World Cup Korea Mun Gyeong 2011, task #3 (18/05/2011, 121 pilots)

Friday, 13 May, 2011 to Friday, 20 May, 2011
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Mun Gyeong

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Open results

Task 3 open results - 122 pilots

Rank#NameNationGliderSponsordistancetimespeeddistance pointstime pointsleading pointssort descendingarrival pointsPoints
102334Rafiee Aziz? ?9.835164.6165.0
911601Hyejoung CHOApril 10th - 101km task cancelled10.125174.4174.0
64480Bima Putra2007 World Cup overall ranking11.718199.1199.0
64480Bima Putra2007 World Cup overall ranking11.718199.1199.0
62521Tomomi Masuko2007 World Cup overall ranking12.305205.1205.0
59129Masato Nakai? ?14.752230.3230.0
110537Chien Hai Peng2007 Competition Rules9.627156.1156.0
66533Noriko Mizunuma2007 World Cup overall ranking11.567197.6198.0
112319Yassen Savov2007 World Cup overall ranking9.603155.1155.0
10490Jean-Michel Ara-Somohano2007 World Cup overall ranking9.771162.2162.0
117313Trude ØverlieParagliding World Cup Partners534.434.0
85323Miloslav PokornyPHPSCRIPT / Create drupal users for each pilot in the PILOTS table10.205176.7177.0
83611Tsubasa AOKI2007 World Cup overall ranking10.331179.7180.0
116590Kjartan AndvikParagliding World Cup Partners8.606109.9110.0
78106Marina Olexina2007 World Cup overall ranking10.432181.9182.0
56493Kiyoshi NariyamaParagliding World Cup Partners15.095233.4233.0
811000Dongcheon Kim2007 World Cup overall ranking10.385180.9181.0
9083Kaoru Ogisawa2007 World Cup overall ranking10.177175.9176.0
72363Hakan IrtemFinal 2006 women ranking10.732186.9187.0
9425Aaron Durogati2007 World Cup overall ranking10.054172.3172.0
68563Youngbok LeeCurrent registration status11.521197.1197.0
104116Arne AarsbogView flight9.766162162.0
103466Pilpyo Hong2007 World Cup overall ranking9.802163.3163.0
99119Shingo Ueda2007 World Cup overall ranking9.997170.4170.0
831771Hakan Akcalar2007 World Cup women ranking10.324179.5180.0
70405Luca VeronesiParagliding World Cup Partners11.016190.9191.0
692809Werner BrunnerParagliding World Cup Partners11.102192192.0
1141102Shuichi Murakami2007 Pre-World Cup calendar9.295141141.0
73369Hyeonbae Park2007 World Cup overall ranking10.694186.3186.0
78143Insik KimParagliding World Cup Partners10.435182182.0
71205Orlane Sturbois2007 World Cup overall ranking10.911189.5189.0
10774Yongtae Ahn2007 World Cup overall ranking9.745161.1161.0
85929Mehmet DursunPilots who have not registered yet for Japan...10.212176.9177.0
98501Martin Orlik? ?10.009170.8171.0
78235Matteo Accornero2007 Competition Rules10.434181.9182.0
47730Wone Gi HanFinal 2006 women ranking29.428345.2345.0
62888Carlo TagliaroParagliding World Cup Partners12.34205.4205.0
115265Jongik YoonParagliding World Cup Partners8.663112.5112.0
237Dongan Chung2007 World Cup overall ranking
55442Xiangping HouTest MD515.479236.7237.0
117211Josef Daschner (Nero)June 4th - no task because of the rain534.434.0
57274Konrad GörgNo Pre-World Cup is planned in 2007 in India.14.926232232.0
101123Semih SayirGlider Checking9.893166.7167.0
76337Junghun Park? ?10.508183.3183.0
73434Masoud Mehrakizadeh? ?10.703186.5186.0
110332Michal Krysta2007 World Cup Calendar9.633156.4156.0
112215Bill Hughes2007 World Cup overall ranking9.597154.8155.0
64462Yoshiki Tsukamoto2007 World Cup overall ranking11.703199199.0
91220Chin Chien HuangAdmin - Pilot selection for event D10.106173.9174.0
52557Kayvan ArianpourAugust 26th - 58.8km task - Results18.065255.6256.0
8558Biagio Alberto VitaleParagliding World Cup Partners10.22177.1177.0
54272Beomseok SeoParagliding World Cup Partners16.071241.5241.0
75180Christoph EderParagliding World Cup Partners10.567184.3184.0
48302Gurpreet DhindsaWebcam28.11325.9326.0
9977Jean-Baptiste Berlioux2007 World Cup overall ranking9.983169.9170.0
85595Etienne(Pine) PIENAARParagliding World Cup Partners10.215176.9177.0
1071212Johannes Huber2007 World Cup overall ranking9.753161.5161.0
811174Youngjong ParkParagliding World Cup Partners10.388181181.0
9197Siegfried Schusteritsch2007 World Cup overall ranking10.113174.1174.0
50808Sedat KirtulukogluParagliding World Cup Partners21.813276.8277.0
94772Simon KirschParagliding World Cup Partners10.041171.9172.0
6065Yukihide OzawaMENTIONS LEGALES / DISCLAIMER13.75220.2220.0
85811Stephan Morgenthaler2007 World Cup overall ranking10.203176.6177.0
66392Yurdaer EtikeParagliding World Cup Partners11.64198.3198.0
9437Goran Dimiskovski2007 World Cup overall ranking10.047172.1172.0
53131Susumu MasakiMENTIONS LEGALES / DISCLAIMER17.299250.5251.0
61585Ronny HelgesenParagliding World Cup Partners13.143213.8214.0
57327Stephan GruberAugust 27th - 70km task - Andreas Malecki wins the task14.948232.2232.0
9436Ludovic SivignonParagliding World Cup Partners10.036171.7172.0
7611Andreas MaleckiParagliding World Cup Partners10.51183.3183.0
5147Yasushi Kobayashi2007 World Cup overall ranking18.305256.9257.0
44670Daniel Alex CiuhanduMENTIONS LEGALES / DISCLAIMER29.991351.5351.0
117203Miguel angel Ventaja diazParagliding World Cup Partners534.434.0
117351Tony Y Suwono? ?534.434.0
104532Alireza Esna ashari2007 World Cup overall ranking9.768162.1162.0
109282Antonio Golfari2007 World Cup overall ranking9.662157.6158.0
33406Shinichi NagashimaNation and qualification table39.06411.50.1412.0
49289Dean StrattonParagliding World Cup Partners26.024301.52.6304.0
46761Elisa ManuekeParagliding World Cup Partners29.431345.23.2348.0
45348Liu HaipengFinal 2006 overall ranking29.423345.13.4349.0
42336Chris YehOlder Rules30.276354.24.8359.0
22306Daria KrasnovaParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:45:3815.2449.3119.14.9573.0
3163Nicolas RieussetParagliding World Cup Partners39.544415.85.5421.0
25587Sooyong Phi2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:53:4114.5449.31005.5555.0
41307Shinyoung ParkFinal 2006 overall ranking30.273354.25.6360.0
1689Elisa HoudryAugust 28th - 77km task, 33 pilots in goal44.99802:41:3815.5449.3129.26.3585.0
218Peter GebhardParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:45:2115.2449.3119.86.5576.0
975Seiko Fukuoka NavilleParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:31:3316.6449.3157.37614.0
1056Ayumu Miyata2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:32:3616.5449.3154.27.1611.0
31345Sarayut Chinpongsatorn2007 World Cup overall ranking39.284413.67.1421.0
14109Juan Carlos Martinez Melon2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:40:1115.7449.31338590.0
23117Ole Johnny RønnebergParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:49:3114.8449.3109.78.3567.0
40483Adie KumarWebcam30.468355.59365.0
8197Michael Von Wachter2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:24:4717.3449.3179.59.3638.0
2972Petra Slivova2007 World Cup overall ranking40.5422.89.4432.0
17560Taro KamiyamaParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:43:1215.4449.3125.29.7584.0
1579Brett HazlettParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:41:3915.5449.3129.29.9588.0
1216Julien WirtzParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:39:2915.7449.3134.810.1594.0
30502Pornchai LertwatechakulParagliding World Cup Partners39.237413.210.7424.0
23524Damien SevrezParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:50:4814.7449.3106.710.8567.0
27339Sunghyu LimFinal 2006 women ranking41.853431.611.8443.0
34423Yoshiaki Hirokawa2007 World Cup overall ranking35.638383.712.4396.0
13201Steban Novoa SmithParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:41:0615.6449.3130.612.5592.0
1880Yongmook Won2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:45:4615.1449.3118.813581.0
28508Jesus Costa SanchezMENTIONS LEGALES / DISCLAIMER41.351428.413.9442.0
19112David Cubel GallarteParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:47:3715449.3114.214.8578.0
39161Luciano PagnoniParagliding World Cup Partners30.197353.518.8372.0
20678Jinoh KimNation and qualification table44.99802:51:1714.7449.3105.521.8577.0
3767Moonseob Lim2007 World Cup overall ranking30.306354.422376.0
4370Denis Cortella2007 World Cup overall ranking28.372329.923.3353.0
3871Seyong Jung2007 World Cup overall ranking29.557346.825.8373.0
35195Michael Maurer2007 World Cup overall ranking30.503355.728.8384.0
36115Chikyong Ha2007 World Cup overall ranking29.781349.332381.0
4977Jimmy Pacher2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:24:1317.4449.3181.633.3664.0
7290Andrey Badikov? ?44.99802:28:4316.9449.3166.234.2650.0
3169Florian Hallertest44.99802:23:4217.5449.3183.535.6668.0
676Andrey EliseevParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:28:1416.9449.3167.736.5654.0
111113Zoran Labovic2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:45:3215.2449.3119.338.6607.0
1101Lucas BernardinParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:22:2517.6449.3188.444682.0
288Jack BrownParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:22:3617.6449.3187.744681.0
5549Thomas Weingartner2007 World Cup overall ranking44.99802:28:3516.9449.3166.646.7663.0
2619Yoshiki KuremotoParagliding World Cup Partners44.49702:14:4918.6446.849.5496.0
Women results

Task 3 Women results

Rank#NameNationGliderSponsordistancetimespeeddistance pointstime pointsleading pointssort descendingarrival pointsPoints
175Seiko Fukuoka NavilleParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:31:3316.6449.3157.37614.0
289Elisa HoudryAugust 28th - 77km task, 33 pilots in goal44.99802:41:3815.5449.3129.26.3585.0
3306Daria KrasnovaParagliding World Cup Partners44.99802:45:3815.2449.3119.14.9573.0
472Petra Slivova2007 World Cup overall ranking40.5422.89.4432.0
5442Xiangping HouTest MD515.479236.7237.0
6521Tomomi Masuko2007 World Cup overall ranking12.305205.1205.0
7533Noriko Mizunuma2007 World Cup overall ranking11.567197.6198.0
8205Orlane Sturbois2007 World Cup overall ranking10.911189.5189.0
9337Junghun Park? ?10.508183.3183.0
10106Marina Olexina2007 World Cup overall ranking10.432181.9182.0
111601Hyejoung CHOApril 10th - 101km task cancelled10.125174.4174.0
12313Trude ØverlieParagliding World Cup Partners534.434.0
Team results

Task 3 Team results

1Kortel594 points by Julien Wirtz
585 points by Elisa Houdry
172 points by Ludovic Sivignon
2Porcher Sport681 points by Jack Brown
183 points by Andreas Malecki
182 points by Marina Olexina
3Cross Country172 points by Goran Dimiskovski
167 points by Semih Sayir
4Gin172 points by Aaron Durogati
155 points by Yassen Savov
Nation results

Task 3 Nation results

1Italy668 points by Florian Haller
664 points by Jimmy Pacher
576 points by Peter Gebhard
372 points by Luciano Pagnoni
205 points by Carlo Tagliaro
191 points by Luca Veronesi
182 points by Matteo Accornero
177 points by Biagio Alberto Vitale
172 points by Aaron Durogati
158 points by Antonio Golfari
2France682 points by Lucas Bernardin
614 points by Seiko Fukuoka Naville
594 points by Julien Wirtz
585 points by Elisa Houdry
567 points by Damien Sevrez
421 points by Nicolas Rieusset
353 points by Denis Cortella
189 points by Orlane Sturbois
172 points by Ludovic Sivignon
170 points by Jean-Baptiste Berlioux
162 points by Jean-Michel Ara-Somohano
3Korea (Republic of)581 points by Yongmook Won
577 points by Jinoh Kim
555 points by Sooyong Phi
443 points by Sunghyu Lim
381 points by Chikyong Ha
376 points by Moonseob Lim
373 points by Seyong Jung
360 points by Shinyoung Park
345 points by Wone Gi Han
241 points by Beomseok Seo
197 points by Youngbok Lee
186 points by Hyeonbae Park
183 points by Junghun Park
182 points by Insik Kim
181 points by Dongcheon Kim
181 points by Youngjong Park
174 points by Hyejoung CHO
163 points by Pilpyo Hong
161 points by Yongtae Ahn
112 points by Jongik Yoon
4Japan611 points by Ayumu Miyata
584 points by Taro Kamiyama
496 points by Yoshiki Kuremoto
412 points by Shinichi Nagashima
396 points by Yoshiaki Hirokawa
257 points by Yasushi Kobayashi
251 points by Susumu Masaki
233 points by Kiyoshi Nariyama
230 points by Masato Nakai
220 points by Yukihide Ozawa
205 points by Tomomi Masuko
199 points by Yoshiki Tsukamoto
198 points by Noriko Mizunuma
180 points by Tsubasa AOKI
176 points by Kaoru Ogisawa
170 points by Shingo Ueda
141 points by Shuichi Murakami
5Spain590 points by Juan Carlos Martinez Melon
578 points by David Cubel Gallarte
442 points by Jesus Costa Sanchez
34 points by Miguel angel Ventaja diaz
6Russian Federation654 points by Andrey Eliseev
573 points by Daria Krasnova
182 points by Marina Olexina
7Norway607 points by Zoran Labovic
567 points by Ole Johnny Rønneberg
214 points by Ronny Helgesen
162 points by Arne Aarsbog
110 points by Kjartan Andvik
34 points by Trude Øverlie
8United States681 points by Jack Brown
304 points by Dean Stratton
177 points by Etienne(Pine) PIENAAR
174 points by Chin Chien Huang
155 points by Bill Hughes
9Austria663 points by Thomas Weingartner
232 points by Stephan Gruber
192 points by Werner Brunner
184 points by Christoph Eder
174 points by Siegfried Schusteritsch
161 points by Johannes Huber
10Thailand424 points by Pornchai Lertwatechakul
421 points by Sarayut Chinpongsatorn
11Czech Republic432 points by Petra Slivova
177 points by Miloslav Pokorny
171 points by Martin Orlik
156 points by Michal Krysta
12India365 points by Adie Kumar
326 points by Gurpreet Dhindsa
13Turkey277 points by Sedat Kirtulukoglu
198 points by Yurdaer Etike
187 points by Hakan Irtem
180 points by Hakan Akcalar
177 points by Mehmet Dursun
167 points by Semih Sayir
14Israel650 points by Andrey Badikov650
15Venezuela638 points by Michael Von Wachter638
16Iran (Islamic Republic of)256 points by Kayvan Arianpour
186 points by Masoud Mehrakizadeh
162 points by Alireza Esna ashari
17Colombia592 points by Steban Novoa Smith592
18Canada588 points by Brett Hazlett588
19Germany232 points by Konrad Görg
183 points by Andreas Malecki
172 points by Simon Kirsch
34 points by Josef Daschner (Nero)
20China349 points by Liu Haipeng
237 points by Xiangping Hou
21Indonesia348 points by Elisa Manueke
199 points by Bima Putra
34 points by Tony Y Suwono
22Switzerland384 points by Michael Maurer
177 points by Stephan Morgenthaler
23Taiwan359 points by Chris Yeh
156 points by Chien Hai Peng
24Romania351 points by Daniel Alex Ciuhandu351
25Macedonia172 points by Goran Dimiskovski172
26Malaysia165 points by Rafiee Aziz165
27Bulgaria155 points by Yassen Savov155
Task information

Task 3 information

Formula Parameters

  • departure points : leading
  • arrival points : none
  • nominal DNFs : 5
  • Minimal Distance : 5
  • Nominal Distance : 45
  • Nominal pilots at goal : 20
  • Nominal Time : 1.5
  • timeValRank : 0
  • Nominal Day Quality : available
  • Penalty ES only : 100
  • allESOnly : 0
  • fixedLO : 0
  • earlyLO : 100
  • stopGlide : 2