Changes to the Registration Process for World Cup events


The PWCA are constantly updating our systems to improve the experience for pilots attending our events. We have recently made a change to our registration process which should significantly reduce the time required to register pilots at the start of each competition.

One of the most time consuming elements of registration is the filling in of 'Local Details' (hotel, mobile phone and contact details) on the Safety Form and the subsequent entry of these details into our on site databases. We have now created a way for you to supply these details, if you are able, before coming to registration. These will then be printed on your Safety Form and already entered into the system - which should make your registration much quicker and will improve the flow of people for those behind you as well.

Once you have signed up for an event you will find, on the left side of the 'signups' form, there is now an Edit button. If you edit the signup you will see, at the bottom, that there is now a form for 'Local Information'. You may access this form from the moment you have created the signup right up until 12:00 (mid-day) on Registration Day for the event (this is when the forms will be printed so any changes you make after 12:00 will not be included).

You may access the form as many times as you like so, if you don't have all of the information at a given time, you can fill in extra data later on. You can also copy some of the information from your pilot profile so, for example, if you will be using your normal mobile phone at the event you can simply copy the number into the form. If, on the other hand, you will be getting a local sim card then you should enter the details as soon as you have them. Also, if something changes, yuo can go back and alter the information you have supplied.

Once you have filled in the details you need to click the SUBMIT DETAILS button at the bottom (not the normal Save button for the signup - this may be disabled anyway if you are are already 'Confirmed' for the event) - data submitted to the sytem will change to Blue text to indicate that it has been submitted.

If all of the fields are correctly completed your registration will be very quick - if, however, you have missed any you will find the box on the Safety Form will be blank and you will need to complete the information in the normal manner - hopefully you can see that it is a huge benefit to you if you can supply this info in advance.

This system is live right now and will get its first test at the Paragliding World Cup Event 5 in Argentina.

If there are questions about this process please e-mail