight error, Frank Brown took second place.

15:44 Kim Hyeong Joo was first across Ess followed by Erico Oliveira, Deonir Spancerski and Cristiano Ricci .

15:43 The leaders are coming into goal very low

15:43 This last section has given so many route options excellent task setting.

15:42 The leaders have just come into view of goal, the cows are going wild.

15:41 Kim Hyeong Joo and Deonir Spancerski are battling it out to Ess

15:39 They are on final glide to Ess but will then need a climb to get to goal.

15:39 The two lead groups have now merged, Deonir Spancerski, yesterday's first across Ess is in the lead, followed by Kim Hyeong Joo and Erico Oliveira, less than 5 km to Ess.

15:37 Rafael Saladini has had an amazing 12 months, breaking the world record last October (564 km), 4th in the first leg of the Brazilian nationals, 2nd in the leg here, made him Brazilian champion overall. He was 18th in his first ever Worlds this summer. Then 4 top 10 places in World Cup tasks here.

15:34 The leaders are now 10 km from end of speed.

15:33 Rafael Saladini is in the top ten in the group to the west of the course line, he's lying in second place overall.

15:30 Frank Brown in overall 3rd position is also with the leaders in 5th place

15:29 Overall leader Erico Oliveira is with the leaders in 4th position today. He's won 2 tasks, had a second and a fifth so far.

15:27 The leaders have got 15km to go to goal and there has been a pitch invasion of the goal field - by 4 legged mooing spectators!

15:25 Matteo Caprari has broken away from the group following the course line and is in 4th position.

15:24 Mario Pfister has broken away from the group to the west of the course line and got a 2km lead.

15:22 Task 4 first to ESS, Cody Mittanck, is in the group following the course line.

15:20 One group are following the course line, the other group are taking a route in the mountains

15:18 This last leg is really separating out the pilots, the leaders are in two big parallel gaggles

15:15 Followed by a gaggle of about 30.

15:14 Yongtae Ahn, Mario Pfister are Luciano Pagnoni are in the lead

15:13 The leaders are coming over hilly terrain on the last leg to Ess.

15:04 The conditions today are not as nice as yesterday, there are more layers, more turbulence but the thermals are nice if a little capped.

14:51 On XC servers like XContest, every 1 km in a triangle, counts as 1.5km making today's 103.7 km task worth 156 km.

14:48 Will anyone diviate via take-off to validate this task as an FAI triangle?

14:46 As the pilots round the last turn point they will then come out of the hills and into the flats.

14:44 For weather expert Richard Pethigal this competition with 6 great tasks and a good forecast again for tomorrow, confirms Brazil's worth for hosting great Paragliding World Cups. At the 2016 Super Final in Brazil we had 10 fully valid tasks, in Castelo in 2016 we had 7, in Baixo Guando in 2015, 7 and in 2013, 6.

14:32 'Stay with the gaggle', can I just point out to Stephane who is right out on his own at the front, that gaggles are normally made up of more than one pilot!

14:30 Stephane told me this morning, 'today's objective is to enjoy the task and get to goal. I don't want to end up eating dust again (like yesterday). Today I want to be more disciplined and stay with the gaggle and take fewer risks. Today I am going to practice what I preach (as French team coach) to the young French pilots.

14:28 Stephane Drouin, Samuel Nascimento and Isidor Fink are all going to take the turn point further east.

14:26 Where is Stephane Drouin going?

14:25 The leaders are going to need to keep an eye on their height, they are all less than 500m, otherwise we'll see some gaggle hero to zero, a phenomenon we've seen so much of in this competiton, the whole lead gaggle being over taken by the second gaggle having more height.

14:23 Storming ahead at the moment is Frank Brown. He's not done many competitions recently as he's been keeping a real close eye on the weather to reclaim his World Paragliding distance record. 'I'm just watching and waiting and aways ready to go,' he told me!

14:17 For Richard, this morning, 'Andre Rainsford is the only one who can save the rest of the world from a Brazilian top 3 podium. The Brazilian's are flying so impressively in these blue conditions where you just have to fly by feeling as there are no clouds to help you.'

14:11 For Richard Gallon 'Pico Do Gaviao is such an amazing lauch, take-offs in every direction. So many task options. Everyday we do a completley different task with a great variety of flat land and relief flying. The Brazilians are really teaching us to how to fly'!

14:08 Richard Gallon and Rafael Moraes Barros have got a slight lead.

14:07 The lead gaggle have now deviated right of the course line as they go through the hills.

14:06 Alexander told me on launch, 'Everyone is ready for more after yesterday's amazing 108 km task'. As for being too weary, '1 Caipirinha after you have landed and everything is OK' he assured me!

14:03 Navy helecopter pilot Alexandre Malcher is one of the leaders at the moment.

14:01 Victor is normally very much of a mountain man flying regularly in the Andes in Chile. For those of you trying to imagine the Pope flying, Victor's nickname apparently comes from the cartoon caracter Popeye and not from any resemblance to the Pope!

13:57 Pretty much every one has taken the hill route from the start to the first turn point and then down wind to turn point two. However Victor 'pope' Salinas is a bit out from the hills.

13:56 Clement did an amazing triangle flight this spring from Courmayeur in Italy, to the Italian French border, to the Weisshorn, then back to Courmayeur. Perhaps not the most relevant training for todays Brazilian hill triangle!

13:49 As they hill hop along the course line Clement Latour and Francisco Mantaras are leading the way. Clement was worried about the stability today but it doesn't seem to be holding him back.

13:48 As task committee member James Bradley told me on launch this morning, there is more inversion today but no high clouds, the highest anyone is at the moment is about 2000m.

13:44 Rafael Moraes Barros is still in the lead going at 60 kph!

13:43 The down wind dash to turn point 2 is now on. Once again, going over a range of rolling hills.

13:42 Further back down the course line a few pilots have taken a slightly more northerly line, Andre Luiz Pereira E Souza, Mr President Goran Dimiskovski and Gilmar Couto, but everyone is pretty much sticking to the course line today.

13:40 First round the turn point Gustavo Maretti, Jacques Fournier, Rafael Moraes Barros, Frank Brown and Felix Rodriguez.

13:38 As Meet Director Dio told me this morning, the weather is similar to yesterday, but we are going into hillier terrain. Which the pilots are now tackling on their way to the first turn point.

13:36 Rafael has been one of the consistent lead out point baggers in this competition and has already had 2 podium places: task 2 3rd = and task 3 3rd.

13:35 As they cross the hills to turn point 1 Rafael Moraes Barros is just in the lead.

13:33 The site record here is 242 km, which as I've explained, I don't think we'll be trying to beat in this competition. For those of you trying to visualise the terrain and conditions here compared to Governador Valadares, speaking to the pilots who have flown both, it's very similar but stronger here because it's drier.

13:29 There is a great article explaining the concept of the solar window in big-distance XC flying by world record holder and Paragliding World Cup pilot, Rafael Saladini, in the June 2017 edition of our partner XC Magazine.

13:28 If we tried to beat the PG World record of 564km set in Brazil on 15/10/2016 by Paragliding World Cup pilots Samuel Nascimento and Rafael Saladini, we would be collecting pilots from Governador Valadares where we had the 2016 super successful Super Final!

13:27 Distance records tend not to be broken in a Paragliding World Cup as there is usually an into wind component each day.

13:26 PWC pilot Matt Senior organised the US nationals in 2016 in Chelan and set a 226km task, 65 pilots got to goal, which I think still stands as the longest successful task ever set in the history of paragliding.

13:23 One of the best things Francisco has ever done in his life was taking part in the record breaking Chelan task.

13:22 Francisco Mantaras is just behind him. He's been flying for 20 years and currently splits his flying time between La Cumbre in Argentina and Owens valley in the US.

13:20 Clement told me this morning that he is finding the totally blue conditions here difficult. He prefers mountain flying and would like to be more adaptable to be able to fly the flats better - he's certainly got lots of practice at it this week.

13:19 The first part of today's task is across a massive plateau and it looks like Clement Latour is in the lead.

13:15 One thing I haven't mentioned so far is that there are an awful lot of big Brazilians on big wings which isn't making things easier for the rest of the world!

13:15 As for the rest of the world, please do try and keep up with the Brazilians today - 6 out of the top 10 overall at the moment are Brazilians!

13:13 I would just like to say to all the Brazilians in the competition Bom dia, Bom voo (have a great day and a nice flight).

13:12 The race east to turn point one is now very much on.

13:11 The women's points are a bit more spread out with Silvia Buzzi Ferraris currently in the lead overall, followed by Turkish dancer Merve Arslan and local lady Marcella Uchoa in third place.

13:08 Just behind, with only 139 points seperating 1st and 10th place: Clayton Resende, Serdar Tur, Kim Hyeong Joo, Rafael Moraes Barros and Yongtae Ahn.

13:05 Just out of the top three, but still very much within reach of a podium place: Andre Rainsford and Marcelo Prieto.

13:03 Just a bit of a recap of the overall positions after five tasks: 1st Erico Oliveira, 2nd Rafael Saladini and 3rd Frank Brown with only 28 points seperating them - amazing after 5 fully valid tasks.

13:00 The start is open, task 6 has just begun in this incredible first ever Pico do Gaviao Paragliding World Cup.

12:47 Just 13 mins to go to the start now - there will be a lot of jostling for positions on the edge of the start cylinder

12:42 Its a nice simple (to look at) task - takes everyone 26km south east of takeoff and then south west to a point 32km south of here. The final leg is a north westerly run into the goal right here at headquarters.

12:38 A lot of the pilots are still fairly low but a few are now starting to get some decent height - its all about waiting in the start area for now

12:27 As usual, near this takeoff, lots of the trackers are offline for a period but this should improve as they move away into the task.

12:22 The window is open and plenty of pilots are taking to the sky - unfortunately we have a total failure of internet on launch which is why the commentary is a bit thin. With 50 mins to the start we will be watching as the rest of the field take off.

11:03 It's another sunny day in Brazil and a 103.6 km FAI triangle has just been set!

2017-09-08 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 6 [10:45]

The task is set - todays race is a 103.7 km Race to Goal The window will open at 11:50 Local Time and the Start is at 13:00

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

2017-09-08 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 6 [10:09]

Its a non-stop event this week - day 6 is here and looking good. Everyone is on the way up the hill and task details will be along at about 11:30 - lets see what they come up with today...


2017-09-07 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 5 [19:40]

We had a couple of pilots in the 'no mobile coverage' zone so it took us a while to get hold of their positions but everybody is now back at HQ

The results are calculated and are online now (links above)

Just a reminder - we have added a new turnpoint - P59 - for this event - the waypoint file is available from the link just below the results (top of the page)

Commentary - Day 5

18:50 108 km in 3 hours, 76 pilots in goal, everyone is now accounted for, what an epic day!

18:14 Felix Rodriguez despite not having his lucky Ozone g-string on today flew the race at the front with Andre Rainsford and the other leaders. At the end, he took a different line and ended up at Ess 2 minutes behind the leaders. It was difficult to break away as the gaggle was so strong - as one would espect in a thermal full of Sky Gods.

18:08 For Richard Gallon 'it was a nice day with interesting landscape until I landed 1 km short of goal. 25m of height was all that was missing from my day'!

18:05 Raul Penso landed short, but being a great sport he just smiled and said 'that's life, the lead gaggle were in the hills, we were over the lower ground, we set off chasing the leaders but we had a bad line'.

18:02 For a few of our sky gods today wasn't so successful. There were several of the leaders who didn't read my commentary yesterday and shaved the cylinders too closely.

17:37 For Larry Pino today was the best day, very good thermals. The cirrus made it a bit difficult in some places, but generally there were big thermals up to 3200m. An excellent task.

17:29 Bruno Brugnolo told me I had a very nice day, it was not as strong as we had expected, smoke and a bit of cirrus made it a little difficult. It wasn't as fast as we thought it would be, but it was fast enough to get us all here before the last thermal. The last leg was nice and smooth pushing us to goal.

17:26 For his friend Victor Sibirtsev, it was surprisingly smooth. An amazing task which was complicated, interesting and just the right length.

17:24 Virtually everyone has had a great day, as Andrey Badikov told me 'it was great. no problems at all, level 1 all the way round.'

2017-09-07 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 5 [17:21]

A new waypoint - P59 - has been added to the event here in Pico do Gaviao. The new waypoint file is available from just below the results (top of the page) - you will need to refresh this page (click in the PWCA logo top left) to see it. Or you gan get it from HERE

Commentary - Day 5

17:21 Bianca Heinrich has just made goal, Eliana Alves Dias has made Ess and should make goal, Marcella Uchoa has landed 3 km before end of speed, bad luck.

17:17 Well done to ladies Merve Arslan, Shauin Kao and Khobi-jane Bowden who have all made goal today.

17:15 For Stephan Kruger it was lovely to have a change of scenery, today was a combination of nice ridges and hills which were working well.

17:09 When leading lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris landed in goal she looked up at the sky and said 'rain please, I am so tired'.

17:05 Deonir Spancerski, first across Ess is having a well earned beer in the goal field. He's flown a long way since we last saw him coming down under his reserve in the 2016 Super Final, but even then he was still, as always, smiling. Today he told me 'I knew I was winning so I just kept on pushing more bar. Tonight I will sleep very well'.

17:01 There are now just 12 pilots still flying who we hope will make it into goal before land by time of 17h30 in 30 minutes time.

16:51 And still they keep on coming into goal avoiding goal tents, trees, spectators, spikey bushes, the giant ant hills and most of the cow pats.

16:22 Leading lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris is just approaching Ess for her 5th victory in a row in this amazing competition

16:21 The goal field and the ant hills are alive with the sound of laughing pilots and beeping Flymaster trackers.

16:20 The first 40 pilots have made Ess, what a fast day.

16:19 World Cup cameraman Philippe has just made rather an undignified landing into the middle of the landing field narrowly missing the goal tent.

16:16 This is going to confirm Marcelo Prieto, Erico Oliveira, Rafael Saladini Frank Brown and Andre Rainsford's places at the top of the leaderboard.

16:13 Rafael Saladini, Frank Brown, Erico Oliveira, Yongtae Ahn, Deonir Spancerski, Stephan Kruger, Andre Rainsford, Hakan Akdere, Marcelo Prieto, Alexandre Malcher and Jacques Fournier have all landed in goal together after 108 km, amazing.

16:09 The leaders have now all got Ess and are coming into goal together, 10 at once!

16:09 It's neck and neck at the front between Alexandre Malcher, Erico Oliveira, Clayton Resende, Frank Brown, Vagner Campos, Rafael Saladini, Jeison Zeferino and Andre Rainsford.

16:03 In the goal field we're scanning the skies for gliders and the ground for hungry ants and cow pats.

16:02 6 km to go to Ess and only half a km between the lead gaggle.

16:01 It's neck and neck at the front between Alexandre Malcher, Erico Oliveira, Clayton Resende, Frank Brown, Vagner Campos, Rafael Saladini, Jeison Zeferino and Andre Rainsford.

15:58 it's still all to play for at the front with Vagner Campos taking the middle line.

15:53 The leaders have got the choice of whether to go into the mountains or straight line it.

15:50 The conditions at the moment are smooth with strong climbs up to 3300 m, not much wind, a little bit of cirrus but it isn't having much effect, there are thermals everywhere.

15:41 The top 12 are round the last turn point and on their way to Ess.

15:33 José Luis Sudbrack Guimaraes has got the last turn point.The race for Ess is on.

15:32 Next round the last turn point Marcelo Prieto and Gilmar Couto.

15:30 Next round Serdar Tur

15:29 Rafael Moraes Barros is about to get the last turn point any minute now with a 3 km lead over the others. He's got it - 22.7 km to End of Speed.

15:27 it's great to see top lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris in the top ten at the moment, she is flying really well having come top lady in every task.

15:26 Tim Rochas is also in the top ten today as they approach the last turn point. He's had a great summer working in his Dad's flying school, Ecole de Parapente des Baronnies in the Drome in France as an instructor and tandem pilot, a great way to keep your feet in the air.

15:24 Also in the top ten today is Franz Schilter from Peru. When I asked him what was the most amazing thing he had done in his life - ' many stupid things' he replied - but then haven't we all!

15:22 José Luis Sudbrack Guimaraes, one of today's leaders, is no strangers to winning tasks, having won 2 World Cup tasks recently.

15:20 Rafael Moraes Barros is also one of todays leaders, he is doing really well in this competition coming 3rd = and 3rd in Task 2 and Task 3.

15:17 Leader Gilmar Couto is no stranger to long tasks, he flew a stunning 270 km in Quixada last year. He's really keen to fly in more European competitions and is clearly very motivated.

15:14 In the next gaggle there is Jeison Zeferino, Matías Pedro Pérez Barrera, Marcelo Wickert and our very presidential Goran Dimiskovski.

15:10 The lead group have now really pulled away and got a 2 km lead: José Luis Sudbrack Guimaraes, Frank Brown, Franz Schilter, Luciano Tcacenco Bender, Marcelo Prieto and Chigwon Won.

15:08 However some are not so high in the lead group, in second place Franz Schilter is a 1000m lower than the others.

15:06 Back in Brazil, they certainly seem to have a nice high base today as Rafael Saladini predicted on launch this morning. Some are cruising along at 3000m

15:05 Turkey: Aksaray 08/09/2018 to 15/09/2018

15:04 Bulgaria: Sopot 18/08/2018 to 25/08/2018 Pink Panther, Yassen Savov, described Sopot as a 'Huge south facing site, it always works, it's an amazing place, powerful mountains, the flats always work, everything works really well, it's fantastic.' On his pink and white Enzo 3, Yassen will be on his home turf, making him one to watch and catch if you can!

15:03 Italy: Gemona 23/06/2018 to 30/06/2018

15:03 Brazil: Castelo 14/04/2018 to 21/04/2018

15:03 Australia: Bright 17/02/2018 to 24/02/2018

15:02 It looks like we've got some great new venues for next year and some very popular old favourites.

15:01 For those of you at home wishing you were here in this truly excellent competition, it's worth bearing in mind that next years calender has now been decided.

14:58 Cristiano Ricci told me this morning the conditions around Pocos de Caldas will be better, with stronger thermals as it is higher terrain, which seems to be the case as everyone is climbing nicely.

14:54 A group further back seem to have decided to take a more scenic lake land route led by Albert Mamedes, Denis Chouraqui, Walter Oliveira, James Bradley and Marcella Uchoa, there again, they might be just still looking for the MacDonalds.

14:52 Felix Rodriguez and Frank Brown are in the lead at the moment.

14:50 Cameraman Philippe Broers flies a top of the range wing (Boomerang 11), not only does he manage to keep up with the best of them, but takes some amazing footage for World Cup TV at the same time! He's only thrown his reserve once doing so! 'I threw my reserve in Drama during the last task, there was no shouting just some precise and imperative instructions at low voice'. What a pro!

14:50 You can also see footage of Pico Do Gavião on World Cup TV in the Media box on the left of the home page.

14:49 If you are trying to imagine the terrain and task here it's well worth having a look at the photos which go with the commentary on the World Cup Website under MEDIA then COMPETITION PHOTOS.

14:39 The leaders have just passed the half way mark in this 108 km task - I can see why they must feel like stopping for a big Mac.

14:37 Quite a few pilots seem to be flying over an industrial estate to the north of Pocos, I presume there is a MacDonalds there.

14:36 Most of the pilots are staying north of Pocos de Caldas but a few are doing a bit of window shopping: Mario Pfister and Vagner Campos.

14:32 They are going so fast today, there are going to be some cylinder shaving casualties.

14:28 The leaders are now flying above the ridge to the north of Pocos de Caldas.

14:27 Local lady Marcella Uchoa is climbing with them. This is her first World Cup and she has already bagged 2nd lady in task 1 and task 4. In the two legs of the Brazilian nationals she came 3rd lady at Baixo Guandu and 2nd place here last month making her 2nd lady overall in the Brazilian nationals - one to watch!

14:23 Just before the turn point it looks as if Gustavo Maretti and Cody Mittanck have got a nice climb and should be out of danger, or at least the sewage works, soon.

14:21 Gilmar Couto and yesterday's joint winner Rafael Saladini got the turn point very fast.

14:19 The top 20 are round the turn point.

14:18 Cody is still progressing along the course line but very low at 300m above the ant hills.

14:16 Next round the turn point Marcelo Wickert, Serdar Tur, Isidor Fink, Luciano Tcacenco Bender, Richard Pethigal, Rafael Saladini, Vagner Campos and Denis Chouraqui.

14:14 There is now a whole stream of gliders spread out between turn points 1 and 2.

14:13 Gilmar Couto and Erico Oliveira are getting the 2nd turn point together.

14:12 Cody is currently thermally a sewage farm, I so hope this works he's in +0.4 at 200m above the ground.

14:11 Hero to zero Kim Hyeong Joo who won task 3 is up with the leaders again today - his Korean thermal dance on lauch obviously helped.

14:09 Cody is very low but in a climb.

14:09 Walter Oliveira is way out to the east of the course line too.

14:07 Cody Mittanck who crossed Ess first yesterday, is with the leaders but low - he so needs a climb along with Alessandro Heringer.

14:05 The leaders are all following along the course line but a little further back local pilot from Pocos de Caldas and keen cyclist, Gustavo Maretti, is taking a completely different line further to the west - what does he know that the others don't ?

14:01 As Meet Director Dio told me this morning, 'today is an interesting task because they will be flying around Pocos de Caldas over old volcanic terrain. There is a real variety of terrain with lakes, trees and hills.'

13:56 Andre and Erico Oliveira are neck and neck at the front with Deonir Spancerski and Gilmar Couto.

13:54 West of the course line Samuel Nascimento and Gustavo Maretti are on their own but look to be heading back to join the gaggle.

13:53 They are now heading north to Pocos de Caldas. With Andre Rainsford, currently 4th overall in the competition leading,

13:50 Samuel Nascimento has got back up again, what a pro. and is 1440 m above the ground.

13:46 Andre Rainsford has gone further north and is at 502 m off the ground, He told me this morning that today would be better than the other days with a higher base - famous last words.

13:45 Samuel Nascimento, Gustavo Maretti and Alessandro Heringer are hanging in there, oh this is nail biting, they have got small climbs less than +2.

13:43 This turn point is splitting everyone up, those behind have seen that the route Samuel Nascimento took didn't work and are following the cylinder round.

13:41 Alessandro Heringer out in frount needs a climb too.

13:40 Did somebody say hero to zero?

13:40 Samuel Nascimento told me on launch today that he is very happy with the competition, there's a great atmosphere and lots of smiling people - however I think up in the sky he'll be one of those smiling the most BUT he needs a climb really soon to keep smiling!

13:38 Alessandro Heringer has got the turn point

13:38 The two gaggles behind are beginning to merge - with Gilmar Couto leading and about to get the turn point.

13:37 Samuel Nascimento out on his own has got turn point 1 - the crowds in Bom Jesus are going wild!

13:36 There are two distinct gaggles behind them one to the east and one on the course line.

13:35 Samuel Nascimento and Cristiano Ricci two of Brazil's most famous pilots have already broken away and are just a few km short of the first turn point.

13:33 For those of you who took part in the Pocos de Caldas World Cup in 2010, you'll recognise today's terrain, as turn points 1 , 2 and 3 take the pilots round this paragliding famous town.

13:27 World distance record holder Samuel NASCIMENTO is also here. He lives in the now famous village of Bom Jesus 20 km from Pico do Gaviao where they have had our live leader board at the ready for weeks.

13:27 As we've kept saying, the pilot quality here is amazing 5 out of the top 7 pilots from the nail biting first task in St Andre 2016 (one of the highest pilot quality World Cups we've ever had) are here – all 7 crossed ESS within 3 seconds of each other in St Andre task 1: Andre Rainsford-Alberts, Michel Guillemot, Richard Gallon, Stephane Drouin and Félix Rodriguez. It's great seeing some of the same great task setting and exciting finishes here.

13:26 The group to the north east seem to be doing the best with Luis Gustavo Tavares, Alexandre Malcher and Cristiano Ricci in the lead.

13:21 One thing we are seeing a lot of here is the same 'hero to zero' phenomenon that we saw at the Super Final in Governador Valadares, Brazil. We frequently saw top pilots like Maxime Pinot who was 1st or 2nd in four out of ten tasks, pushing out, then unfortunately landing. The rest of the field then flew overhead. Here it's gaggle 'hero to zero', with the whole lead gaggle getting stuck, the following gaggle, given the visibility as it's mainly flatland flying, can see where they need to gain more height and over fly the leaders.

13:20 In the gaggle more to the east Washington Peruchi, task 1 winner Chigwon Won, Victor Sibirtsev, Peter Nägele, Cyril Lambert and Frank Brown.

13:18 In the group to the west there is one of the leading ladies, Merve Arslan, yesterdays first to Ess Cody Mittanck and Téo Bouvard.

13:16 The two lead groups are neck and neck, one group to the east, one further to the west.

13:15 However, today the first 70 pilots are all together straight lining it to turn point 1.

13:14 They will then catch up with the others, who are very kindly marking the thermals ahead of them and all arrive in goal together. But the lead out point baggers will have an unbeatable bonus from the start – crafty or what!

13:13 Just after the Start look out for pilots following the course line exactly, this may get them to the first turn point later than the others, but it's a sure sign of a confirmed lead out point bagger, or lead out point addict.

13:12 The lead out points add a big dose of tactics to the race. It's always interesting to see who is 'harvesting lead out points', (especially at the beginning when they are more heavily weighted), a phenomenon of pilot we call a 'lead out point bagger'.

13:11 We are now seeing lead out points playing a bigger tactical part in races now that their share has been increased from 117 points (out of a possible 1000 point day), to 162 points.

13:09 Andre Rainsford and Frank Brown are in the lead.

13:09 Once again good task setting has spread the pilots out along the start cylinder.

13:03 Start is open

12:50 As expected, the pilots are moving north along the start cylinder to get a more optimum line towards the second turnpoint.

12:27 Today there are some wispy clouds, the pilots are high, everyone is off, looks good.

12:25 Launch has gone nice and smoothly today, leading pilots Felix Rodriguez Fernandez and Andre Rainsford are just taking off.

12:22 So the mountain bikers, people with little dogs on leads, autograph hunters and half of Brazil's media are out in force - and all hogging my internet connection at launch!

12:14 Today is a public holiday, I'm not sure if that is because we are having a paragliding competition here - I told you paragliding is big in Brazil!

12:11 The leaders are off to loud cheers.

12:07 Needless to say there is also a psychological advantage to a good start, getting away from the start cylinder early with the leaders.

12:05 Don't forget that those all important lead out points, which won the day for yesterday's lead out point baggers Erico Oliveira, Rafael Saladini, Frank Brown and Samuel Nascimento, are more heavily weighted at the beginning of the task.

12:03 However, the further round the start cylinder you go, the further north you can take the 1st turn point, putting you nearer to the 2nd turn point.

12:01 The first pilots should be taking off soon. As Richard Gallon explained, 'there is no rush, despite it being a long task as the start, 2 km away, doesn't open until 13h, so if you launch early you'll have to wait around and risk getting tired.'

11:58 As I've mentioned before there is a lot of competition here for those 15 overall places for the Super Final and 3 women's places. Out of the 8 women competing, nobody has a Super Final place so far.

11:56 The last pilots are collecting their trackers. Normally the Paragliding World Cup moto is 'no tracker, no score', at this comp it's 'no tracker, no Super Final'.

11:42 Exactly 100 points separate the top 10 so it is definitely still all to play for on the podium in this truly amazing Pico do Gaviao World cup.

11:40 Closely followed by Serdar Tur, Allly Palencia , Samuel Nascimento, Clayton Resende and Cristiano Ricci .

11:39 Next in 4th position, PWC winner Andre Rainsford, then word record holder Marcelo Prieto.

11:37 Just a bit of a reminders of the leaders in the comp so far Erico Oliveira, Rafael Saladini and Frank Brown.

11:35 Task 3 winner Kim Hyeong Joo is currently doing a South Korean thermal dance in the briefing tent.

11:28 The pilots will be going into the mountains for the first time in this competition which, as Brazilian champion Cristiano Ricci told me, should give better thermals. He's really happy with this task.

11:26 As soon as the briefing is over, pilots will be taking off with the start at 13h.

11:24 Erico Oliveira and Rafael Saladini, yesterday's joint winners, are being awarded half a t-shirt each.

11:22 Winning lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris is being given her 4th t-shirt.

11:22 The briefing is taking place and the winners congratulated.

2017-09-07 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 5 [11:16]

The task is set - todays race is a 108.15 km Race to Goal The window will open at 11:50 Local Time and the Start is at 13:00

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 5

11:11 For those of you aware of the concerns for the whereabouts of Technical Delegate Ulric Jessop yesterday, he was in fact lost in a Brazilian jungle trying to climb up the vertical front face of Pico do Gaviao back to launch. He emerged covered in blood claiming to be doing X-Alps inspired training. It also appeared that three buses were driving up through the undergrowth with him, until we realised that he had three bus trackers, a Delorme and a Flymaster tracker with him. Who said a man can have too many accessories?

11:02 The pilots are currently keying the task into their instruments. 107.5 km in a square north of take-off.

10:58 There is a light wind from the east, today is the most unstable day so far this week, so there should be stronger thermals and the race should be even faster!

10:57 I've just been speaking to Stephane Drouin and Clement Latour about the weather.

10:57 Here we are once again with a cloudless blue sky on take-off at Pico do Gaviao, pumping music and lots of smiles.

2017-09-07 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 5 [10:24]

Day 5 is here and we are still looking at nice skies. There is a little, very high, wispy cirrus cloud this morning but it looks fine for a task. Everone is on the way to launch and we expect task news at about 11:30.

More in a short while...


2017-09-06 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 4 [19:26]

Its been quite a task - in the end we had 76 pilots in goal. Everone is now back.

Conratulations to our task winners - Erico OLIVEIRA and Rafael SALADINI (Joint First Place), Silvia BUZZI FERRARIS and Team Gin Gliders

The results are complete and are available from the link above - see you tomorrow

Commentary - Day 4

17:56 With everyone landed and 75 pilots in goal, the sun is now setting at the end of another very successful task in the Pico do Gaviao Paragliding World Cup in beautiful Brazil.

17:02 70 pilots in goal so far and still they keep on coming with beautiful Brazilian end of the afternoon lighting. There is a lake and trees just beside goal, what a stunning place to pack up your glider - until you stand in a cow pat wearing sandals!

16:56 For Richard Pethigal it was a great task, great condtions sometimes. The difficult part was between turn point 2 and 3 where everyone caught up so we all came into goal very close together.

16:54 For Raul Penso, 'It was very bad, then very good, I made a mistake at the start due to a bad descision which made me play catch up until the end - no leading points for me today.'

16:52 For task setter Stephane Drouin there was more wind at turn point 3 than they expected.

16:51 For Francisco Mantaras 'I flew on my own all the way, it was fantastic, lots of options - I can say that for sure'.

16:49 For Frank Brown it was good consistent conditions, but you really needed to stay above the inversion, over 2000m.

16:48 For Teo Bouvard it was great until the last turn point then in lee side making it difficult.

16:46 It's quarter to five here and still really lifty over the goal field making it easy for the remaining pilots to boat into goal.

16:38 There is still a steady stream of pilots coming into goal. Cody Mittanck and Francisco Mantaras are still congratulating each other

16:17 Silvia Buzzi Ferraris has just landed in goal maintaining her position as first lady

16:16 Third across Ess Erico Oliveira

16:16 Time wise it looks as if a grinning Rafael Saladini was second across Ess.

16:14 French pilots Clement Latour and Stephane Drouin are just congratulating each other. Great task setting Stephane !

16:13 Francisco Mantaras and Cody are hugging and congratulating each other to a back drop of paragliders literally dropping out of the sky all over the goal field, and the wail of trackers.

16:11 One very happy Cody has just told me 'That was wild, it's my first PWC win' - first of many me thinks!

16:05 Cody has just landed in goal avoiding the ant hills and cow pats!

16:01 Well done Cody, first across Ess.

16:00 The three leaders have just come into view of the goal field, little crescents against the blue sky.

15:56 Francisco Mantaras is about 1 ant hill behind Cody, this is going to be so so close.

15:55 Marcelo Prieto and Erico Oliveira are just behind Cody, this is going to be very close.

15:53 Personally I would say that getting to goal today is rather over rated, the field is full of cow pats and waist high ant hills!

15:51 Who is going to win the race to Ess and goal today?

15:49 Cody has got plenty of height, 1573m and is climbing.

15:46 Dora Goksal, Marcelo Wickert and Felix Rodriguez Fernandez are with Jeison Zeferino.

15:45 There is also a group just behind them who aren't following the ridge, led by Jeison Zeferino.

15:42 Francisco Mantaras is just behind Cody.

15:38 The top 25 have all now got the last turn point and are chasing Cody to get to Ess.

15:33 Cody is on really good form at the moment. He's just broken the Utah record flying from in the middle of nowhere in N.E Utah to the middle of nowhere in Colorado in the Rockies, 326 km.

15:31 Cody Mittanck is about 7 km ahead of the others with 15 km to go.

15:25 As Michel Guillemot told me this morning this is now the crucial part, knowing how high to climb to get to Ess.

15:22 Cody Mittanck has just got the last turn point and is on his way to Ess, he said this morning it was going to be a fun task!

15:05 Right at the front at the moment is none other than Juan Andrade from Trinidad and Tobago! What a great moment in paragliding history - go Trinidad and Tobago!

15:02 Behind them, instead of a cloud street, there is a long long line as far as the eye can see, of paragliders stretching right back to Aguas da Prata. With two out riders, Cody Mittanck in the relief to the north and yesterday's winner Kim Hyeong Joo to the south.

14:58 The lead gaggle are now all above the town of Vargem Grande do Sul having taken the second turn point.

14:56 They have now got a short leg north east, 11km to the last turn point.

14:52 The leaders have now taken the 2nd turn point Stephane Benoit, Juan Andrade, Luciano Pagnoni and Deonir Spancerski.

14:47 The GIN Wide Open, is always an excellent event which is first and foremost a fun paragliding event.  It's less about flying the latest hot-ships and more about achievable tasks for cross country pilots flying EN-B and EN-C wings.  It's less about winning and more about fun flying in a stress-free and supportive environment. In 2017, the event took place in Kruševo, Macedonia during the first week of August. Well done to this year's winner, Petra Slivova.

14:46 The Ozone Chabre Open is not just a paragliding competition - it is an XC Coaching week, a how-to-fly-competition-week, a week of parties and gatherings amongst pilots from all over the world, and generally an event at which the focus is entirely on fun and learning. It usually takes place during the first week of July at Laragne in the South of France. This year's event went really well - 5 tasks, including the longest they have ever run (80+km) with plenty of people in goal. Well done to this year's winner, Martin Long.

14:46 If you have just learnt to fly and are wondering how to progress up towards a Paragliding World Cup it's worth going to the competitions organised by our partners Ozone and Gin:

14:45 The lower down the alphabet the letters go in the Selection list the lower the pilot quality. In the recent Disentis PWC, the letters went down as far as 'M' for the women and 'K' for the men, compared to the incredibly high level in the Coeur de Savoie World Cup, where you needed a minimum of an 'F' for the women and 'D' for the men to qualify!

14:45 For those of you wondering how selection works for a World Cup, The World Cup Tour - Selection - Qualification letter - this isn't the British bra size of each male or female pilot! How the letters are allocated depends on the pilot quality of each country competing in the World Cup, i.e. where the top 3 pilots from each nation are placed in the World Cup. In 2016 for example, the top 4 pilots in the Swiss nationals got an A, the top pilot from a country which doesn't have many pilots competing in the Paragliding World Cup, would only get a B.

14:43 The leaders are approaching the second turn point.

14:37 Henry Alexander Alcazar Rincon is just behind the leaders in 3rd place.

14:36 Larry Pino is up with the leaders in 7th place but a lot lower at 635m, he desperately needs a climb.

14:35 Allly Palencia is just behind them and is climbing at nearly 2900m.

14:34 They are both climbing at the moment and are at nearly 2800m.

14:33 José Luis Sudbrack Guimaraes and Task 1 winner, Chigwon Won, are out in front. Who would have thought this Brazilian competition, with so much Brazilian top brass in it, would be so dominated by the South Koreans!

14:30 The wind coming from different directions at different levels was one of the things which Felix Rodriguez thought was going to make today difficult.

14:22 Francisco Mantaras and James Bradley have got round Aguas da Prata and are catching up with the others.

14:21 Yesterday's leader Kim Hyeong Joo seems to have got stuck at the end of the same ridge as Francisco Mantaras and James Bradley.

14:20 Over the past few days it's been difficult for the leaders to break away and go fast because the conditions weren't very reliable, that is due to change as the week progresses.

14:19 Rafael Saladini told me at launch that today should be faster. The inversion layer is higher. The lead gaggle over the past few days have been climbing, hitting the inversion, leaving the thermal, then being caught up by those behind who had patiently climbed higher and were able to catch the leaders quite easily. I dont' think that is happening today.

14:14 Clayton Resende and Chigwon Won who won the first task are out in front.

14:13 James Bradley is at the end of the ridge trying to decide where to go next.

14:12 Francisco Mantaras is still out on his own and crossing the town to the south.

14:10 The lead gaggle are so high that I don't think they are really using the relief of undulating hills below them.

14:08 There is a steady procession of colourful paragliders against a clear blue sky flying over Aguas da Prata, with palm trees waving to them and parrots screaching at them.

14:02 Is Francisco Mantaras going to lose his advantage as he flies on his own round the town?

14:00 Those who were in the main part of the valley have now gone onto the hills to the north of the course line to get round Aguas da Prata.

13:59 Francisco Mantaras, who followed the hill launch is on, has overtaken everyone else and gone into first place, that's going to be a big surprise for those who thought they were leading the way in the flats!

13:57 What an amazing race. Good task setting forces pilots to make the maximum number of decisions. It shouldn't be like a horse race (quote from equestrian expert Semih Sayir at the 2016 Super Final) there should be as many different routes to take as possible. Mission definitely accomplished today!

13:55 Some of those who were in the flats have fled for the relief to the south and seem to be catching the leaders: Francisco Mantaras and James Bradley.

13:54 The leaders are all now well spread out with a group of 3 at the front: Oguzkan Sadeer, Serdar Tur and Victor Sibirtsev.

13:49 Kim Hyeong Joo and Khobi-jane Bowden are the only ones taking the hillier route, let's see if they can catch up.

13:48 The group who are further out in the flats and following the course line seem to be doing better: Matteo Caprari, Luciano Tcacenco Bender, Alejandro Salazar, Federico Rodriguez and Richard Gallon

13:45 Those who are further out into the flats seem to be having a better time like Andre Rainsford at 1235m above the ground.

13:43 For some of the ones straight lining it in the flatter ground it isn't looking so easy, or fun. Cody Mittanck is really struggling in the flats at 292m above the ground, but he has got a weak climb now.

13:38 Yesterday's winner Kim Hyeong Joo has taken his own route and got the cylinder to the south of everyone else where there is higher relief but I am not sure whether this will help him. It puts him at the start of a nice ridge but will the flats be faster?

13:34 They have now got a 40 km leg west to do.

13:29 In the competition here we've also seen Chigwon Won, Erico Oliveira, Kim Hyeong Joo, Samuel Nascimento and Rafael Moraes Barros showing the way and it's still all to play for!

13:27 Not surprising when you look at whose flying here with a reputation for leading out in comps over the last 12 months. The top lead out point baggers to keep an eye on: Denis CHOURAQUI, Stephane DROUIN, Richard GALLON, Michel GUILLEMOT, Clement LATOUR, Andre Rainsford-Alberts, Cristiano RICCI, Felix Rodriguez Fernandez and Rafael SALADINI.

13:25 The top 20 have now all got the first turm point. This is a very fast race.

13:25 Raul Penso is also out on his own following the same line as Mario.

13:24 Mario Pfister is much further north which may give him a better line to get to turn point 2.

13:23 Erico Oliveira has got the first turn point with Washington Peruchi.

13:21 This is the point in the race when the lead out points are most heavily weighted, so it's really crucial to be in front at this point.

13:20 With Mario Pfister to the north.

13:19 Cody is more going along the course line now.

13:19 Rafael Moraes Barros is taking a line more to the south of the course line.

13:18 Cody Mittanck is out in front on his own, to the north of the course line. He told me at launch that he thought today would be fun flying over new terrain.

13:16 This task has already separated the pilots out and they aren't even at the first turn point yet!

13:14 Kim Hyeong Joo is a bit lower than the others so will have to stop to climb.

13:12 Kim Hyeong Joo having come from absolutely nowhere yesterday is totally out flying everyone again today, he's already half a km ahead!

13:10 It's working really well over the plateau. The gaggle is already hitting 3000m and the day is young.

13:05 The pilots are very widely spread out along the start cylinder, today's task has got lots of different route options due to the relief.

13:03 No multiple options for this start. One huge gaggle is en route to the first turnpoint.

13:00 The start is now open, the race is on!

12:28 Virtually all the pilots are now off in a sort of ordered chaos!

12:24 Larry Pino and Richard Pethigal are just taking off

12:21 Every few minutes as a thermal comes through there is a real launch frenzy.

12:19 Leading lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris has just launched making it look so easy.

12:10 Launch is going to be very much stop go today as there is very little wind, so we need some thermals to take off.

12:09 A group of about 30 pilots have managed to launch and are climbing nicely just behind launch

12:00 The first pilots are now taking off into nice floaty, boaty conditions.

11:52 10 minutes to launch open and the wind looks a lot nicer for launching today. Yesterday we had a back wind 360 degrees around the hill top!

11:50 This is a great moment for paragliding history, for the first time ever we welcome a pilot from Trinidad and Tobago, Juan Andrade who is currently lying in 80th position - let's hope we'll one day have a World Cup in his home country.

11:24 Take-off will start in half an hour and the start gate will open at 13h.

11:23 Just a reminder that anyone, whether an individual or a business, can become a Paragliding World Cup Partner. To become part of our big paragliding family and help support the continued success of paragliding competitions around the World, contact the Paragliding World Cup Association.

11:22 The winners are just being congratulated along with the winning partner teams - Task 1 Kortel Design, Task 2 Alas Del Hombre, Task 3 Gin Gliders.

11:20 I asked Meet Director Dio Rosendo about the competition, he told me, 'I am enjoying the competition but the dry conditions are making it difficult. We need some Scottish weather now'.

11:18 Briefing is now taking place for a 99km task staying on the plateau to the north of take-off and landing near HQ at Aguas da Prata.

11:17 A big thank you to the local organisation for the welcome meal, a buffet in the stunning setting of the hotel pool. Last night there was an eat until you burst pilot meal at the local churrascaria. I think a lot of pilots will be flying with considerably less ballast this morning. I don't see as many caipirinha-ed out faces as I had feared on launch this morning!

2017-09-06 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 4 [11:13]

The task is set - todays race is a 99.84 km Race to Goal The window will open at 12:00 Local Time and the Start is at 13:00

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

Commentary - Day 4

11:07 Just a note about yesterday's task. If you were wondering why the pilots spread out so much at turn point 2, let me explain. There were a lot of fires in this area so to avoid sink around them due to the rising air in the core, and the effect of the smoke blocking out the sun and therefore the thermals, pilots deviated by differerent amounts off the course line..

11:06 The other good news this morning is that the lorry carrying the water to turn the dirt track to launch into a slippery, muddy, mess, ended its watering career lying on its side in a ditch, making everyone's lives a lot easier!

11:03 The weather seems to be getting better and better as the week goes on, it's more unstable today so the thermals should be better.

11:02 Ola from Pico do Gaviao, where it is once again a lovely blue day.

2017-09-06 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 4 [10:33]

Photos from yesterday's task have now been added to the Competition Photo's section on the left - you will need to refresh this page to see them

2017-09-06 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 4 [09:14]

Here we go again - a cloudless sky and bright sunshine this morning. Everone is on the way to takeoff. Hopefully the technical problems we had with the 3D feed yesterday have been solved so we hope to bring you the task in all its glory.

Task details and all the links will be along at about 11:00


2017-09-05 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 3 [19:46]

All done - congratulations to our task winners Kim HYEONG JOO, Silvia BUZZI FERRARIS and Team Gin Gliders

The results are now available online from the link above. We start again at 09:00 tomorrow.

2017-09-05 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 3 [19:37]

Our final pilots have just arrived at HQ - te results are being prepared and will be along soon.

Commentary - Day 3

17:12 With 83 pilots in goal, everyone has now landed - well done!

16:51 Well done to Eliana Alves Dias who has just landed in goal, There are only 4 pilots left flying at the moment.

16:39 Khobi-jane Bowden has just arrived in goal making a grand total of 80 pilots in goal so far out of a field of 100!

16:32 Eliana Alves Dias could do with another climb to seal her goal mission, she's on 10:1 but going down wind and currently doing 23:1 so may be OK without.

16:30 Khobi-jane Bowden is just crossing Ess and should make goal no problem.

16:28 Marcella Uchoa has just made it - her first ever World Cup goal - well done!

16:27 There are 9 pilots still in the air and 78 in goal so far.

16:23 Just behind Marcella but higher is Khobi-jane Bowden

16:22 Local lady, Marcella Uchoa, from nearby Pocos de Caldas. just missed goal yesterday, so she's playing it safe today at 1500m and 2 km to go.

16:16 Eliana Alves Dias flying in her first World Cup has 6.6 km to go to Ess, she could do with another climb before she makes her first ever World Cup goal.

16:13 Bill Hughes has 2.4 km to go to Ess but should make it and goal no problem.

16:12 Bianca Heinrich has just got Ess and should make goal no problem.

16:09 Bianca Heinrich is 1.9 km from Ess at 1595m, nearly there as today's third lady.

16:06 Stephan Kruger has just crossed Ess to loud cheers from everyone watching our leader board at Fly Cape Town Paragliding in South Africa.

16:04 Khobi probably needs to climb a bit more, she's at 1400m.

16:03 American champion Bianca is really high at 2200m and climbing - she should make it no problem.

16:02 The next two ladies approaching Ess are Khobi-jane Bowden and Bianca Heinrich 9.2 km out,

15:59 Merve is on a count down, 3rd lady in task 1, 2nd lady in task 2 and 1st lady in task 3 - what will tomorrow hold? Silvia was first lady on both the previous tasks.

15:58 Well done to top ladies Merve Arslan and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris who have both just landed in goal.

15:54 Ulric's advice, 'there's no rush to land, make sure your instrument shows you have crossed the line. Cross it high up, cross it low down, cross it as many times as you want, but make sure you cross it, if you don't, it could cost you 60 places or more.'

15:54 Goal is therefore a half cylinder behind the goal line which you must enter.

15:53 The goal line cuts the 100m radius goal cylinder in half. It faces ESS, or the last turn point if ESS is a cylinder around the goal.

15:53 Sounds obvious, but not everyone does it.

15:52 How many times have we all heard Technical Delegate Ulric Jessop at the briefing say, 'make sure you cross the goal line'?

15:52 For those who have crossed Ess, it is really important that they now make goal for their time points to count.

15:50 Well done to Cyril Lambert from the paragliding famille Lambert, he's just arrived in goal, commiserations to Sandy who hasn't quite made goal today.

15:47 Samuel Nascimento has just arrived in goal in the top 11. He lives in the famous village of Bom Jesus 20 km from Pico do Gaviao. We can hear the crowds cheering in front of our live leaderboard in the bar in Bom Jesus for world record holder and local hero, Samuel.

15:44 Places 4-11 crossed Ess within 20 seconds of each other!

15:43 Gustavo Maretti and Clayton Resende have just arrived in goal.

15:42 The top 10 have crossed Ess now: Andre Rainsford, Rafael Moraes Barros, Samuel Nascimento, Yongtae Ahn, Jules Croibier, Francisco Mantaras and Federico Rodriguez.

15:40 Clayton Resende and Gustavo Maretti have crossed Ess within 9 seconds of each other!

15:39 Kim Hyeong Joo has landed in goal, the others are just approaching Ess - big congratulations to Kim!

15:38 When 1 pilot gets to goal very fast, much faster than those in 2nd and subsequent places, this compresses everyone else's scores. A lot today will depend on the lead out points - how much was Kim Hyeong Joo with the leaders especially at the beginning when the lead out points are more heavily weighted?

15:35 What will be the effect of 1 pilot getting to goal so far ahead of the others, normally known as 'doing a Maxime Pinot'?

15:34 Kim Hyeong Joo has got 1.4 km to go to goal but should make it absolutely no problem at all.

15:32 Kim Hyeong Joo has crossed Ess 5 km ahead of the others - well done, great flight!

15:30 Clayton Resende has got a climb, but is 3 km behind Kim Hyeong Joo who is flying a 53 kph!

15:28 Good to see Andre Rainsford has taken my advice and done a bit of overtaking and got himself into 5th position. He was 2nd in task 1 and 8th in task 2. Today will put him in a very strong position overall as long as he gets to goal.

15:26 Clayton Resende is right up at the front, he was 7th in task 1. He has done a lot of PWCs and is a very accomplished pilot, but compared to Kim Hyeong Joo he's very low, 319m above the ground and not finding a climb.

15:23 Local pilots Gustavo Maretti from Poços de Caldas and new comer Walter Oliveira are trying not to let him get away. Today is so going to change the overall scores.

15:18 Kim Hyeong Joo has really found his wings today, he was 51st on the first day and 46th yesterday and now he's winning!

15:14 Kim Hyeong Joo is way out in front with about a 4 km lead and in bouyant air.

15:13 World Cup President Goran Dimiskovski is in third place but a bit lower than Kim Hyeong Joo (1835 m) and Rafael Moraes Barros (2140), so if anyone is in Mogi Guacu and can see a blue orange and white Gin Boomerang 11, could you please blow skywards to help him on his way.

15:08 When I spoke to the American and South African Collaboration Committee on launch this morning, they told me that this last leg should be a good fast down wind leg with lots of pilots in goal. However, both Cody and Andre have got quite a bit of over taking to do if they want to get there first today!

15:05 With 18 km to Ess this is going to be a fast last leg.

15:02 Jules Croibier. Cristiano Ricci, Gustavo Maretti, Matías Pedro Pérez Barrera, Gilmar Couto and Allly Palencia have all got the last turn point.

15:01 The pilots are all really spread out around the cylinder, those taking the turn point first are not necessarily the furthest round the course.

14:56 In the 2016 SF Samuel was one of the most talked about pilots, he frequently made different decisions to the other pilots and to the big gaggle and it was great to see his alternative routes working.

14:56 The pilots are quite spread out getting to the last turn point Samuel Nascimento has taken a route further north.

14:52 Just a reminder that pilots are not allowed to land during the race, have a picnic, go to the loo etc, then take off again and continue the race. Once you land, that is where you are scored to. If you have to land for safety reasons, as there is a problem with your glider, a problem with one of your lines etc, you must phone or radio the Meet Director for permission to take off again for the rest of the flight to count.

14:49 Right, whilst I was explaining the art of shaving to you, the leaders have almost got to turn point 2, Kim Hyeong Joo is about 1 km away.

14:47 Rather than shaving the cylinder, some pilots now advocate shaving the tolerance zone – a risky business – shave at your own peril!

14:46 A tolerance of 0.5% of the radius of the cylinder is built into the scoring system to accommodate the differences in measuring which occur between different instruments. With a 50km radius cylinder there's a 500m (in and out) 'tolerance' zone.

14:45 Needless to say, the object of the exercise is to shave the turn point cylinder as closely as possible, but not too closely. If they don't cross the cylinder they will be scored to the furthest point along the course line towards the goal before the turn point they missed.

14:44 As the pilots come up to turn point two, at the town of Mogi Guacu, we'll see them go as close to the cylinder as possible so that they just touch it before heading south for the down wind leg to end of speed and goal.

14:38 Deonir Spancerski is at the front 6 km from the second turn point. He told me the most amazing thing he has done in his life was throw his reserve in the 2016 Super Final. Let's hope he doesn't need to do that in this comp.

14:23 Richard Gallon, one of the European pioneers of Paragliding, is at the front too. He was winning World Cups back in the early 90s (1993 to be precise!)

14:21 Peter Nägele is also up at the front. He is used to flying rolling hills near Stuttgart where he lives but also lives 2 hours from the Alps so he is used to big mountains too, making him a very versatile pilot

14:18 Frank Brown is with the leaders too. He hasn't done many competitions recently as he's been very busy being a Dad - 8 month old baby daugher Maria is at home cheering Dad on in front of our leader board with a mini Brazilian flag.

14:14 The lead gaggle are half way to turn point 2 flying east towards the town of Mogi-Guacu.

14:13 Lorry pushing interlude over, where are we with the race?

14:12 Unfortunately they decided to water the dusty road today, making it a slippery, muddy, dusty road instead - a mud slide that a lorry load of gliders was not going to make it up!

14:10 Let me briefly tell you about the 30 minute drive to launch. We go through fields full of lumpy white cows and forests full of dust. With rolling hills on either side.

14:09 The other endangered species today was the truck full of gliders en route to launch this morning.

14:07 Cody Mittanck is also at the front. He makes maps for environmental projects e.g for endangered animals and species - the only endangered species around here at the moment however are the Brazilian Builders next door who keep hammering nails into our internet connection!

14:02 Franz Schilter is at the front too, he's much more of a mountain flier. He lives in Peru near Cusco, where take-off is at 3700m and flies up to 6000m. 'We take off high, fly high and land high' he told me!

13:58 Stephan Kruger is also up with the leaders, he's a very flexible pilot as he is used to flying a combination of flat lands and mountains. I suppose that is all part of owning a tandem paragliding operation, school and running SIV and acro courses - wow!

13:54 It's good to see Matteo Caprari up with the leaders (until I write about him). This is his first year competing in the World Cup. He's really enjoying it and finds it a great way to learn. He also competes in acro comps and loves both disciplines.

13:52 There is a light northerly wind today so they are now on a cross wind leg.

13:51 José Luis Sudbrack Guimaraes is with the leaders, he's no stranger to winning tasks having 2 already under his chest strap.

13:43 Oguzkan Sadeer is with them, he's one of Turkey's top pilots and has done a lot of World Cups.

13:41 Brazilian champion Cristiano Ricci is currently in the lead gaggle of about 10 pilots.

13:40 The Brazilian builders in the room next door sawing and drilling through unidentified objects certainly isn't helping the continuity of our internet connection!

13:39 In the length of time that it has taken for our internet to crash, burn and be reinstalled the first 30 pilots have got round turn point one.

13:28 At briefing this morning there were a few adjustments to yesterday's scores as per the World Cup Rules. Rule 13.5.11: Pilots should not take any risk to cross the goal line. Not crossing a goal line for obvious safety reasons will be considered in favour of the pilots. Therefore 2 pilots who missed goal yesterday due to a very inconsiderately placed power line were awarded goal points.

13:25 The conditions are very similar to yesterday but with less wind, a bit weak but with the same cloudless blue sky.

13:24 The pilots are now well on their way to turn point 1 and the leaders are just 2 km away.

13:19 The pilots have headed out into the flats and are staying high. Conditions look really good!

13:12 Apologies for the lack of commentary earlier. A power failure left us cut off from the world here at launch.

13:10 Conditions are good in the air, but the launch was tricky and one or two pilots got delayed.

13:09 The start is open! A stream of gliders is flying past launch on their way to turnpoint 1.

12:37 An 87.4 km down wind task zig zagging south has been set.

12:36 Pilots started launching at 12h from the west launch and the start will open at 13h.

12:34 Ola from Pico do Gaviao.Sorry for the late start to the live commentary this morning.

2017-09-05 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 3 [11:32]

The task is set - todays race is a 90.67 km Race to Goal The window will open at 12:00 Local Time and the Start is at 13:00

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

.Paragliding World Cup Live App => Get it here

The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

For those with iPads etc - the pure Live Leader Board is HERE

.Split Screen View (Map + Commentary) - also works on mobiles => HERE

2017-09-05 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 3 [09:20]

Day 3 is here and the weather shows no sign of changing. The sky is blue, there are no clouds and the winds seem light. The pilots are leaving for takeoff now.

Task details will be here at around 11:30


2017-09-04 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 2 [19:43]

Thats it - the results are now available online.

Congratulations to our task winners - Erico Oliviera, Silvia Buzzi Ferraris and Team Alas Del Hombre.

We start again at 0900 tomorrow

2017-09-04 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 2 [19:40]

The retrieve did an epic job this afternoon. All of our pilots are now back, including the 83 who made goal and the 6 who were just short of the line.

Results are being prepared now and will be online soon...

Commentary - Day 2

17:13 I think William Hughes summed up todays conditions best: nice smooth air, slow climbs, 1 to 2 m/s mostly, a few stronger. 1800 to 2000m was the top of the lift in most places. Really boaty coming in to goal. I should have passed up the last 2 climbs, unlike yesterday I didn't need them. What a fun task!

17:07 Hopefully this week we'll have some news about future developements with the commentary, so keep reading...

17:06 I'd also like to thank Meet Directors Dio Rosendo, Philippe Roea and Zeljko Ovuka for all their help with the commentary during competitions.

17:03 In particular I'd like to thank from Gin Gliders, Torsten Siegel and Idris Birch, from XC Magazine, Charlie King, from Air'G, Richard Gallon and from Ozone, Luc Armant, Russel Ogden and Honorin Hamard and task committe veteran Andreas (Pepe) Malecki for their support, encouragement and enthusiasm about the commentary.

16:58 The first one we did was in St Andre on the 4th of September 2016. On behalf of Chris, Ulric and myself, I'd like to thank all of you for making it such a success (14,000 readers per day).

16:56 Whilst we are waiting for the pilots to report back, I thought I would share with you that today is the first anniversary of the commentary.

16:55 So far 40 pilots have made goal - amazing given the windy conditions on launch this morning.

16:35 Commiserations to Sandy Lambert who landed just before turn point 1. 'At least I got one field further than I did yesterday,' she told me when she reported back - what a great sport, well done Sandy.

16:31 For veterans of the X-Alps and those contemplating applying – you'll love the article 'The Suffering' (XC Mag September 2017) – no prizes for guessing what that's about.

16:31 Khobi-Jane is a distributor in South Africa for our partner XC magazine. Once again the September 2017 edition has got some great articles and absolutely stunning photos – almost makes me want to go on a paragliding holiday - well done to Ed Ewing and his team.

16:29 Well done to Khobi-jane Bowden third lady in goal.

16:23 Today I have a feeling of 'déjà vu', (which means 'I've seen this before'). We've got 3 Gin Boomerang 11s, 1 Ozone Zeno, an Enzo 2 and an Enzo 3 in the top 6 - well done to both manufacturers and of course the pilots flying their wings.

16:18 Gliders wise, at the Coeur de Savoie Paragliding World Cup earlier this year the story was very much the duel between the Gin Boomerang 11 and the Ozone Enzo 3 with the team scores showing absolute parity, although team Gin won more tasks.

16:13 There is a great photo gallery of this competition to the left of the commentary COMPETITION PHOTOS (Event 4 - Pico Do Gaviao).

16:09 The top 30 have made goal. Well done to the task setting committee for making, what seemed like an impossible day this morning, a success. Many thanks to Stephane Drouin, James Bradley, Cristiano Ricci and Meet Director Dio Rosendo.

16:03 Well done to Silvia Buzzi Ferraris first lady into goal, closely followed by Merve Arslan.

15:59 Great to see Felix Rodriguez and his lucky g-string in goal, can I just say I don't have actual visuals on the item of clothing mentioned!

15:57 Oopsy I've just discovered he HAS been kidnapped by the Shining Path - fortunately that was a long time ago and he was released 30 hours later!

15:56 Richard did tell me he was feeling a bit out of practice before this competion. The only flying he's had recently was flying in the total solar eclipse in Idaho where the thermals were somewhat lacking - he's got lots of great excuses as to why he thought it would work but they are about as plausible as him being kidnapped by the Shining Path.

15:55 Nice to see Richard Pethigal in goal, having put so much into helping with this competition.

15:54 A minutes silence please everyone in honour of our President Goran Dimiskovski who has just landed in goal. OK so with 30 very happy pilots in goal we maybe can't do even a second of silence but a large caipirinha should do the job. Good job Goran - nice to see you back in business!

15:50 The order that pilots arrive in goal is NOT their overall position. For example Stephane Drouin crossed end of speed in 2h 22 mins and 6 seconds, just behind leader Frank Brown, but he hasn't landed in goal yet. When Stephane does, his time points will be just behind those of Frank Brown. Well done to both.

15:46 Well done to the next in goal Rafael Saladini, Rafael Moraes Barros, Samuel Nascimento, Marcelo Wickert and Oguzkan Sadeer.

15:43 Think Brazil, think big, think gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaal, think Caipirinha! Well done Frank Brown, first into goal in this first ever Pico do Gaviao World Cup.

15:42 Next across Oguzkan Sadeer and Serdar Tur.

15:41 Wow the first 3 have got Ess Frank Brown. Rafael Moraes Barros and Marcelo Wickert.

15:40 Marcelo Wickert is so so near Ess.

15:40 Now did somebody say Caipirihnas? The leaders have definitely got those lovely cool glasses in sight!

15:38 Unfortunately top Gin pilot Torsten Siegel isn't able to join us in the thermals above Pico Do Gavião. He's just back from testing the first version of the new 2 line 'BabyBoom' at Salt Lake City. '10 days of great testing in all kinds of conditions proved the strength of their new concept. The brand-new "BabyBoom" is an easy version of the Boomerang 11, planned as an EN-D certified wing'. So Torsten is working flat out on his new 'Baby' at the moment but will definitely be joining us in Ecuador.

15:37 Just a word about the spread of gliders in the competition. Ozone Zenos 24, Enzo 3s 21, Gin Boomerang 11s 18.

15:33 If you are trying to follow the competition via the live tracking, apologies for the number of off-line trackers - this is so not the place to open a mobile phone shop!

15:31 Chris Trow, Paragliding World Cup retrieve and tracking manager. 'Having worked with a lot of live tracking systems, we are convinced that the Flymaster Live is absolutely the best tracking system in the world at the moment - in fact, its closest competition is the new 'Tracker' - also from Flymaster',

15:29 A big thank you to our partner Flymaster for providing the trackers which are such a vital safety element in any paragliding competition nowadays.

15:28 A lot of the Flymaster trackers, which are mandatory for the pilots to carry with them, are currently off line - having no mobile phone signal in that part of the course.

15:23 Marcelo Wickert is not letting Stephane get away, he's right behind him and in a slight climb.

15:21 Stephane Drouin has got a nice lead with plenty of height, he's been a consistent lead out point bagger in recent World Cups.

15:14 The top 20 have all got the last turn point and are in a down wind race to goal under a cloudless blue sky.

15:13 This final turn point has spread the leaders out. Chigwon Won and Marcelo Wickert got the turn point quickly and have at least a 1 km lead over the others.

15:10 The last leg to Ess should be fairly easy, taking even the smallest thermal will blow them in the right direction for a large glass of chilled Caipirinha in the goal field!

15:05 The first three round the turn point were Luciano Tcacenco Bender, Rafael Moraes Barros and Chigwon Won.

15:04 Wow this is so close, who is going to get the last turn point first? Rafael Moraes Barros or Chigwon Won or Yongtae Ahn?

15:02 Jules was the novice wild card at the Coeur de Savoie competition, he's flown a long way since his first Paragliding World Cup.

14:59 Young French pilot, Jules Croibier, from Allevard is in the lead in the charge for the last turn point.

14:57 3 km to the last turn point, the race is really on now.

14:56 The lead group of about 10 have broken away from the course line to take the turn point further east, giving them a fast down wind leg to Ess.

14:53 Stephane told me on launch that he anticipated today being fairly straightforward. 'If the thermals stop we should still have the wind behind us to get us to goal', at which point everyone over takes him!

14:50 Stephane Drouin is out in front closer to the course line than the others.

14:49 Right, whilst we were shaking off the dust, the first 66 pilots got turn point 2!

14:47 Apologies for the erratic commentary today, it was due to the drive down from launch in a cloud of Wifi impenetrable dust which played havoc with my keyboard.

14:17 Food wise - there are not many restaurants in Aguas da Prata, on a positive note, they do have all you can eat buffets where your plate is weighed and you pay by the kilo you eat - what's not to like about that - unless you are on a diet! As for the chillies - they're definitely not for beginners!

14:16 Just a few words about where we are. HQ is in Aguas da Prata (Silver Water) at the foot of Pico do Gaviao. A small sleepy town in a lush basin surrounded by tree covered hills. Bright red, purple and pink Bougainvillea frame the houses, flowerbeds line the streets, a (not so silver) river runs through the leafy undergrowth and leafy green parrots perch in the palm trees. The squawk of parrots was the only noise here until 120 paraglider pilots turned up a few days ago!

14:14 World Cup TV has some great films of the event so far. If you want to drift off to some beautiful Brazilian sunshine and smiles, tune in. Unfortunately, a Brazilian dog thought Philippe's drone was a bone somebody had thrown, neither pet owners were very happy about the incident, but both pets seemed to survive the incident!

14:12 Right at the top of our leader board is none other than Paragliding World Cup President Goran DIMISKOVSKI. He's staying high today having complained of ants in his pants after yesterday's flight, but that may have been due to landing in a field with some very large biting ants.

14:10 They are all nice and high, over a 1000m above ground level, cruising along over coffee plantations, big farm fields with horses and cows.

14:08 Luciano Pagnoni has done lots of PWCs, has been in the circuit for a long time, super experienced and was right at the top of the leader board until I started to write about him!

14:04 Yesterday's leader, Chigwon Won, is also right at the front hoping for another win today.

14:03 The lead gaggle of 20 are so close together this could be anybody's race.

13:59 The map and turn-points they sent look great, especially with the addition of new local launch sites, we should be able to set long and challenging tasks that reflect and compliment the high skill set of competitors. The reliable weather conditions and dedicated organisation team will all play their part in making this a superb sunny event, at a time when Europe will be shivering under a blanket of slushy snow.'

13:58 This is what Jocky told me, 'For those who don't like European winters, the Pre-World Cup in Zapotiltic will be a good comp to combine with the Monarca Open in January 2018.'

13:58 Jocky Sanderson, well known as meet director for the Ozone Chabre Open in France, will be officiating the Pre World Cup in Zapotiltic, making this an outstanding competition and no doubt a lot of fun, definitely one not to miss.

13:56 Washington Peruchi is in team Alas Del Hombre. Just a reminder about the Mexican Pre World Cup in Zapotiltic from the 2nd to the 9th of December.

13:52 Washington Peruchi is in the lead gaggle, he's a very good pilot, he has been competing for a long time. He's no doubt hoping to fly really well in Pico do Gaviao to get immediate selection for the Super Final.

13:49 They are now going to fly west between the towns of Sao Joao da Boa Vista and Mogi Guacu towards Aguai to turn point 2.

13:46 With the wind from the north east they have now got a cross wind leg ahead of them under a cloudless blue sky. In fact I think the sky is even bluer than yesterday if that's possible.

13:45 The top 10 are round the first turn point.

13:44 I am sure that everyone at Fly Cape Town Paragliding will be cheering round our live leaderboard.

13:43 Stephan Kruger is in the lead, he's flying very well at the moment having come 1st in the 2017 South African Paragliding Nationals in Barberton, he's first round the first turn point.

13:33 This is Marcella Uchoa's first World Cup, 'for me this is a dream come true' she told me - as for being right at the front, that's a life time of dreams come true - go Marcella!

13:31 Wow this first leg is proving fast, with the wind behind them the leaders are just a few kms from the first turn point.

13:28 The start has been open for 13 mins now and there is a steady stream of pilots on the way to turnpoint one.

12:51 25 minutes to the start open.

12:50 Those who are further east along the ridge are finding it easeir but will have further to go to get to turn point 1.

12:48 Two distinct gaggles have formed one above launch and one further to the east.

12:45 Everyone is either on launch or in the air now. The thermals aren't going that high, the highest pilots are only about 200 m above launch.

12:41 Felix Rodriguez Fernandez is off, he's on fire today wearing his lucky Ozone g-string, let's see if that (up until now top secret) tactic gets him to goal!

12:36 With her knitting on board, leading lady Silvia Buzzi Ferraris is off too.

12:36 Michel Guillemot who literally rose to fame at the 2016 St Andre PWC and Francisco Mantaras are off.

12:29 Highest placed Super Final pilot Tim Rochas has just launched.

12:26 A few intrepid pilots have taken off.

12:06 Richard Gallon told me that Richard Pethigal wearing his large panama hat is a sure sign that the wind will drop - no hat apparently is a forecast of too much wind, forecasting is all down to how high the risk is of the weatherman's hat blowing away!

12:03 The inflateable entry gate to launch which blew away is now standing once again.

12:02 Take-off opens in 15 minutes. With start an hour later.

12:01 A lot will depend today on whether the wind dominates the thermals. It could be a very fast task.

11:48 A zig zag down wind task has been set which will hopefully avoid battling into a headwind

2017-09-04 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 2 [11:46]

The task is set - todays race is a 75.41 km Race to Goal The window will open at 12:15 Local Time and the Start is at 13:15

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

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The Taskboard, the Live Leaderboard and all the other info for the task are HERE

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Commentary - Day 2

11:35 Well done to new lady Marcella UCHOA from Brazil flying an Ozone Zeno. Yesterday was her first PWC task and she landed just 3 km behind the leaders as second lady. First lady Silvia BUZZI FERRARIS showed amazing perseverance at the end of the task covering the entire Google map in thermal knitting!

11:32 Well done to aptly named Chigwon WON, who won yesterday's task (task 1). With one of our long distance super stars, Marcelo PRIETO, flying the furthest at 76.76 km.

11:31 The winners from yesterday are being congratulated.

11:31 A briefing is taking place.

11:30 But it can be surprising here, it's rare not to take -off. A 75 km task has been set. The biggest problem is going to be to take off. If the thermals start working they should block the wind making it possible.

11:28 According to Richard the conditions are going to continue to be stable with weak thermals, so it'll be difficult.

11:26 For local weather expert Richard Pethigal all might not be lost. Several forecasts say the wind will drop, but Meteo Blue forecasts it not to.

11:22 Ola from Pico do Gaviao launch where it is rather a windy morning - 20 kph gusting up to 30 kph.

2017-09-04 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 2 [09:14]

We had a few technical problems to solve last night so the results were a little late - they are online now. Congratulations to Chigwon Won, Silvia Buzzi Ferraris and Kortel Design (Open, Wome and Teams task winners)

The weather is improving as the week goes on and we look forward to an excellent task today.

The vehicles are on the way to takeoff and task news will be along in a couple of hours - keep watching...


Commentary - Day 1

17:08 Everyone has now landed. Well done to Marcelo Prieto who flew the furthest today, 4.7 km from Ess and a mere 1/7 th of the distance that he flew with Frank Brown into the world paragliding record books in 2015!

16:39 In the words of our gracious President Goran Dimiskovski 'today's task was a pleasure to fly - until I landed'! I am sure Gandhi would have said exactly the same words if he had been a paraglider pilot.

16:36 What a shame, the task was going so well today until the head wind after the last turn point (15-20km) and weak thermals put so many pilots on the ground.

16:32 Out of the 102 pilots who took off this morning, only 41 are still in the air and nobody has made goal yet.

16:30 Clayton Resende, Cristiano Ricci, Silvia Buzzi Ferraris and Jacques Fournier are still in the air 7 km from ESS - no pressure on guys, but the ice really is beginning to melt in all those Caipirinhas in the goal field.

16:26 Obviously if there are no pilots in goal, there are no time points. So the distance points are higher to reflect a large spread of distances back down the course line to reflect the day's achievement. However they will not be out of 1000 if nobody is in goal.

16:23 Maybe Cody Mittanck was right after all.

16:23 The problem is that they are in the lee making goal pretty much impossible.

16:21 Silvia Buzzi Ferraris is the only one with any height out of the top 20 but she's sat in zeros too.

16:20 7 out of the top 9 have landed, time is getting on a bit as well - it gets dark here in an hour and a halfs time which will make it even more difficult to find a black cow to use as a thermal source.

16:18 Rafael Saladini and Serdar Tur look as if they have got a very weak climb off the back of a cow but are drifting in the opposite direction to the goal. More black cows required!

16:15 Jacques Fournier on a borrowed wing (as his own wing is still airborne somewhere between Rio and Paris and at the mercy of the baggage handlers) is another one to watch - well he was until I started to mention him - sorry Jacques.

16:13 Silvia Buzzi Ferraris, leading lady in 11th position, is the only one who has any height at all - 629m. Go Silvia!

16:11 The leaders who have pushed on ahead are all now perilously low, this is going to be a long, slow patient grind whilst the ice melts in their caipirinhas awaiting them in the goal field.

16:08 It's good to see young French pilot Téo Bouvard up at the front too. He's another one who will be hoping to fly really well in Pico do Gaviao to get immediate selection for the Super Final.

16:04 The wind seems to have turned more easterly so they are pushing into a head wind making those Caipirinhas in the goal field so near but yet so very, very far away!

16:01 We seem to be having a few problems at the moment with the live tracking due the the lack of network and the considerable number of parrots flying about.

15:56 There is 1km separating the top 20 pilots, with 8 km to go, this is going to be very close.

15:55 Andre Rainsford one of the five pilots here who has already won a World Cup is right up at the front now too.

15:53 After the End of Speed section they can land whenever they want in goal. If they land before goal they only get distance points. If they get to goal they get distance points, plus speed points depending on how long it took them to get to the end of speed section.

15:52 (About 100m is required to throw a reserve and for it to have enough time to open). The idea is that pilots instead need to keep their height to make goal.

15:52 There is now a standard of 2km between Ess and goal. Pilots race to the Ess, this is the point when they could have a collapse. So having a requirement that they then fly another 2km means they aren't racing into the ground and having a collapse too low to throw their reserve.

15:50 For those of you wondering why the race always ends near a village called Ess let me explain. The implementation of End Of Speed Section (Ess) in 2003 is one of the biggest improvements ever made in the safety of paragliding competitions.

15:49 The top 10 have got only 10 km to go to Ess.

15:48 There are a lot of different lines being taken across the flats, but they do all seem to be sticking to the flats.

15:47 Cody Mittanck, who thought today's task was fairly ambitous, is making this look easy, he's just ahead of Michel Guillemot in second place.

15:45 Their instruments can tell them their height and what the wind speed has been so far, but not the lift or sink in the kilometres left to goal. Those who can judge this best and leave at the lowest point, taking the optimum line to make it, will win. Simple really!

15:42 They also need to take into account the conditions: if the wind is behind them they'll need less height, into wind, they'll need more height.

15:41 The key factors: the glide ratio of their wing (normally 12:1/11:1), their height and the distance remaining to goal. Are they high enough to make it?

15:40 Towards the end of the race the crucial decision is how high to climb before breaking away for the final glide to end of speed and goal. As long as nobody goes, they tend to keep climbing. This is the point where the race is won or lost.

15:39 The leaders have all roughly the same distance to go to Ess. Felix needs to climb about another 500m to give him enough height to go for Ess, he's climbing at the moment in a +2.

15:35 They are flying over plains with some undulations but not much.

15:34 Any one in the top 15 could win today.

15:33 Felix is in a great position, higher than the other leaders and slightly back.

15:32 Felix Rodriguez is one of the front runners straight lining it for End of Speed. He's hoping to fly really well to get immediate selection for the Super Final. Will he seal the deal here? He's definitely hungry for that coveted SF place.

15:28 So far only 5 pilots have landed.

15:17 On no, that always happens when I say how well pilots are doing they land. Sorry Clement and Stephane.

15:13 incidentally, Tim is the highest ranked Super Final pilot here, followed by Stephane Drouin and Cody Mittanck.

15:12 In the lead we've got Stephane Drouin and Tim Rochas whom he used to coach!

15:10 The choice they now all face in the race to End of Speed, is do they follow the course line across the flats or do they head more into the hills for the longer, but perhaps more lifty way to the finish?

15:08 As for Stephane Drouin, currenly lying in second place, he's definitely flying a lot better since he broke his wrist just before the World Cup in Serbia, which he won!

15:06 Cody told me at take-off that he thought it was an ambitious task today, given the lack of clouds and the top of the lift being at about 2400m - but he seems to be doing just fine.

15:05 7 of the leaders have got the last turn point together - Kim Hyeong Joo, Stephane Drouin,Tim Rochas, Clement Latour, Oguzkan Sadeer, Allly Palencia and Cody Mittanck.

15:00 Being into wind doesn't seem to have slowed them down much, the leaders Kim Hyeong Joo and Stephane Drouin are 1 km from the 3rd turn point.

14:59 It's still totally blue, there are nice thermals but they are quite widely spaced.

14:57 Michel Guillemot is one to the front runners at the moment. He shot to fame in the St Andre World Cup last year coming 7th. He flew an absolute blinder on the 1st day, having never flown at St Andre and came 1st equal with Andre Rainsford. Very much one to watch here.

14:53 Pilot's scores are made up of 3 components. They get points for the distance they fly, how fast they got to goal and they also get lead out points for how often they were in the lead group - those who get the most lead out points are known by the technical term of 'lead out point bagger'.

14:50 What on earth is a lead out point bagger I hear you ask?

14:50 Clement Latour is not surprisingly one of the leaders in this competition, he has was one of the lead out point baggers in Coeur de Savoie and in Serbia.

14:46 The first 50 have got the turn point. Silvia Buzzi Ferraris seems to be the top lady so far today, she has got the 2nd turn point, less than 1 km behind the leaders.

14:44 They are now going to have the most difficult part of the course to do, between turn point 2 and 3, into wind.

14:42 Michel Guillemot is one of the leaders of the group to the east and he has just taken the turn point.

14:41 Those in the lead at the moment are taking the turn point further to the east than those who have already taken it, but in terms of the course line, are actually behind them

14:40 You can take the turn point first but be further back down the course line than the leaders - it all depends on where you take the turn point cylinder, which can be a very tactical decision.

14:39 Kim Hyeong Joo is first to get the turn point but this doesn't necessarily mean he's in the lead.

14:38 The pilots are pretty spread out getting to the turn point.

14:37 It's good to see young French pilot Jules Croibier at the front, he also did very well this year in the Spanish Paragliding Open in Pedro Bernardo where he came 10th.

14:34 Clayton Resende is right at the front, he's a very expereinced pilot and will definitely be hoping to get a Super Final place out of this competition.

14:32 On the 15th of October 2016 Rafael Saladini and Samuel Nascimento set a new open distance PG World record in Brazil. They took off from Tacima, north east of Brazil and landed, 564 km later, at the town of Novilho. Their 11 hour flight pushed the record more than 50 km further than the previous world record that was set from the same site in 2015. Well done to both. Let's hope they don't fly quite that far here - otherwise we'll be retrieving them from Governador Valadares where we had the super final!

14:25 Rafael Saladini is out in front, leading by a very small margin with 6 km to go to the second turn point.

14:20 Richard Pethigal, leader of the Pico do Gaviao carnival, has taken the lead - momentarily.

14:16 They are now going to have a faster leg north to turn point 2, 11 km away.

14:15 Whilst I was struggling with those not so British names, another 30 pilots took the turn point! Wow they are so close together.

14:14 Washington Peruchi, Samuel Nascimento, Cristiano Ricci, Allly Palencia and Yongtae Ahn have got the turn point.

14:12 They are so close now - who's going to be first? Cristiano Ricci or Samuel Nascimento or Washington Peruchi?

14:11 Washington Peruchi and Gilmar Couto are in a neck and neck race, taking different lines, to the first turn point, they are less than 1 km away.

14:06 The race is now on to get the first turn point - the leaders are 3.5 km away.

14:04 And he's in a better climb than anyone else!

14:03 Rafael Moraes Barros, however, is right out in front on his own - brave move!

14:02 The leaders have split into several groups at the front now with Mario Pfister talking a slightly more easterly line and Rafael Saladini and Cristiano Ricci a more westerly line.

2017-09-03 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 1 [14:01]

For those who were wondering where the scrolling commentary line had gone from the map and the leaderboard - it had developed a problem which is now fixed - you will need to refresh the page (Ctrl F5)

Commentary - Day 1

14:00 The leaders are constantly changing as the gaggle is so closely bunched together as they pass the town of Espirito Santo do Pinhal

13:56 The sky is perfect unbroken blue for as far as the eye can see, the palm tree leaves are rustling in the breeze, what a nice day to go flying!

13:51 They all seem to be cruising along nicely with enough height and little bits of lift but nobody is climbing in anything stronger than +2 at the moment.

13:49 For Peter Nägele, with no clouds today, he correctly predicted it would be a case of using the gaggle and birds to find the climbs.

13:48 This is Felix Rodriguez second day flying here. Yesterday he found it difficult to get high in thermals because they were broken, today he was worried it would be the same making it difficult for anyone to break away, it looks like Felix knew what he was talking about!

13:45 James Bradley, who is on the task committee, told me that they had planned today's task to keep the pilots out in the flats away from any turbulence in the relief.

13:42 They have got a long south west leg with a south easterly wind, which is proving less than easy today. Then they go north, then east, then north east.

13:40 Everyone is pretty much in a gaggle with Cristiano Ricci in the lead with Frank Brown and Raul Penso.

13:38 Sorry for some of the time delays in the commentary today, the internet connection isn't that great in the middle of the Brazilian pampas!

13:36 The start is open and the race is on!

12:55 For the women, there is an equally impressive line-up - South African women's champion Khobi-Jane Bowden (7th OVERALL in the 2017 SA Paragliding Nationals), Bianca Heinrich US Woman's championship, top Turkish pilot Merve Arslan, Silvia BUZZI FERRARIS who was1st in 2016 PWC in Italy, Sandy Lambert from the famous famille Lambert (Sandy and Cyril were in the 2016 Super Final, son Baptiste has already qualified for this year's SF).

12:52 Six pilots competing here have already won at least one World Cup! Felix Rodriguez Fernandez (3), Stephane DROUIN (2), Richard PETHIGAL (1), Richard GALLON (1), Andre Rainsford (1) and Raul Penso (1).

12:48 No wonder the autograph hunters are out in force, 4 of the World's big distance baggers are here, having each flown over 500 km (in a day) and into the record books: Frank Brown and Marcelo PRIETO (World Record breakers in 2015), and long distance duo Samuel NASCIMENTO and Rafael Saladini (World Record breakers in 2016).

12:47 Even the crowds of media and autograph hunters are standing nicely behind the ropes lining the launch.

12:41 The large grassy launch is making this just so civilized - even for day one of a World Cup

12:33 About 20 colourful gliders are already in the air, no problems staying up today me thinks.

12:33 This window is open for this first ever Pico do Gaviao Paragliding World Cup.

12:31 I don't know which is louder, the stressed pilots heart beats or the pumping tunes in the back ground on this so Brazilian launch.

2017-09-03 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 1 [15:24]

The task is set - todays race is a 83.86 km Race to Goal The window will open at 12:30 Local Time and the Start is at 13:15

Flymaster Live Tracking (1 second tracking) Is HERE

** BRAND NEW ** Flymaster 3D View Is HERE

Paragliding World Cup LIVE 3D Google Earth View => HERE

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Commentary - Day 1

12:06 Oopsy sorry, apparently that was the Brazilians doing a team briefing!

12:04 The Brazilians are having a little Rio Carnival, with lots of singing and clapping to themselves in one corner of the launch, with Richard Pethigal centre stage wearing a funny hat.

11:45 The practice day was stable and blue with a strong inversion around 2300m over the mesa, but it was working, with nice gentle climbs of about 3.5 m there was plenty of lift and you could go basically anywhere. Let's see what today brings.

11:44 We have Pre-PWCs, this is stacking up to be a Pre-Super Final!

11:44 'Often far flung legs are an easy way to get into the Super Final. That is so not going to be the case here, this is going to be a battle royal', Ulric Jessop Paragliding World Cup Technical Delegate.

11:43 A further 10 have already qualified, reflecting the extremely high pilot quality.

11:41 At least 40 pilots have come here from all over the world, all worthy of a Super Final place. They're all desperate to get one of the 15 automatic selection places available from this competition.

11:41 A lot of top Brazilian pilots have entered this PWC, flying on their home turf at Pico Do Gaviao, looking for a Super Final place following the success of the 2016 Super Final in Brazil.

11:40 Window will open at 12.30 - in 50 minutes time.

11:40 Briefing is taking place for a 83.8 km task.

11:38 Clement Latour pointed out the little cumulous 50 km away, with a base of 2700 m. There is not much wind high up. Should be good.

11:36 As for the weather, for Richard Gallon it's stable, but as he astutely pointed out, it's stable for everyone.

11:34 Often the first time the Paragliding World Cup goes to a new site it is a case of local knowledge vs international competition experience, here we have some exceptional pilots who have both: Frank Brown, Richard Pethigal, Cristiano Ricci, Samuel Nascimento, Pablo Rodarte and Washington Peruchi.

11:32 So where exacty are we? Pico do Gaviao, is 200 km north of San Paulo (3hours by car) and 20 km south of Pocos de Caldas.

11:30 This is posh paragliding, there is even a children's play park, shop and shower at this luxury launch!

11:28 Ola from Pico do Gaviao in beautiful Brazil.

2017-09-03 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Day 1 [13:57]

Its Day 1 of the Paragliding World Cup in Pico do Gaviao, Brazil and the sun is shining brightly, the winds are light and the forecast is looking promising for the day. the pilots are all leaving for the takeoff and we will have task news here as soon as it has been decided.

Commentary on the task will be shown here on the home page and at the top of the task map, Live Leaderboard and News pages. More soon...


Commentary - Day 0

11:51 Watch this space from tomorrow onwards to keep up with all the action, photos, live commentary and tracking.

2017-09-02 - Paragliding World Cup : Pico do Gaviao, Brazil - Registration Day [15:16]

Event 4 of the Paragliding World Cup 2017 begins today in Pico Do Gavio, Brazil.

In a change to the original timings, the registration will now start at the earlier time of 16:00 local. Pilots are asked to be prompt.