NEW Paragliding World Cup App


Available now for Android and iPhone

Install the APP from (iPhone search PWCA in App Store)

The new Paragliding World Cup App (for Android and iPhone - smartphones and tablets)

The App is designed to work on smartphones and tablets and will work on Android and iPhone (iOs) operating systems, it combines live access to the commentary, live leaderboard, live mapping and also previous results - all in one place and in an easy to use mobile format.

In the past the various maps available and other data (such as the Live Leaderboard) have all had separate timing delays meaning that the data shown on the leaderboard would be quite dis-similar to what was being dispayed an any maps being used. For the first time the App will bring all of this data together in a synchronised manner.

The App starts up with a simple welcome screen

Welcome Screen

From here you can choose whether you want to check out the Live happenings or any previous or future info. Live Action will take you into into the current task (assuming, by then, it has been set) and will show you the Commentary, Live Mapping and Live Leaderboard views

These views are responsive and, if you rotate your device, they will resize to use the different screen space available. Swapping between views is a simple as selecting the required screen from the buttons at the bottom. After the task is finished the final results will be available from the home screen so its all there for you as soon as anything is published.

Live Action (Commentary, Leaderboard and Tracking), Latest Task (results and commentary for the last task scored), Latest Overalls (results in the comp so far) and 2019 Results (task by task results for all the World Cups so far this year).
Live Action page on the app: Live Commentary of the current task. Tracking and Leaderboard, touch a name for more details about your favourite pilot (glider, nationality, climb/descent rate, position in the race and in the air). Press the ‘Follow’ button to see their position (centred) on the live tracking with a larger icon. Otherwise you can go straight to Tracking via the menu. The Start cylinder is also now easier to spot – a red circle.
Latest Task page on the app: Shows the commentary for the most recently scored task plus that task’s scores: Open, Women, Teams and Nations, touch a name to have information about how a pilot flew the task (time, speed, distance, speed pts, lead out pts and ranking). Horizontally, more information for the task is displayed.
Latest Overalls page on the app: Vertically shows the Overall scores: Open, Women, Teams and Nations, touch a name to have their task by task scores in the competition. Horizontally, more task bytask information is displayed.
2019 Results page on the app: A full breakdown of the year’s scores by event and task. Touch a name to see a pilot’s time, speed, distance, speed pts, lead out pts and ranking. Horizontally, more task information is displayed.