June 4th - no task because of the rain

A possibility of two hours blue hole being forecasted, the 129 pilots meet at take off. At the briefing, each pilot of the Advance team (Christian Maurer, Andy Aebi, Helmut Heichholzer, Caroline Brille) is receiving a basket with local products : red wine, Vall d'Ager almonds and 5 different sausages including the famous chorizo !
They will enjoy it in the evening or in the night ! A first 50 km short task is planned with a goal in the north. As the clouds are developping fast on the mountains some pilots suggest a goal in the south. The task is changed for a safer one with a goal in Balaguer. But again some pilots would prefer not to fly south against the wind ! The final answer comes from the sky where the clouds keep overdevelopping : the task is finally cancelled. Pilots are flying down to goal with some thunder in the north half an hour later.