2013 World Cup Superfinal - Brazil, task #9 (24/01/2014, 114 pilots)

Monday, 13 January, 2014 to Friday, 24 January, 2014
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Governador Valadares

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Jan 2nd, 2014 :
We are pleased to announce that we have received, and accepted, a bid from the town of Governador Valadares to run the Super Final on the originally planned dates. With a promising forecast and good flying conditions already in the area, we expect to run a good quality competition.

We are working to research and implement efficient transfers from Vitoria to Valadares, and we will keep you informed. Please check carefully with your airline if you wish to modify a booked itinerary in any way (including not using the domestic transfer from Rio to Vitoria, for example) as this might invalidate your booking.

We look forward to seeing you there.
PWCA Committee

Dec 30th :
Over the last few weeks, Baixo Guandu has been subjected to the worst flooding since records began. All roads leading into the town have been cut, tens of thousands of homes and businesses are underwater and many people have lost their lives. All our thoughts are with the people of Baixo Guandu and the surrounding area as they struggle to recover from this catastrophe.

As details of the disaster have emerged, it has become almost certain that it will not be possible to run the Super Final as originally planned, and it has become necessary to decide how to proceed.

With at least one option now available to us, we have decided that it should be possible to run the Super Final in a location in Brazil on the same dates. If necessary the competition will be shortened to allow local transfers. We understand that doing this may create considerable difficulties, but we also understand that pilots already have (mostly non-refundable) flight tickets and vacations already booked. It’s possible that some non-essential services may be missing from the competition, but we do not anticipate requiring any supplement to the entry fees.

There remains a lot of work to be done to finalise things. We will keep you informed as soon as there is more concrete information.

PWCA Committee

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Open results

Task 9 open results - 114 pilots

Rank#NameNationGliderSponsordistancetimespeeddistance pointstime pointsleading pointsarrival pointsPointssort ascending
112Stephane DrouinEnZo 296.08502:14:0938361.1527.1109.3998.0
25Luca DoniniEnZo 296.08502:14:1037.9361.1525.4109.8996.0
328Francisco Javier Reina LagosEnZo 296.08502:14:1337.9361.1522.899.6984.0
421Luc ArmantEnZo 296.08502:14:3937.8361.1510.5110.6982.0
5429Anton NaudeEnZo 296.08502:14:3837.8361.1510.999.7972.0
679Andre Rainsford-AlbertsBoomerang 996.08502:15:1737.6361.1498.5107.5967.0
737Michael KüfferIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:15:4537.5361.1491.1111.8964.0
881Christoph TrutmannEnZo 296.08502:15:4837.5361.1490.4102.7954.0
920Jean-Marc CaronIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:1537.4361.1484106.9952.0
1017Jacques FournierEnZo 296.08502:15:5237.5361.1489.496.5947.0
11297Peter NeuenschwanderBoomerang 996.08502:16:0837.4361.1485.698.9946.0
1216Davide CassettaIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:2937.3361.1480.8103.3945.0
13273Joachim OberhauserEnZo 296.08502:16:0737.4361.1485.897944.0
1429Charles CazauxEnZo 296.08502:15:4337.5361.1491.690.1943.0
1515Christian BiasiEnZo 296.08502:16:2637.3361.1481.595.5938.0
1627Guy AndersonIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:1437.4361.1484.291.7937.0
16325Stanislav KlikarMercury Sport96.08502:17:1337.1361.1471.6104.6937.0
18742Torsten SiegelBoomerang 996.08502:16:5937.2361.1474.498.7934.0
18759Brett HazlettEnZo 296.08502:17:2737361.1468.8104.5934.0
2045Andreas MaleckiEnZo 296.08502:17:4836.9361.1464.8106.8933.0
20314Gustavo Agne de OliveiraIcepeak 696.08502:15:4837.5361.1490.481.9933.0
221711Marcel SchmidIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:17:2137.1361.1470100.9932.0
23778Kliber PereiraEnZo 296.08502:16:5837.2361.1474.794.6930.0
24238Yann MartailEnZo 296.08502:16:2137.3361.1482.685.4929.0
2419Carlos Daniel GomezBoomerang 996.08502:17:0337.2361.1473.694.4929.0
26171Dušan OrožEnZo 296.08502:17:0137.2361.147492.7928.0
27378Joze MolekEnZo 296.08502:17:2837361.1468.696.1926.0
2722Maxime PinotIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:2837.3361.1481.184.1926.0
29483Gleb SukhotskiyEnZo 296.08502:18:0836.9361.1461103.3925.0
30109Richard PethigalIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:18:2136.8361.1458.6104.1924.0
31260Frank BrownBoomerang 996.08502:16:3037.3361.1480.681.4923.0
3149Olivier MichielsenEnZo 296.08502:16:2437.3361.1481.979.7923.0
31520Yoann ChavanneCore 396.08502:17:2937361.1468.493923.0
3430Ayumu MiyataBoomerang 996.08502:17:3137361.146892.2921.0
349Julien WirtzEnZo 296.08502:17:3837361.1466.793.2921.0
3614Stefan WyssEnZo 296.08502:18:1536.8361.1459.798.3919.0
37326Florian HallerBoomerang 996.08502:18:0836.9361.146196.2918.0
3739Peter GebhardEnZo 296.08502:18:0236.9361.1462.194.7918.0
37823Jonathan MarinIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:17:3837361.1466.789.7918.0
401000Juan Sebastian Ospina RestrepoIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:17:3437361.1467.488.6917.0
40243Paolo VerattiEnZo 296.08502:17:1337.1361.1471.684.4917.0
4071Franz ErlacherBoomerang 996.08502:17:5036.9361.1464.491.5917.0
4356Nicole FedeleIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:18:3036.8361.145795.9914.0
44206Vincent FabreEnZo 196.08502:18:1536.8361.1459.790.9912.0
45708Klaudia BulgakowIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:19:0236.6361.1451.495.7908.0
46227Andrea DallariEnZo 196.08502:20:1036.3361.1440.197.4899.0
4758Marco LittameIcepeak 796.08502:20:0636.3361.1440.789.8892.0
4855Milton Vilela GoncalvesEnZo 196.08502:22:0635.8361.1422.379.7863.0
4942Yoshiaki HirokawaEnZo 296.08502:25:5834.9361.1390.7105.9858.0
5011Xevi Bonet DalmauIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:25:3135361.1394.1100.7856.0
5113Jeremie LagerIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:26:0934.8361.1389.2105.1855.0
5233Domenico PizziEnZo 196.08502:25:3535361.1393.697.2852.0
5375Thomas IdeEnZo 296.08502:25:0135.1361.1398.183.3843.0
547Jimmy PacherBoomerang 996.08502:26:1634.8361.1388.491.5841.0
551112Chikyong HaBoomerang 996.08502:26:0734.8361.1389.588.4839.0
5583Kiyoshi NariyamaEnZo 296.08502:24:3935.2361.140177.2839.0
57427Maurizio MainaIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:25:5834.9361.1390.784.9837.0
5791Laurent GuibourdencheEnZo 296.08502:26:1534.8361.1388.587.8837.0
5924Eric ReedIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:26:5534.7361.1383.490.1835.0
60420Matt SeniorEnZo 296.08502:25:5134.9361.1391.678.7831.0
6184Alfredo StuderEnZo 296.08502:27:5834.4361.1375.791.4828.0
6132Alexandre JofresaEnZo 296.08502:29:2334.1361.1365.5101.2828.0
6366Keiko HirakiEnZo 196.08502:26:4234.7361.1385.181.2827.0
64997Pawel FaronEnZo 196.08502:26:3034.8361.1386.676.3824.0
652002Wojciech MaliszewskiCoden96.08502:29:0934.1361.1367.188.2816.0
66296Victor SibirtsevEnZo 196.08502:27:3334.5361.1378.775.4815.0
6778Yigit YildirimEnZo 296.08502:28:5634.2361.1368.784.1814.0
681111Semih SayirBoomerang 996.08502:29:2434.1361.1365.484.1811.0
69101Yury MishaninIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:29:3234361.1364.482.9808.0
70392Ernesto HinestrozaIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:28:5334.2361.136976.9807.0
71274Tim BollingerBoomerang 996.08502:27:3134.5361.137965805.0
723Russell OgdenEnZo 296.08502:31:5133.5361.1348.587.9798.0
7264Stephan MorgenthalerEnZo 296.08502:33:5733.1361.1334.6102.3798.0
74200Peter VrabecMercury Sport96.08502:42:2731.3361.1282.977.9722.0
75105Seiko Fukuoka NavilleIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:41:5631.4361.1285.874.2721.0
75330Yvonne DatheMantra 696.08502:42:0631.4361.1284.974.8721.0
77201Frédéric SinattiIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:41:4631.5361.1286.867.2715.0
78573Antoine Gerin-JeanIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:44:4130.9361.1270.280.7712.0
79435Paolo ZammarchiBoomerang 996.08502:43:5031.1361.127573.7710.0
80535Jesus Costa SanchezIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:42:0831.4361.1284.760.3706.0
8140Arnold FrankenbergerIcepeak 696.08502:44:2531361.1271.772.3705.0
82280Federico NevastroCore 396.08502:44:3230.9361.127167.8700.0
83715Tsubasa AOKIIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:45:0730.8361.1267.768.4697.0
84388Piotr MieszczakEnZo 196.08502:46:4930.5361.1258.373.8693.0
85276Antonio GolfariIcepeak 696.08502:46:3730.6361.1259.471.7692.0
86790Luis GomezBoomerang 996.08502:46:4630.5361.1258.668.7688.0
87108Sebastien BochetIcepeak 696.08502:47:0230.5361.1257.162.5681.0
88184Richard GallonEnZo 296.08502:53:2829.4361.122359.7644.0
89517Noriko MizunumaIcepeak 796.08502:58:0028.6361.120066627.0
9047Dmitry KorolevEnZo 296.08503:00:1928.2361.1188.666.4616.0
91700Marina OlexinaIcepeak 696.08503:01:3228361.1182.762.5606.0
9262Yoshiki KuremotoEnZo 295.96902:18:4236.7360.6105.2466.0
93577Sébastien CoupyEnZo 295.83902:15:5237.5360.2105.1465.0
9487Luciano Bender TcacencoBoomerang 995.88802:19:2536.5360.397.7458.0
951Aaron DurogatiBoomerang 994.64202:16:1137.4355.7101.3457.0
96235Honorin HamardIcepeak 7 Pro95.43802:18:1336.8358.693452.0
97250Jerome HulinEnZo 195.81302:24:0535.3360.182.9443.0
97576Dominik BreitingerIcepeak 7 Pro95.90402:20:4136.2360.482.6443.0
99203Xavier BestelIcepeak 7 Pro94.02202:19:0736.6353.386.4440.0
10086Yassen SavovEnZo 288.705333.3104.3438.0
10153Bjørnar TrondsenIcepeak 7 Pro95.29902:19:2536.5358.176434.0
102532Hans BollingerBoomerang 994.01502:34:0833353.379.9433.0
1032012Tomasz KuczkowskiEnZo 294.21502:33:4833.1354.177.4432.0
104512Francois De VilliersPure95.97103:23:4925360.756.3417.0
1051123Daria KrasnovaTrango X-Light 290.293339.375.4415.0
1061226Alberto Ramia CaceresIcepeak 7 Pro91.01234266.5409.0
107222Andrey BadikovIcepeak 696.08503:46:4922.4361.111.6373.0
10895Juan carlos Becerra gonzalezIcepeak 7 Pro77.465291.163.9355.0
109119Ayse BayrakIcepeak 676.783288.561.6350.0
110541Juan Carlos Martinez MelonBoomerang 974.397279.658.7338.0
11146Maxime BelleminIcepeak 7 Pro36.384136.7137.0
11265Laurie GenoveseIcepeak 7 Pro34.314129129.0
113236David OhlidalMercury Sport29.049109.2109.0
114112Petra SlivovaBoomerang 98.97533.734.0
Final results

Task 9 Final results

Rank#NameNationGliderSponsordistancetimespeeddistance pointstime pointsleading pointsarrival pointsPointssort ascending
179Andre Rainsford-AlbertsBoomerang 996.08502:15:1737.6361.1498.5107.5967.0
237Michael KüfferIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:15:4537.5361.1491.1111.8964.0
320Jean-Marc CaronIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:1537.4361.1484106.9952.0
4297Peter NeuenschwanderBoomerang 996.08502:16:0837.4361.1485.698.9946.0
516Davide CassettaIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:2937.3361.1480.8103.3945.0
6325Stanislav KlikarMercury Sport96.08502:17:1337.1361.1471.6104.6937.0
627Guy AndersonIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:1437.4361.1484.291.7937.0
8742Torsten SiegelBoomerang 996.08502:16:5937.2361.1474.498.7934.0
9314Gustavo Agne de OliveiraIcepeak 696.08502:15:4837.5361.1490.481.9933.0
101711Marcel SchmidIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:17:2137.1361.1470100.9932.0
1119Carlos Daniel GomezBoomerang 996.08502:17:0337.2361.1473.694.4929.0
1222Maxime PinotIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:16:2837.3361.1481.184.1926.0
13109Richard PethigalIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:18:2136.8361.1458.6104.1924.0
14520Yoann ChavanneCore 396.08502:17:2937361.1468.493923.0
14260Frank BrownBoomerang 996.08502:16:3037.3361.1480.681.4923.0
1630Ayumu MiyataBoomerang 996.08502:17:3137361.146892.2921.0
17326Florian HallerBoomerang 996.08502:18:0836.9361.146196.2918.0
17823Jonathan MarinIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:17:3837361.1466.789.7918.0
1971Franz ErlacherBoomerang 996.08502:17:5036.9361.1464.491.5917.0
191000Juan Sebastian Ospina RestrepoIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:17:3437361.1467.488.6917.0
2156Nicole FedeleIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:18:3036.8361.145795.9914.0
22206Vincent FabreEnZo 196.08502:18:1536.8361.1459.790.9912.0
23708Klaudia BulgakowIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:19:0236.6361.1451.495.7908.0
24227Andrea DallariEnZo 196.08502:20:1036.3361.1440.197.4899.0
2558Marco LittameIcepeak 796.08502:20:0636.3361.1440.789.8892.0
2655Milton Vilela GoncalvesEnZo 196.08502:22:0635.8361.1422.379.7863.0
2711Xevi Bonet DalmauIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:25:3135361.1394.1100.7856.0
2813Jeremie LagerIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:26:0934.8361.1389.2105.1855.0
2933Domenico PizziEnZo 196.08502:25:3535361.1393.697.2852.0
307Jimmy PacherBoomerang 996.08502:26:1634.8361.1388.491.5841.0
311112Chikyong HaBoomerang 996.08502:26:0734.8361.1389.588.4839.0
32427Maurizio MainaIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:25:5834.9361.1390.784.9837.0
3324Eric ReedIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:26:5534.7361.1383.490.1835.0
3466Keiko HirakiEnZo 196.08502:26:4234.7361.1385.181.2827.0
35997Pawel FaronEnZo 196.08502:26:3034.8361.1386.676.3824.0
362002Wojciech MaliszewskiCoden96.08502:29:0934.1361.1367.188.2816.0
37296Victor SibirtsevEnZo 196.08502:27:3334.5361.1378.775.4815.0
381111Semih SayirBoomerang 996.08502:29:2434.1361.1365.484.1811.0
39101Yury MishaninIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:29:3234361.1364.482.9808.0
40392Ernesto HinestrozaIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:28:5334.2361.136976.9807.0
41274Tim BollingerBoomerang 996.08502:27:3134.5361.137965805.0
42200Peter VrabecMercury Sport96.08502:42:2731.3361.1282.977.9722.0
43330Yvonne DatheMantra 696.08502:42:0631.4361.1284.974.8721.0
43105Seiko Fukuoka NavilleIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:41:5631.4361.1285.874.2721.0
45201Frédéric SinattiIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:41:4631.5361.1286.867.2715.0
46573Antoine Gerin-JeanIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:44:4130.9361.1270.280.7712.0
47435Paolo ZammarchiBoomerang 996.08502:43:5031.1361.127573.7710.0
48535Jesus Costa SanchezIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:42:0831.4361.1284.760.3706.0
4940Arnold FrankenbergerIcepeak 696.08502:44:2531361.1271.772.3705.0
50280Federico NevastroCore 396.08502:44:3230.9361.127167.8700.0
51715Tsubasa AOKIIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:45:0730.8361.1267.768.4697.0
52388Piotr MieszczakEnZo 196.08502:46:4930.5361.1258.373.8693.0
53276Antonio GolfariIcepeak 696.08502:46:3730.6361.1259.471.7692.0
54790Luis GomezBoomerang 996.08502:46:4630.5361.1258.668.7688.0
55108Sebastien BochetIcepeak 696.08502:47:0230.5361.1257.162.5681.0
56517Noriko MizunumaIcepeak 796.08502:58:0028.6361.120066627.0
57700Marina OlexinaIcepeak 696.08503:01:3228361.1182.762.5606.0
5887Luciano Bender TcacencoBoomerang 995.88802:19:2536.5360.397.7458.0
591Aaron DurogatiBoomerang 994.64202:16:1137.4355.7101.3457.0
60235Honorin HamardIcepeak 7 Pro95.43802:18:1336.8358.693452.0
61250Jerome HulinEnZo 195.81302:24:0535.3360.182.9443.0
61576Dominik BreitingerIcepeak 7 Pro95.90402:20:4136.2360.482.6443.0
63203Xavier BestelIcepeak 7 Pro94.02202:19:0736.6353.386.4440.0
6453Bjørnar TrondsenIcepeak 7 Pro95.29902:19:2536.5358.176434.0
65532Hans BollingerBoomerang 994.01502:34:0833353.379.9433.0
66512Francois De VilliersPure95.97103:23:4925360.756.3417.0
671123Daria KrasnovaTrango X-Light 290.293339.375.4415.0
681226Alberto Ramia CaceresIcepeak 7 Pro91.01234266.5409.0
69222Andrey BadikovIcepeak 696.08503:46:4922.4361.111.6373.0
7095Juan carlos Becerra gonzalezIcepeak 7 Pro77.465291.163.9355.0
71119Ayse BayrakIcepeak 676.783288.561.6350.0
72541Juan Carlos Martinez MelonBoomerang 974.397279.658.7338.0
7346Maxime BelleminIcepeak 7 Pro36.384136.7137.0
7465Laurie GenoveseIcepeak 7 Pro34.314129129.0
75236David OhlidalMercury Sport29.049109.2109.0
76112Petra SlivovaBoomerang 98.97533.734.0
Women results

Task 9 Women results

Rank#NameNationGliderSponsordistancetimespeeddistance pointstime pointsleading pointsarrival pointsPointssort ascending
156Nicole FedeleIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:18:3036.8361.145795.9914.0
2708Klaudia BulgakowIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:19:0236.6361.1451.495.7908.0
366Keiko HirakiEnZo 196.08502:26:4234.7361.1385.181.2827.0
4330Yvonne DatheMantra 696.08502:42:0631.4361.1284.974.8721.0
4105Seiko Fukuoka NavilleIcepeak 7 Pro96.08502:41:5631.4361.1285.874.2721.0
6517Noriko MizunumaIcepeak 796.08502:58:0028.6361.120066627.0
7700Marina OlexinaIcepeak 696.08503:01:3228361.1182.762.5606.0
81123Daria KrasnovaTrango X-Light 290.293339.375.4415.0
9119Ayse BayrakIcepeak 676.783288.561.6350.0
1065Laurie GenoveseIcepeak 7 Pro34.314129129.0
11112Petra SlivovaBoomerang 98.97533.734.0
Teams results

Task 9 Teams results

1Ozone982 points by Luc Armant
943 points by Charles Cazaux
827 points by Keiko Hiraki
798 points by Russell Ogden
2Parapente Mag933 points by Andreas Malecki
929 points by Yann Martail
843 points by Thomas Ide
721 points by Yvonne Dathe
3Gin Gliders934 points by Torsten Siegel
923 points by Frank Brown
457 points by Aaron Durogati
34 points by Petra Slivova
3Kortel Design947 points by Jacques Fournier
923 points by Olivier Michielsen
828 points by Alexandre Jofresa
5Spälti AG946 points by Peter Neuenschwander
919 points by Stefan Wyss
6Swing923 points by Yoann Chavanne
918 points by Jonathan Marin
712 points by Antoine Gerin-Jean
7Niviuk926 points by Maxime Pinot
908 points by Klaudia Bulgakow
452 points by Honorin Hamard
8ABAC952 points by Jean-Marc Caron
855 points by Jeremie Lager
721 points by Seiko Fukuoka Naville
9Fly Gin967 points by Andre Rainsford-Alberts
841 points by Jimmy Pacher
805 points by Tim Bollinger
10Aerotact921 points by Ayumu Miyata
839 points by Chikyong Ha
697 points by Tsubasa AOKI
627 points by Noriko Mizunuma
11Porcher Sport835 points by Eric Reed
831 points by Matt Senior
705 points by Arnold Frankenberger
12Cross Country917 points by Juan Sebastian Ospina Restrepo
828 points by Alfredo Studer
13Canhavk814 points by Yigit Yildirim
811 points by Semih Sayir
350 points by Ayse Bayrak
14Parastick815 points by Victor Sibirtsev
808 points by Yury Mishanin
616 points by Dmitry Korolev
415 points by Daria Krasnova
15Flymaster930 points by Kliber Pereira
807 points by Ernesto Hinestroza
16Alas del Hombre856 points by Xevi Bonet Dalmau
706 points by Jesus Costa Sanchez
338 points by Juan Carlos Martinez Melon
17Woody Valley938 points by Christian Biasi
434 points by Bjørnar Trondsen
137 points by Maxime Bellemin
129 points by Laurie Genovese
Nations results

Task 9 Nations results

1France998 points by Stephane Drouin
982 points by Luc Armant
952 points by Jean-Marc Caron
947 points by Jacques Fournier
943 points by Charles Cazaux
929 points by Yann Martail
926 points by Maxime Pinot
923 points by Yoann Chavanne
923 points by Olivier Michielsen
921 points by Julien Wirtz
918 points by Jonathan Marin
912 points by Vincent Fabre
855 points by Jeremie Lager
837 points by Laurent Guibourdenche
828 points by Alexandre Jofresa
721 points by Seiko Fukuoka Naville
715 points by Frédéric Sinatti
712 points by Antoine Gerin-Jean
681 points by Sebastien Bochet
644 points by Richard Gallon
465 points by Sébastien Coupy
452 points by Honorin Hamard
443 points by Jerome Hulin
440 points by Xavier Bestel
137 points by Maxime Bellemin
129 points by Laurie Genovese
2Italy996 points by Luca Donini
945 points by Davide Cassetta
944 points by Joachim Oberhauser
938 points by Christian Biasi
918 points by Florian Haller
918 points by Peter Gebhard
917 points by Franz Erlacher
917 points by Paolo Veratti
914 points by Nicole Fedele
899 points by Andrea Dallari
892 points by Marco Littame
852 points by Domenico Pizzi
841 points by Jimmy Pacher
837 points by Maurizio Maina
710 points by Paolo Zammarchi
700 points by Federico Nevastro
692 points by Antonio Golfari
457 points by Aaron Durogati
3Switzerland964 points by Michael Küffer
954 points by Christoph Trutmann
946 points by Peter Neuenschwander
932 points by Marcel Schmid
919 points by Stefan Wyss
828 points by Alfredo Studer
805 points by Tim Bollinger
798 points by Stephan Morgenthaler
443 points by Dominik Breitinger
433 points by Hans Bollinger
4Brazil933 points by Gustavo Agne de Oliveira
924 points by Richard Pethigal
923 points by Frank Brown
863 points by Milton Vilela Goncalves
458 points by Luciano Bender Tcacenco
5Germany934 points by Torsten Siegel
933 points by Andreas Malecki
843 points by Thomas Ide
721 points by Yvonne Dathe
6Venezuela930 points by Kliber Pereira
929 points by Carlos Daniel Gomez
807 points by Ernesto Hinestroza
688 points by Luis Gomez
409 points by Alberto Ramia Caceres
355 points by Juan carlos Becerra gonzalez
7Japan921 points by Ayumu Miyata
858 points by Yoshiaki Hirokawa
839 points by Kiyoshi Nariyama
827 points by Keiko Hiraki
697 points by Tsubasa AOKI
627 points by Noriko Mizunuma
466 points by Yoshiki Kuremoto
8Poland908 points by Klaudia Bulgakow
824 points by Pawel Faron
816 points by Wojciech Maliszewski
693 points by Piotr Mieszczak
432 points by Tomasz Kuczkowski
9Spain984 points by Francisco Javier Reina Lagos
856 points by Xevi Bonet Dalmau
706 points by Jesus Costa Sanchez
338 points by Juan Carlos Martinez Melon
10South Africa972 points by Anton Naude
967 points by Andre Rainsford-Alberts
417 points by Francois De Villiers
11Russian Federation808 points by Yury Mishanin
616 points by Dmitry Korolev
606 points by Marina Olexina
415 points by Daria Krasnova
12Turkey814 points by Yigit Yildirim
811 points by Semih Sayir
350 points by Ayse Bayrak
13Slovenia928 points by Dušan Orož
926 points by Joze Molek
14United Kingdom937 points by Guy Anderson
798 points by Russell Ogden
15United States835 points by Eric Reed
705 points by Arnold Frankenberger
16Israel815 points by Victor Sibirtsev
373 points by Andrey Badikov
17Czech Republic937 points by Stanislav Klikar
109 points by David Ohlidal
34 points by Petra Slivova
18Canada934 points by Brett Hazlett934
19Ukraine925 points by Gleb Sukhotskiy925
20Colombia917 points by Juan Sebastian Ospina Restrepo917
21Korea (Republic of)839 points by Chikyong Ha839
22New Zealand831 points by Matt Senior831
23Slovakia (Slovak Republic)722 points by Peter Vrabec722
24Bulgaria438 points by Yassen Savov438
25Norway434 points by Bjørnar Trondsen434
Task information

Task 9 information

Formula Parameters

  • departure points : leading
  • arrival points : none
  • nominal DNFs : 5
  • Minimal Distance : 5
  • Nominal Distance : 45
  • Nominal pilots at goal : 30
  • Nominal Time : 1
  • timeValRank : 1
  • Nominal Day Quality : none
  • Penalty ES only : 100
  • allESOnly : 0
  • fixedLO : 0
  • earlyLO : 100
  • stopGlide : 4