Live Commentary On World Cup Tasks


For a long time we have considered adding some kind of commentary to the tasks but we struggle to find anyone who has the time and experience available to add comments all the way through. For the next two competitions (France and Reunion) we are lucky to have Ruth Jessop (Ulric's wife) along with us and she has offered her services to commentate on the competition.

We now have a system in place which will allow her to begin this commentary from Takeoff (where she can watch the start and observe what is happening) and then continue it from the HQ where she can use all of our Live Tracking resources to supply information on how the race is progressing.

This information is posted to the front page feed on this website, to FaceBook, to Twitter and also scrolls along the top of the FASTRetrieve Live Map.

We hope you will enjoy this extra information feed during these competitions.