Mac Para

Gliders from this manufacturer in results database
glider namenumber of usesnumber of eventsnumber of pilotsnumber of podiumsfirst occurencelast occurence
Magus 63291517657May 2007August 2013
Magus2611387234June 2001November 2019
Magus XC227170742April 2007August 2016
Magus 52231087324September 2006June 2011
Magus 410864408April 2005July 2010
Magus XC25638300November 2009September 2013
Marvel4932260December 2011November 2016
Envy4242200June 2007September 2011
Envy 22822140July 2009August 2016
Intox2722130March 2006August 2011
Eden 31412100February 2006August 2017
Eden 410970October 2009May 2013
Magus 37770June 2003August 2008
Magus 10 RFC1110June 2018June 2018
Trance1110March 2000March 2000

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