Gliders from this manufacturer in results database
glider namenumber of usesnumber of eventsnumber of pilotsnumber of podiumsfirst occurencelast occurence
Usport2591401174March 2009January 2014
U42031317620January 2008July 2012
U3125724310June 2005June 2011
U65325322April 2011August 2012
U55238282April 2010November 2012
Usport FR5238271May 2009May 2012
Ucross4433310April 2011July 2016
USport 24434250July 2012August 2016
Trialp201580February 2006June 2012
U Sport Evo121280August 2010August 2012
UFly9960October 2010July 2015

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