Changing Your Pilot Number In The World Cup


We get multiple requests for pilots to change their pilot number at every World Cup Registration. In the past we have tried hard to accommodate these requests but, in almost every case, it has caused a problem somewhere in the workflow of the world cup systems. This usually results in a pilot being misidentified in some part of the systems and data being applied to the wrong person.

All of the on site systems are preprogrammed before the event begins. This includes the registration database, retrieval system, scoring system, live tracking servers, all of the individual live trackers, tracker labels and sometimes pilot ID cards (though we are working to make the cards disappear). A change of pilot number requires all of these systems to be updated, on the fly, in the very busy environment which is a World Cup Registration. Doing this for one pilot is quite a major job but attempting to do it, without any mistakes, for 20 or so is practically impossible and usually causes problems.

For 2016 onward then we will no longer accept requests to change a pilot number at registration. You may change your pilot number at any time before the event (up to the day before it is due to start but no later). Changing your number is actually relatively easy and there are a couple of options available.

In your Pilot Profile (your account) on this website you will see a tab marked Your Paraglidng ID Card. On this screen you will see your season number and, assuming you have not yet competed in an event for the current season, you will also see a box where you can request another number - like this

Enter your required number in the Requested Season Number box and press TAB to move off the field. The website will check to see if the number you are requesting is still available - if so it will say so. If it is already taken then that will show. If another pilot has also requested the same number you may try a different one or leave your request to go for arbitration by the office.

If the number you have requested is available simply save the record and Laura will be informed of your request. It is Laura who sets the final state of numbers.

Alternatively you can contact Laura directly and request a number - she will check availability and assign it if possible or inform you of any reasons why it is not possible.

Once you have competed in an event for the current season it is not possible to change your number under any circumstances