How to register...

Here are some explanations on how the online registration system is working.


A personal account for each pilot

Each pilot have his own personal account on the web site. Your account is linked to your email address and protected by a password.

You can change your email address or your password yourself, using the "my account" link.

Once logged on the site using your email and password, a navigation block will appear on the left part of the screen. It contains several links to navigate in the access restricted part of the web site.


Registration forms

The first thing you'll use are the registration forms, which have been devided in 3 forms:

  1. personal details : to enter or update your personal details
  2. qualification form : to give use your past results
  3. registration form : to tell us to which event(s) you want to take part

You must first fill your personal details prior to fill the two other forms.

For you convenience, we have pre-filled your details with the data we had from the past years, so if you had registered last year, you won't need to retype everything.

The registration form allows you to tell us which event you want to take part to. If you change your mind, no problem, just update the form.

You'll use the qualification form to give us your past competition results in order to determine your qualification level with our usual 2 letters system. The form will determine it automatically, but we will then control what you entered before the selection deadline.

Once you've filled the registration form, you will immediately appears in the lists available under the "registration" tab (top right of the screen).


More to come...

This is just the start, many other things will appear like past results, pilot "bio" page, picture and video galleries, etc...

If you have any question or encounter some problem, please contact Christian ( or use the Christian's contact form.

If you want other pilots to be able to contact you using your own contact form, please go to "my account >> edit" and check the "Personal contact form" checkbox in the Contact settings (at the bottom of the page), and while you're there you can also upload your user picture !


Happy registration !