How can you take part ?


The Paragliding World Cup is the most competitive paragliding competition available world wide.
Since its creation the Paragliding World Cup Association have always focused on 2 main goals :

  1. Allowing access to all pilots worldwide.
  2. Selecting the best pilots worldwide.

This means all pilots need to be qualified to take part in a World Cup.

The qualification process is based on the following rules :

How do I qualify ?

You must win letters...

All pilots can gain a "Ranking" by participating in CLASS 1 events which are "selective events" or "pre world cup events" - you can find details of qualifying events from the World Cup Tour. page. The pilot's result of such events is then converted to an alphabetical "Letter" depending on the level of the event. The correspondence beetween Level / Position and gained letter is given by a table for each level.

You can find all the tables corresponding to every level by clicking here.

By default the natural level of a pre world cup event is 3 and the natural level of national championship or league (selective event) is given by the level of the country that is organising the event. However, those natural levels can be devalued by 1 or 2 if the flying quality is poor (not many points scored).

You can find the country levels by clicking here.
Country level is computed every season by a mathematical formula that takes into account the best pilot results of every nation. The country with the best pilots wins a level 1.

If a pilot is looking to qualify for the world cup, then winning a level 1 event is the best option as he'll receive an 'A' for his effort.
As you can guess, A is the best letter while X is the worst.
Best two letters gained will define the ranking of the pilot.
The selection is based on this "letter ranking". The pilot having the best first letter is first to be selected. In case of a tie we compare the second letter; if there is no difference then priority is given to the pilot who never participated. In case of another tie then the younger pilot is first.

This system is a bit complex at first but it acts as a guarantee to select the best pilots worldwide. If you did not understand all of the above at glance, just remember that doing well in selective events or pre world cup's is the key to become a World Cup Pilot.