How To Store Your Flymaster Screens On The Server


It is now possible for pilots who wish to use custom screen layouts on the Live units we issue during Paragliding World Cup events to store these screens on the server. You may upload up to 10 different layouts and select the required version to be installed on your live at the start of an event - on registration day we will download your required layout and install it on the unit you have been assigned for the competition.

To do this go into your user profile on the website (xxx's Account at the top of the screen) - you will see there is a new tab there Flymaster LIVE Screens. Here you can select the file on your computer and upload it to your account. If you upload more than one you will see a list of your screens with an option to select the 'active' screen

Everything is saved automatically as you go so you do not need to hit the Save button at the bottom (though you can if you want).

If you want to change your active screen during the competition see Chris who will install the new one.