Using The World Cup Live Tracking Systems


The Paragliding World Cup has been using Live Tracking systems, to allow the race to be followed in real time and in 3D, since 2010. Over the years the system has been developed at each event and, with the partnership of Flymaster and the subsequent Flymaster LIVE units, has evolved into a comprehensive safety and spectator system. There are now many ways to view our events live so this is a tutorial for those who are new to the Paragliding World Cup web site.

The primary source of information during an event is the front page of this web site - we now also send these posts to Facebook so you can follow the comp by liking our FB page. However, since we do not have control over Facebook we cannot guarantee this feed so this website is always the most reliable place to look. At the start of the day there will normally be a post confirming that the pilots are on the way to takeoff - or, if necessary, that the day is cancelled at the start. This page auto updates so you do not need to refresh it (so if you're at work you can leave it on the end of your desk and not keep having to refresh to check if any news is happening. When the task is set on takeoff it is automatically transmitted to headquarters by the Flymaster system and a post like this will appear on the front page.

The website has recently been redesigned and, now, the Task Info pane (top left) will change to show a persistent view of the task like this 

This now gives links to all of the various viewing options (in the first example the links are underlined, in the Task Info pane they are the icons [Flymaster and LiveTrack24] and the text below [LIVE LEADERBOARD/MAP ETC and PURE LEADERBOARD] - the pure leaderboard makes viewing easier in iPads, phones etc). A click on the task picture will open a larger version of the taskboard with the waypoints and distances displayed. Clicking any of the links will open the selected view in a new tab in your browser (most of these work best in Chrome but they have all been tested in all the major browsers). The various options are as follows (Click the link for instructions):-

Flymaster Live Map
Live Track 24
PWCA Live Retrieve Map and Task Info

You can use all of these systems at the same time in one browser. LT24 and the Flymaster Map are delayed for smooth presentation but the PWCA Live Information is as live as it gets - the leaderboard and the map show the most up to date info that we have.

At the end of the task, once the results are processed, the Live Leaderboard changes to a scrolling version of the Task Results and the Overall To Date Results.

We hope you enjoy following our Live Tracking.